Protect Yourself From Religious Zealots

Protect Yourself From Religious Zealots

Many a glorious spiritual seeker has been told that he’s going to Hell

by Rose Rosetree
[ad name=”Rectangle Text AdSense”] How best can you protect yourself from zealots who insist on making your religious life their business? Many a glorious spiritual seeker has been told that he’s going to Hell. Bossy! Remember, nobody at Earth School has the right to interfere in the life of anyone else. (Exceptions are raising a child to maturity or if you find somebody breaking the law.) When someone you know is making what seems like a mistake, it’s fine to speak your opinion directly, once. Advice turns coercive when repeated, whether to a person’s face or behind his back or, even worse, as a so-called “prayer.”

Never let religious bullies victimize you. Here are some practical ways to use your own spiritual awareness for self-protection. Ask God to transform subconscious patterns that weaken you. For instance, what if you’ve been made to fear that you’re bad, stupid or crazy? Ask God to take negative programming away, then fill you with the opposite (usually some form of believing in yourself).

Next, ask God to alert you to anyone sending you coercive messages, whether an individual or a group. Have a conversation, if you can, where you tell that person in no uncertain terms, “Stop bossing me around.” Negative patterns can also be healed from your cellular memory. Ask God to remove the debris stuck in your cells, working out any karmic debts in the mildest possible way, like your dreams. Ask to learn the details consciously only if necessary.

You can also ask a Divine Being to help you release “The Big One.” Commonly, a person subconsciously carries one major vulnerability pattern, like “If I’m not good enough, nobody will love me,” or “Worrying means that I’m responsible.” Subconscious perfectionism is exhausting to strive for, and when a person feels discouraged temporarily, other people’s bullying messages can sneak in… by the truckload. So question inside until you find your vulnerability pattern. Acknowledge yourself for caring that much. Then ask God’s help to throw off the inappropriate load, once and for all, and then fill you with light. No bully deserves to intrude on the big sacred space that you share with God.

More Secrets of Self-Protection
“Psychic coercion” is the technical term for what happens to an aura when people try to play God. It’s the most prevalent form of subconscious debris on the planet. Ironically, the worst offenders are clueless that they have hurt anyone. More likely, they think they’re helping. Coercers dictate how you should dress. Or they’ve figured out how you should earn your money, also exactly how to spend it. What about your food, your hobbies, your sex life? Hey, nothing in your life is too personal for a coercer to try and “fix.” Supposedly, this person has brilliant insights about everything that you should be doing.

That funny word “should” often gives it away. However, you won’t necessarily hear any words at all. Most coercion isn’t spoken directly to your face. The nagging happens behind your back or it’s given the sanctimonious gloss of prayer. Right now, somewhere, someone is “praying” by asking God to inflict on others something that the coercer thinks would be good…even invading free will areas as intimate as religion, sexual orientation and political choice. Even the nicest-sounding requests can mess up people’s auras. If you’re on the sending end, stop. If on the receiving end, here’s how to clear that garbage out of your aura: For this method to be effective, speak words like these out loud: “God, surround me with light. Give me a shield of protection so that, from now on, only energies of the highest vibrations may enter my aura and my home. Next, please bring in a violet flame to transmute all stale or negative energy.”

Now comes the flashy part. Think the name of a Divine Being like Archangel Michael, St. Germain or Kwan Yin. Ask him or her to remove all psychic coercion from your subconscious mind, flinging the unwanted stuff out of your aura and into the violet flame.

“Imagine” means that you may not necessarily see. You may feel it, hear thoughts or otherwise sense what’s happening. Any of this works just fine. When the garbage removal is complete, you’ll know it.

To finish, ask the Divine Being to fill you with light. How vividly must you experience all this in order for the healing to work? Not vividly at all! Clearer experiences will come as you develop deeper perception. Ironically, garbage like psychic coercion may be what’s blocking that perception. To break out of this cycle, just do the healing.

Of course you can know what you think, what you feel, what you desire! Pay attention. And if, in future, you hear the word “Should”…. Well, I won’t order you. But I do invite you to question what’s going on. Almighty God doesn’t “should” us. Why let mere mortals?

Copyright (c) by Rose Rosetree 2006. This article is adapted from Rose Rosetree’s new book, Let Today Be A Holiday : 365 Ways to Co-Create with God. It’s available at her website, There you’ll find more of Rose Rosetree’s books, plus articles, FAQs and The Portal to Deeper Perception. If you like, you can also subscribe to her free monthly zine, with face and aura readings of people in the news. America’s leading expert at deeper perception, Rosetree’s work has been praised in newspapers as different as The Washington Post, the Washington Times, the LA Times, and The Catholic Standard. She teaches regularly on three continents.

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