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Bethea Astrologer Review
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Bethea Astrologer Review

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Pros and Cons

  • Email Readings
  • Very little information about the services provided
  • You can’t get a genuine psychic reading immediately.
  • They send a lot of emails after you have registered or find ways to ‘hook you in’
  • Emails sent often invoke a sense of fear, concern, opportunities that you might miss out on or curiosity
  • Scam people by manipulating them into thinking they need good luck talismans and psychic readings

Is Psychic Bethea Astrologer Legit, Or A Scam?

Ah, ‘Psychic Bethea’ … she’s one brave scam artist!  

Why? You might ask.

Well, she puts her face all over her scams and demonstrates that she’s a real person by leaving you a cute little video on one of her landing page. Despite that, we assume that ‘Psychic Bethea’ might not be her real name and we haven’t ruled out that she might be an actress.

While at first, and to the unseasoned eye Bethea’s landing pages might seem harmless; after all, all you do, is enter your details and get a free astrology report right?


Her landing page, her marketing system and the products and services she sells are all a joke. And that joke will be on you, while Bethea will be laughing all the way to the bank if you decide to hand over any money.

We advise you right from the start to run for the hills if you see Bethea or any of her ‘friends and associates’ appear in your inbox, or social media feeds.

Keep on reading to find out why we can make such strong claims.

And in the meantime, if you require some help from a genuine and reputable psychic or astrologer, you can browse amongst the verified professionals on the site below to find the perfect and REAL psychic for you.  

4 Steps To A REAL Psychic or Astrology Reading That You Can Trust

  1. Visit Kasamba
  2. Register your details.
  3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
  4. Click ‘call ’ or Chat (the psychic will instantly chat or call you back).

How Psychic Bethea’s Website Works From A Consumer Perspective

There are a couple of landing pages that you might land on if you have crossed ‘Bethea’s’ path.  Both invite you to find out your ‘real sign’. Although the pages we landed on presented one as your real sign for happiness and the other makes no mention of context, it just leaves you to assume that it concerns your zodiac.  

But there’s a theme there. It alludes to the idea that you don’t know something about yourself and that there’s more to find out. So this is what might get some people clicking.  

Landing Page 1

When you enter your details to find out your ‘real sign for happiness’ you’ll receive in return an email offering you a product to buy.  In our case, it was a bracelet they called ‘the bracelet of power’ that frankly looked like you could pick it up for £2 on eBay. Psychic Bethea Astrologer

But ‘Bethea’ wanted four payments of $29.95 plus $6.95 shipping for this junk!  Because Bethea claims that it will make every area of my life blossom.  The cheek of ‘Bethea’ or the company behind her knows no bounds – it’s laughable.  


But it’s not that funny, because people fall for this.   Especially not vulnerable, emotionally troubled people and those who are living on their last thread of hope who walk into the hands of scam artists like Bethea.

Landing Page 2

If you meet Bethea on her other landing page, then you’ll be invited to enjoy a free tarot reading from one of Bethea’s associates.  But to get that reading, you’ll have to answer a lot of probing and revealing questions.

Psychic Bethea AstrologerLet us tell you this – there’s no way we’d be taking any psychic seriously if they had to ask questions like this BEFORE they read for you.  

We assume that the emails that will follow over the coming months will be tailored to the answers we gave. So, in our case about money.  They even asked if we believed in fate, and the powers of astrology (we suspect that if you say yes they’ll take advantage of that belief or lack thereof).  

Once again we are surprised by the’ in your face’ gall of this company.  

Aside from the free tarot reading, you’ll be given some details from Bethea about you, (and apparently channelled for you) which are the same for anyone (we know this because we tested it!).  

Then you are invited to join a membership site for $24 per year where you can chat with psychics.  We didn’t subscribe to this, but we assume it’s as much of a rip off as the rest of the junk that is being put out by this company.  

Psychic Bethea AstrologerIf you are susceptible, you will fall for the VERY overpriced fake talismans and other junk shipped in from China for 50p, you’ll pay for the bogus psychic or astrology readings, and they’ll keep on finding ways to press your buttons and keep you spending your money on them.  

Until eventually you realize that it’s a scam and you are getting nothing out of it at all.  

There may also be other landing pages that we haven’t discovered, but watch out for any website who is trying to sell you good luck charms, or who is using manipulation, hope, desire or fear to get you to use their services.  

How Medium Bethea’s Site Really Works

Let us be frank, anything that is put out by ‘Psychic Bethea’ is an out and out scam. So, you really should avoid them and move onto to finding a genuine, compassionate psychic who is verified rather than a fake actress with no skill apart from manipulation.  

To find a compassionate psychic we recommend you check out the psychics at Psychic Source.

The Landing Pages

Each landing page is bright and inviting; they appear to be more interactive than they are though, which is probably deliberate.  Because the only thing that the company behind ‘Bethea’ want is for you to register your details with them.

The Fake Talismans

If you interact with Psychic Bethea, the chances are that at some point ‘she’ will try to get you to purchase a good luck charm, lucky stone, symbol, piece of jewellery, or who knows what else.  And she charges ridiculous prices for this junk.

It won’t work, and it won’t bring you whatever it is that Bethea says it will. They are fake and the good luck charm won’t bring love, happiness, or help you avoid evil because it is not real.

If you are looking for something to bring you some good vibes, purchase a crystal; they are much cheaper.  An Amethyst is protective, a Rose Quartz is loving, and a Citrine is cleansing. And depending on the size of the stone, you can get all of these probably for less than £5.  

The Fake Psychic Readings

We didn’t stay on Psychic Bethea’s mailing list for long enough to see what other scams she is going to pull out of the woodwork. We do, however, know that there is a membership site that while is very cheap, we suspect it won’t be as it seems. It will only be another way to pull you in to purchase more fake rubbish from them.

The Many Questions

Psychic Bethea AstrologerOn some of Psychic Bethea’s landing pages, they ask so many questions that even an average person who does not know psychology and who isn’t psychic could come up with a reading that you would be able to relate to.  

Once you answer these questions honestly, be prepared to have emails and contact from Bethea or her associates that play to your needs, desires, and beliefs. This is so that they can manipulate you into buying.

It sounds like a lot of work. But remember getting cash out of you is the business this company is in. So, if they have to go to a lot of work to deliver a fake product, then it’s worth it to them – it’s not worth it to you though.  

All of Psychic Bethea’s Emails

As we’ve already suggested, you can expect the wording that Bethea uses in her emails to be manipulative; both emotionally and psychologically. If you find yourself compelled to react by reaching out to Bethea Astologer after reading or seeing something she sends you then she’s done exactly this on you.  

Nobody is immune. It can happen to the best of people.  

How To Spot A Real Psychic

Remember this; no genuine psychic, or astrologer will give you false hope, create fear, or build a fake fantasy to make you connect with them.  Nor will a genuine psychic tell you that you are tainted by an evil spell or spirit. They won’t suggest bad karma, and they won’t invoke fear to get you to buy another reading.

They fight against all of that.  Genuine psychics are usually some of the most compassionate, sincere and caring people around. This is because they are empaths and have A LOT of empathy, making it difficult to do the wrong thing.

It’s people like Bethea who give them a bad rap.

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Psychic Bethea Astrologer

Just to make things really clear here are some of the main reasons why you shouldn’t trust ‘Psychic Bethea’.  

  • ‘Psychic Bethea’ may not be a real person; instead, the Bethea in the video’s might be an actress.
  • Bethea is probably not a real astrologer.
  • This setup is a marketing machine designed to make money not an astrology site.
  • The hiding in plain site lies are rife on this site as is the emotional manipulation.
  • You won’t solve your problems.
  • You’ll leave them with more worries.
  • If you engage with and are susceptible to their marketing, you’ll probably end up spending a lot of money, and you’ll gain nothing.
  • They will try to sell you fake talismans and charms for extortionate prices. 

Don’t Take Our Word For It – Her Are Some Unbiased Reviews

“Bethea Jenner Astrologer – is not who she says she is” – Scamguard review.

“The picture you get in the email isn’t even her. This is run by a group of men out of an African country. Super scam.” – Scamguard review.

“I have unsubscribed numerous times. Her message is ALWAYS negative, nothing uplifting.

She always claims a curse has been placed on you. I feel she is the evil curse, to play on people’s emotions to get them to purchase items. This is a PURE con artist. STAY FAR AWAY FROM HER EVIL NEGATIVITY.” – Scamguard review.

“She is a total fraud who has made millions off of innocent people.” – Scamguard review

“Bethea Jenner Astrologer – Frightened me.” – Scamguard Review

“She implied that if I did not purchase her merchandise that I would have some very horrible luck. She was threatening. I want absolutely nothing to do with her ever again.” Scamguard review.

Already Caught Up In This Cycle?  Here’s What To Do

Have you found yourself in this situation? Are you are concerned about what to do as you’ve have received a message that has triggered anxiety and let that important message slide? If yes, then we suggest you contact a reputable psychic hotline like Psychic Source or Keen.

Contact one of their psychics and explain the situation. Ask them to guide you and if you have an important message, they’ll share it with you.

Our Conclusion;  Avoid It’s A Huge Scam

You’ve probably already guessed what our conclusion is!  

We do not like anything about Psychic Bethea, or the company behind her.  This is one scam company who really go to town, and you really should avoid them.  

If Psychic Bethea Astrologer lands in your email just block her and never look back! She has nothing new to tell you and she cannot help you improve your life; she will only make it worse. Instead, turn around and find a verified psychic like the ones we have listed below. They WILL help you figure out what to do to turn your life around without invoking fear or giving you false hope, and definitely without asking a lot of probing questions!

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

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Have you ever tried Psychic Bethea? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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