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Esmeralda Review
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Esmeralda Review

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Pros and Cons

  • Email Readings
  • Very little information about the services provided
  • You can’t get a genuine psychic reading immediately.
  • They send a lot of emails after you have registered or find ways to ‘hook you in’
  • Emails sent often invoke a sense of fear, concern, opportunities that you might miss out on or curiosity

Is Psychic Esmeralda Authentic Clairvoyant and Tarot Reader As Authentic As She Claims?

The thing that’s funny about Psychic Esmeralda is is that she claims that she’s an authentic clairvoyant right away.  It’s one of the first things you see, and it’s so far away from the truth that it might as well be on the moon!  

Owned By Known Scammers

To save us the hassle of researching ‘Esmeralda’s site, we could have just jumped to the terms and conditions, to find out who manages and owns the website called ‘Esmeralda’ and if we did we would have realized right away that Esmeralda is not going to be a genuine psychic.  New Lotus Media Ltd, the company who runs this site also manages Extraordinary Chris – another psychic scam.

There is a lot wrong with Esmeralda, and we don’t recommend that you go anywhere near them.

Keep on reading to find out why we can make such strong claims.

In the meantime, however, if you require some help from a genuine and reputable psychic or astrologer, you can browse amongst the verified professionals on the site below to find the perfect and REAL psychic for you.

4 Steps To A REAL Psychic or Astrology Reading That You Can Trust

  1. Visit Kasamba
  2. Register your details.
  3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
  4. Click ‘call ’ or chat (the psychic will instantly chat or call you back).

How Esmeralda’s Website Works From A Consumer Perspective

Esmeralda has visions of people around them from a very young age…apparently. She was born into a gypsy family known for their accurate predictions and grew up in the atmosphere of a ‘sacred magic world’. Whatever that means! Esmeralda is said to be a master of tarot and sacred magic.

Too Many Questions Asked

Psychic EsmeraldaAside from that story above, all we know about Esmeralda is this and that her grandmother ‘bequeathed’ her knowledge to her and that she likes to ask YOU a lot of questions.

But if she could read tarot so well, she wouldn’t need to ask so many questions when you first contact her!  

After you have registered all of your details and told them everything you believe, don’t believe, what you lack in and what you desire (even though you probably won’t realize that’s what you did), you’ll receive an email with your reading within the hour.

And at this stage, all seems well.  

The Email Hook

You’ll receive your psychic reading, which won’t give you any accurate information about your life but it will provide you with something that will hook you in.  Such as invoking curiosity, fear, or desire in some way, which will encourage some people to go ahead and begin to purchase the offers that ‘Esmeralda’ has – and there will be many.  

How Esmeralda’s Site Really Works

If you’ve read any of our reviews, you’ll probably find quite a few reviews that talk about similar websites that all follow a similar format.  And that’s no coincidence.

It’s because this format works and gets people to hand over their email addresses so that these psychic scammers can begin to use their emotional and psychological manipulation strategies on you and eventually get their hands on your cash.  

While filling you with anxiety, dashed dreams, additional problems, and potential money issues.

It’s not good.

The Answers To Your Questions Give ‘Esmeralda’ Insight Into Your Hopes, Dreams, and Fears

The thing about Esmeralda’s site is that ‘she’ asks a lot of questions and your answers will determine what type of readings or responses you get from Esmeralda.  There is no ancientgypsyy magic involved in this process.

Just clever wordsmithing and some advanced psychology.  

Fake News

The write up about Esmeralda is not true – it’s just a story intended to build a connection and trust with you – so that you will listen to the messages ‘Esmeralda’ sends.  

Fake Psychics

We doubt very much that Esmeralda is real, or that there is a real psychic behind the scenes writing your personal readings and we expect that all of the readings will be pre-written and generic or guided by your answers to the questions you were asked when you registered.  

The site is not owned or managed by Esmeralda, which was no surprise to us.   It’s actually owned by New Lotus Web Ltd, which is a company who also runs and manages other scam psychic websites such as Extraordinary Chris.  

This company does not demonstrate that they have high integrity and if we could find out more about them we expect that we’d find a lot more to be concerned about than two psychic scam sites.

Plenty Of Scam Reports

Independent reviews that you can easily find online demonstrate how much of a scam Esmeralda’s website is – we’ve included some examples below.  

There are countless stories of Esmeralda telling people that they were cursed at birth due to jealousy aimed at their parents and to remove the curse or protect themselves; they need Esmeralda’s help.  Or that someone is about to harm them and they need Esmeralda’s protection.

No genuine psychic works this way.  Do not fall for this no matter how tempting they sound, or how anxious this company has made you feel.  It’s a scam.

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Esmeralda

Just to make things really clear, here are some of the main reasons why you shouldn’t trust ‘Esmeralda’:

  • Esmeralda is probably not a real person called Esmeralda may not even be a real person.
  • Esmeralda is probably not psychic.
  • This setup is a marketing machine designed to make money not help people.
  • The psychological and emotional manipulation is strong on this site.
  • You won’t solve your problems.
  • You’ll leave them with more worries.
  • If you engage and are susceptible to their marketing, you’ll probably end up spending a lot of money, and you’ll definitely gain nothing. 

Don’t Take Our Word For It – Here Are Some Unbiased Reviews

“My son has been sending his money very week. Sometimes up to $ USD 70 to Esmeralda who he believes healing him from the “Evil”… since August 2016.” – Scamguard Review

“I actually thought I found my solution with this person by the name of Esmeralda. Then it didn’t seem necessary to even take a look at the reviews or comments. But now that I read them, a lot of them are exactly like what she told me to make me believe that my misfortune also was caused by someone in my family at my birth. Why? How can a site like this still be running?” – Scamguard Review

“Asked for a psychic reading, found out on Google she said the same thing to others! I was cursed by someone at birth from someone who hated my parents… she could lead me to riches in 19 days! All I had to do was give her money to help me find the way.” – Scamguard Review

“She lied to me about someone switching me at birth and that I should have had a better life. And also said that someone was jealous of my parents.” – Scamguard Review

“Esmeralda has been writing to me for more than a month. Same story – someone cursed me at birth if only I would let her protect me. “For the past few days, I have written to tell you that someone you know is about to harm you. It is not the first time you may say, but this time, it is a special type of harm. I am speaking of sorcery, and believe me … it is invisible harm that does the greatest damage. Please help to shut Esmeralda down as soon as possible to stop suffering people falling into this scam… Scam!” – Scamguard Review

Already Caught Up In This Cycle?  Here’s What To Do

It’s not easy being caught up in a scam. Not only have you lost money, but you may have also lost hope, faith, and you may question your judgement in the future, after all, how could you have been so easily deceived.

If you feel like this, it’s important to remember that the people behind these scams make the manipulation of human psychology their art and they are good at it.  Most people have problems and challenges they face in life, and many have hopes and dreams for something better.

So it’s easy for a master manipulator to figure out what to say to get people to respond how they want them to, and in the case of scams such as these, they want to hook you in and play on your fears and desires.  

Have you found yourself in this situation? Are you are concerned about what to do if you have received a message that has triggered anxiety and let that important message slide? If so, we suggest you contact a reputable psychic hotline like Psychic Source or Keen.

Contact one of their psychics and explain the situation. Ask them to guide you and if you have an important message, they’ll share it with you.  

Our Conclusion: Scam! Scam! Scam!

Any psychic or clairvoyant who speaks of curses invokes fear rather than helps you with the real issues in your life that you know about is one to be avoided.  Esmeralda is definitely a psychic to be avoided.

We do not recommend that you go anywhere near Esmeralda.

Just by reading the similarity in the reviews from other people who have been scammed tells us that this company New Lotus Media has no shame and definitely does not have an ounce of integrity.  

Let’s not forget that the owners of the site New Lotus Media are also the owners of another scam site Extraordinary Chris and they are just the sites that we know of.  They specialize in scams!

We never recommend trusting any psychic who uses manipulation or scare tactics to encourage you to pay for a reading.  The best psychics want to help you and reduce your problems and anxiety, not create more just to get you to hand over your cash.  

If you are feeling vulnerable and tempted by Esmeralda, we suggest you stop there and instead seek out a genuine psychic that you can choose and physically speak to who works with and has been verified by a professional and reputable psychic hotline.  

They will advise you further and help you with your problems without making you feel as though you need another reading, without charging so much money and without popping up in your emails afterwards to try to entice you into spending more money.

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

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Have you ever tried Psychic Esmeralda? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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I am glad that I decided to Google Esmeralda before how shall I word it, “THE NEXT IMPORTANT STEP” Just as well cause after reading all these comments I seen something that did not seem right, considering we are all different in so many ways how could it be that all these comments repeated the same line of falsified LIES, Wait for it ……… I to apparently was sitting in the same boat with the same one oar going only in circles with the rest of yous. Now for a moment of silence….. Yes it is true I to was… Read more »

Amber Bettincourt

About 3 months ago give or take, I had been contacted by”Esmeralda” by email. She just popped up, and I have never filled anything out or asked for her help. She said that when I was born someone in my family was very jealous of me and I had an evil eye curse put on me. I have not fallen for her tactics, because my ex fiance’s mother R. I. P. was a psychic medium, wrote two books about learning Tarot, and performed readings for me. She told me to watch for certain signs and behaviors of these kind of… Read more »