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Psychic Center Review
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Psychic Center Review

Psychic Readings Available

  • Phone readings


Pros and Cons

  • Generous introductory offers.
  • Loyalty scheme.
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Interesting psychics.
  • Clunky features in places.
  • No satisfactory verification process.

Who Is Psychic Center?

Psychic Center is a US-based Psychic reading provider who seems to be trying to achieve a sort of boutique aesthetic.  While we are not sure whether they’ve achieved that or not, we do like their very clear claims:

  • Vetted Psychics
  • White Glove Customer Service
  • Astrorewards (loyalty discounts). 

The thing about Psychic Center that we are not sure about is whether they provide psychic services to the UK.  It very much looks like a US site, so if you are in the UK and are looking for a reputable psychic provider, we’ve provided you with the details below for one of our highly recommended sites guaranteed to operate in the UK.

4 Steps To Your Expert Psychic Reading With Kasamba

  1. Visit Kasamba
  2. Register your details (you’ll need to add accurate information).
  3. Choose your preferred service (public or private question or a full reading or ritual).
  4. Ask your question. 

Is Psychic Center Legit?

Psychic Center does appear to be legit.  It seems to have a good reputation although there are some people who say it has changed hands recently and they don’t like the changes.  But that is often the case when companies or websites are bought out – some people miss the ‘old days’.

The services and guarantees all seem fair, and they promise that they vet the psychics too, which is an important factor for any psychic site.  Psychic Center even provides a loyalty discount which tells us that they get a lot of returning customers. Otherwise, they wouldn’t provide such a facility.

So far, all is good with Psychic Center but keep on reading to find out how Psychic Center’s services hold up under our scrutiny.

How Psychic Center Works

In some ways, the way that Psychic Center works is a little bit ‘old skool’. For example, at the time of writing it only offers telephone psychic readings rather than chat, email or video and you can even connect with your psychic ‘old skool’ style too if you want to. Although you can also connect in the ‘normal’ way if you prefer.

Here’s what you need to know:

There Are Two Ways To Speak To A Psychic

1) The ‘Normal’ Way

  • Register your details, on the site (note you don’t even have to give your email address, which we love!).  
  • Top up your account with some funds to pay for a psychic reading to your preferred budget (you can use Paypal or Credit/Debit card).
  • Choose your preferred psychic.
  • Click ‘Call’.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen advising you how to connect with your psychic. 

2)  The ‘Old Skool’ Way

  • Register with Psychic Center. You’ll need to add your phone number and find your pin.  You can find the PIN and enter your phone number by accessing your account and then pressing ‘personal information’.  
  • Jot down these numbers.
  • Browse the psychics and make a note of your preferred psychic’s extension number.
  • Call the number provided on the top of the home page.  Tip! It’s worth choosing more than one, just in case the advisor you chose is busy when you call.
  • Follow the prompts on the phone et voila! You are connected.
  • Hang up the phone to end the call.
  • Charges will be made at your chosen psychics rate to your phone bill. 

Note: You’ll be prompted if your call extends beyond a certain amount of minutes.  We are not sure how long you’ll have before you get the prompt but it’s usually around 20 mins. So make sure your budget can cover these costs.

The Introductory Offer

As a new customer to Psychic Center, you are eligible to receive a ten minute reading for $5. After the ten minutes, you can hang up or continue your reading but pay the psychic’s standard rate which is highlighted on the psychic’s profile.  

The Loyalty Scheme

Psychic Center offer a loyalty programme called Astrorewards.

It’s a simple system that will credit your account 10% of your previous month’s spending, as long as it was over $50.  

Some people might think that that $50 a lot to spend (which it is for some). However, many psychic sites don’t give anything back to their customers, and we appreciate Psychic Center for making such efforts.

And that’s pretty much how Psychic Center works.  If you are unsure about anything, you can check out the ‘help’ box which is found at the bottom of the home screen, and you’ll find the answers to most problems you might face.

Psychic Center’s Services

Psychic Center offers a number of psychic services on its website.

They range from the following:

And while it might seem as though the options are limited for a reading, if you check out each psychic’s profile in more detail you might just find psychics who are skilled in other areas too. In fact, we know you will.  

Here are some of the skills that the Psychic Center’s psychics also offer.

  • Aromatherapy
  • Herbology
  • Flower Essences
  • Crisis Counselling
  • Quantum Touch Energetic Healing
  • Chakra toning
  • Health Intuitive
  • Animal Communicator 

Note: This is just one psychic we found who happened to be Marie (Ext: 05246211). It’s well worth checking out the profiles to find a psychic who ticks all of the boxes for you.

Psychic Center’s Customer Service and Promises To You

The Psychics

There are a decent number of psychics who work for Psychic Center.  While we’ve seen psychic sites with much more choice, it can be less overwhelming when there is less choice.  

The Psychic’s Profiles

When you land on the psychic page, it’s clear to see which psychics are currently available and also the psychics’ review statuses and charges at a glance which we appreciated.  What we didn’t appreciate was that some psychics profiles had very little information, which made it difficult to decide if they could help us or not.

We can see that Psychic Center allow their psychics to write their own profile. However, it is time-consuming for the customer to click on a profile only to find vague or inconsistent information.  If Psychic Center were to create a general standard for their psychic’s profiles, it would make it a much richer and quicker experience for the consumer.

The Verification Process

Psychic Center claims to verify their psychics, but we couldn’t find any information about how they verify them.

We reviewed the application process, and there was no information provided to tell the prospective psychic how they will be screened. But they were asked to provide profile copy, their ID (which Psychic Center informs is used to keep the platform free of spam), and payment details so that they could create their listing.  

In fact, on the website, Psychic Center claims that their psychics are ‘vetted by thousands of clients’ which is probably true.  

However, we don’t think that it shouldn’t be the consumer’s responsibility to vet a psychic. That’s often why they go to a psychic site in the first place… for the verified psychics! So, if the Psychic Center doesn’t verify their psychics then they could and should do better.

This means that we doubt that Psychic Center Psychics verify their psychics satisfactorily, but we can assume that the reviews from other customers are genuine.  So if you choose to use Psychic Center, you are going to have to practice your own discernment when choosing a psychic.

The Psychics’ Prices

We found psychics that ranged in fees from £2.99 – £8.00 per hour which is reasonable.

The Platform

Psychic Center’s platform is a little bit clunky. There are a few times when we’ve had to hesitate and think about what we are trying to achieve and where we want to go in order to move around the website. For example, when you are in your account page, you might think to click the logo in the top left to return to the psychic’s page, but it doesn’t work. Instead, you have to think for a second and click ‘psychic categories’.  

It just doesn’t flow as well as it could.

The Customer Service

Psychic Center claims to provide a ‘white glove service’, whatever that means.  In fact, the quote on their website is; “Our client service team believes in the power of authentic connections. Your delight is our highest priority.” Which may be the case, but if it is then they should pay attention to meeting the needs of their customers and take more care over the psychic verification process.  

Buzz words like ‘white glove’ are not really useful, and claims to ‘delight’ are useless if they can’t be backed up by somebody’s actions.  

We are not saying that the Psychic Center is not a good site, but there are some customer service related issues that they could solve easily but choose not to. Such as tweaking the navigation on the site, having their psychics streamline their profiles, and verifying the psychics adequately.

That said, we like that Psychic Center provides an easy-to-access contact form, a detailed FAQ section and they also provide telephone numbers and opening hours should you wish to call them.  

We have not had any reason to contact Psychic Center so we cannot inform you about how the customer service department responds.  If however, you’ve had an experience with the customer service department at Psychic Center, please let us know how you got along in the comments below.

The Satisfaction Guarantee

Psychic Center’s satisfaction guarantee is available to read in the small print at the bottom of the ‘contact’ page.  It does seem to be rather hidden, however, the terms are clear when you land on the page.

Here’s what Psychic Center offers as a satisfaction guarantee.

“Our goal is to provide you someone, to turn to when you need it most. We want every conversation with an advisor to be insightful. If it isn’t, we’re committed to making it right for you.”

“If at any time during the first 5 (five) or fewer minutes of your consultation you feel that you are having a less than satisfactory experience, whether due to technical issues or otherwise, we will credit a maximum of 5 (five) minutes back into your account at the per-minute rate charged for the call.”

You need to be aware of the following to claim your satisfaction guarantee.

  • The link to make a refund request is in the ‘satisfaction guarantee’ page linked at the bottom of the ‘Contact’ page.  
  • Refunds are made to your Psychic Center account.  But you can request to have the balance of your account reimbursed under Psychic Centers terms and conditions.
  • You will only be eligible for three refunds for the lifetime of your custom.
  • Claims must be made within 72 hours of receiving an unsatisfactory experience. 

What We Love About Psychic Center

  • They have some interesting psychics listed on their site.
  • The efforts made to make customer service easy to contact.
  • The reward programme.
  • The prices are reasonable
  • The Loyalty Scheme. 

What We Think Psychic Center Could Improve

  • Unclunk some of the features on the website.
  • Verify their psychics properly (or inform the customer how they go about this).
  • Streamline the psychics’ profiles.
  • Improve the search function so that you can search for a particular skill.
  • Make the satisfaction guarantee easier to find. 

Our Conclusion

Psychic Center is a decent psychic provider.  They have some great features, and some interesting psychics listed with them. But unfortunately, you’ll have to read the customer reviews carefully and practice your own discernment when choosing your psychic because it seems that Psychic Center leave that to you.

The loyalty scheme and prices are fair, and the website is reasonably easy to use too.  

While there are some simple improvements that Psychic Center could make to stand up to their claims of a ‘White Glove’ customer service, we believe that some of the psychics listed on the website are potentially talented and for that reason, we would give them a semi-neutral thumbs up.  

To check them out click here.

But if you want to find a psychic site who verifies their psychics, and that we rave about then here is a list of our recommended psychic hotlines.  Great customer service guaranteed here!

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

September 2020

    All Psychics are:
  • Expertly Reviewed,
  • Available 24/7,
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Rank
  • Website
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  • Offer
  • Features
  • Visit Site

If you decide to check out Psychic Center, don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the experience in the comments below.  

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