Best Pregnancy Psychics – Will You Get Pregnant this Year?

It doesn’t matter whether you are hoping to conceive and are wondering when it is going to happen or if you are pregnant and are anticipating what to expect.  Whatever type of question you might have about pregnancy, a pregnancy psychic can help you!

Pregnancy psychics don’t just help with forecasting when and if you will become pregnant they can also help you adjust your lifestyle and take the right steps necessary to prepare you for all of your pregnancy goals.  

To find out more, just keep on reading.

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January 2022

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What Are Pregnancy Psychics?

Pregnancy psychics are any form of psychic who will take the time to answer all of your pregnancy-related questions.  

They can be clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, claircognizant, a medium, an astrologer, a tarot reader, and even a crystal ball reader, a numerologist or a healer.  

Pregnancy psychics will help you answer all of your pregnancy-related questions or concerns whether you are pregnant or not.  

What Are The Different Types Of Pregnancy Psychics

A Clairsentient/Clairaudient/Clairvoyant or Claircognizant psychic will use their ESP (extra-sensory perception) skills to help you determine how things will pan out in your life concerning your pregnancy questions.  

However based on their abilities, if you are not pregnant already, they may not have a clear enough picture of what is occurring or likely to happen.  

Many of these types of psychics understand that there are such limitations in their skills and so they use other tools such as tarot to help build a more precise picture – which is a potent and intense combination.  

If you have a pregnancy reading with such a psychic, then you will get a clear picture of what to expect, how to move forward and even what changes you might need to make to attain your desired results.  

A Tarot Reader

A tarot reader will use their cards to answer your questions and since the tarot cards are so sophisticated and insightful, if your tarot reader is good at reading the cards then you are going to get an incredible reading.

Most of the time a tarot reader is also psychic in some way (such as in the methods described above), and this is the best combination.  The psychic intuition will lead the tarot reader to look deeply into a particular card or sequence, and then the card or sequence will communicate with the psychic’s senses which enhances the reading.  

A Medium

A medium will communicate with your lost loved ones, who might be able to provide information and insight into your future concerning pregnancy.  

Of course, this is a different type of reading, it will be emotional and heartwarming, but it might not necessarily be full of the best advice unless the medium uses other skills too.  This is because your loved ones don’t change when they pass on, they still hold the same biases and beliefs as they did when they were living.

Which means if you have a parent who has passed on, who was always bad at giving you good advice don’t expect their advice to have improved now they are on the ‘other side’.   While you might enjoy having the connection and reassurance from that particular loved one, their advice might not serve you very well in everyday life.

However, if you want to talk to your parent or somebody, you love who has passed on about your concerns about pregnancy this can be a great way to do so.  And if you happen to have somebody who gave the best advice, well, then we see why you might consider this type of pregnancy reading.

An Astrologer

The skies can tell us every minute detail about our life and destiny.  But before you drop everything and head to an astrologer to help you take the right path toward pregnancy or your life in general, you’ll need to pay attention to this fact.  The challenge for Astrologers lies in how they translate the messages from the skies into solid and real understanding of yoru destiny. And there’s probably nobody who can completely and thoroughly translate the messages that the planets and stars send us.  

However, we can get a good insight into how clear our pathway is to pregnancy, pregnancy-related topics, and what obstacles and challenges will occur that might cause us to believe our goals are not possible.  Or we might learn about the challenges that we face that we will have to navigate to get to our goals.

There will be some people who have a clear and lucky run at pregnancy while others who have to walk over rocky terrain.  You can find out what type you are and attain actionable steps to help you navigate any tricky territory if necessary by working with an astrologer.  

To get the best results though you’ll need to know your time and place of birth as well as your birth date.  

A Numerologist

Numbers carry energy and its the energy in numbers that can help us to understand our life path.  Numerologists take numbers from our date of birth, and even our names to help us to understand how we might experience life.  But that’s not all.

A Numerologist can also help you to see how your child’s life might pan out (if you are pregnant) and what challenges you might have to help them overcome (so that you can give them the best support possible). They can also tell you numbers that will be lucky, and even whether your house number is an excellent place to plan for pregnancy!  

This type of psychic reading is usually a one-off reading.  The numbers (unless you move house, or change your name) will stay the same for the rest of your life and it’s one type of reading that is highly recommended; not just as a pregnancy psychic reading but also for a general reading.  

How do Pregnancy Psychics Work?

A pregnancy psychic reading works in the same way that any other psychic reading works; it’s just that in this situation the focus of the topic will be pregnancy.  You can focus on pregnancy whether you are pregnant, have recently been pregnant, want to become pregnant or want to know if you will ever be pregnant (or pregnant again if you already have a child).

You’ll typically share with your chosen psychic what it is that you want to find out and they will then take it from there.   You can ask further questions if the psychic doesn’t cover something that you want more clarity on, and if the psychic can get you a clearer picture of what might occur, they will (although that’s not always possible).  

Who is a Pregnancy Psychic Reading For?

If pregnancy is a topic that is in your life right now, whether it be because you are experiencing it, or if you are considering it at some point in the future then a pregnancy psychic reading is for you.  Keep on reading to find out some of the typical questions you might ask during a pregnancy psychic reading.

What Questions Can I Ask During A Pregnancy Psychic Reading?

There are no hard and fast rules about what questions you might ask during a pregnancy psychic reading but here are some suggestions to give you some inspiration.

  • What can I do to improve my pregnancy experience for myself and my baby?
  • Is there anything significant that I need to know about my pregnancy?
  • Why am I not enjoying my pregnancy?
  • How will my pregnancy impact my relationship with my partner?
  • My partner is not enjoying the pregnancy stage what do I need to know about this?
  • How can I ensure that my child is born safely and healthily?
  • What would my unborn child want me to know about his or her needs?
  • How can I make sure things in my life run smoothly after the child is born?
  • I’m afraid of being pregnant, what do I need to know about this?
  • How will I protect myself from postnatal depression after the birth?
  • What do I need to do to enhance my chances of experiencing pregnancy and having children?  
  • How can I prepare for one day having children?
  • How can I attract somebody to me who can be the father of my children?
  • What can I do during my pregnancy to help my unborn child develop healthily and happily?
  • Why can’t I conceive?
  • What will my unborn child be like personality wise?

Different Types Of Pregnancy Psychic Readings?

There are also different types of pregnancy psychic readings.  For example, somebody might want to know more about fertility rather than pregnancy but might class it as a pregnancy reading.  You could also have a new child reading to find out how to settle your new child into life and learn how to give it the best start.

Maybe you could even enjoy a family reading where you can find out more about how to help your existing children adapt to their new sibling. And also how to create a good sibling bond and happy family experience for the whole family.  

All you need to do to get these types of readings is to choose your favourite kind of reader (from the list above) and then when you book them (we’ve got some links for some great readers below) let them know what it is that you want to find out – the psychic will then lead the way.  

What To Expect From A Pregnancy Psychic Reading

Pregnancy and all related topics can be emotive.  Both positively and negatively depending on what situation you are experiencing and why you are calling a psychic for a reading.  There isn’t a problem when you are experiencing happy emotions, but when you are having difficulties, no matter what way they occur in your life it can be challenging.  

Emotive Topics

The topic of children, whether they are likely to be happy and healthy as well as whether you will ever conceive are all topics that most people only want one answer to and that answer is yes they will be happy, and healthy, and yes you will conceive. But we all know that life doesn’t pan out that way.  

Honest Messages

A pregnancy psychic won’t tell you what you want to hear to keep you happy they will tell you what you need to hear.  Regardless of how hard that message might be for you. But they will (at least a good psychic will) always help you to find hope and actionable steps to move forward in an empowering way.  Sometimes that message could be hard to hear especially because you have so much emotion invested in the situation.

Renewed Energy

However, you don’t need to be concerned that a psychic will tell you something bad either.  They often don’t see things like that. The messages they receive are not as clear and precise as you might imagine. Instead a psychic might see a blockage, or that you might need to prepare for something, but they don’t know exactly what.  

So you should never be afraid of contacting a psychic for help a professional psychic from the reputable sites such as those listed in the boxes above and below will always ensure that you know how to move forward and will never scare you.  

No Specific Dates

If a psychic ever gives you dates or time periods, it’s important to take it with a pinch of salt. Time changes, things change, decisions change in a fleeting moment and what was once certain can change in a heartbeat.  

So while a psychic might be able to see what is likely to occur, they cannot predict accurate times dates or outcomes because if somebody makes a decision that sets off a chain of events, no matter how minor that can influence your future.  

Where To Find the Best Pregnancy Horoscope Readers Online

There are many great psychics around.  Some of the best are often working for reputable psychic hotlines because it’s easier for them to find customers that way.  

Below is a list of our favourite sites, who all screen their psychics, offer introductory discounts and monitor the readings too, which is why we recommend them!

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  

Oranum – No offers but a wide variety of different types of spiritual readings.

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

Ask Now – 5 minutes free plus $1 per minute introductory offer after 5 mins. 

The Pros and Cons Of Getting A Pregnancy Horoscope Reading Today


  • It’s a great way to gain support and perspective about your personal situation regarding pregnancy.
  • Helps you to understand how to deal with all possible outcomes if you are trying to conceive.
  • Find out how your children or pets will respond to a new child.
  • Understand what might be blocking your ability to get pregnant
  • Learn how to enjoy your pregnancy and turn it into a real spiritual treat.
  • A reading will never be intimidating.
  • Learn more about what your expected child might be like.
  • Find out how to protect yours and your expected child’s health during pregnancy.
  • Check to see if there is anything that you need to know or do to prepare for the birth of your child. 


  • You won’t always hear what you want to hear
  • You won’t or shouldn’t receive predictions.
  • You cannot control the message.  
  • There’s often a lot of myth and confusion around pregnancy and fertility readings.  
  • You may not always like the delivery style of your chosen reader.
  • Your spiritual readers are human, and they rely on the messages, they cannot control anything either. 
  • Are you ready to take the plunge and try out your first reading? 

 Don’t forget to give us feedback after!

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