Everything You Need to Know About Pregnancy Tarot Readings

For most moms out there, finding out that they are pregnant and sharing the pregnancy news with their loved ones is a joyful and exciting experience.

Although it’s a joyous time, being pregnant can also be quite a scary and challenging experience for some women. That’s why a lot of them turn to pregnancy tarot or pregnancy horoscope readings for some insight surrounding their present or potential pregnancy, the conditions surrounding their pregnancy, their relationship with their partner and all other pregnancy and relationship related questions they might have.

If you are anxious to find out more about your present or future pregnancy, and find out how your pregnancy will go, you can turn to free tarot readings, to help ease your mind and give you some insight into your pregnancy.

Where Can I Get a FREE Pregnancy Tarot Reading?

free pregnancy tarot reading

For those of you who are new to pregnancy tarot, or tarot in general, we’ve selected some of the best tarot reading sites where you can find REAL tarot readers and accurate predictions about your present or future pregnancy. Below you’ll find our selection of top three tarot sites where you’ll be able to get detailed answers and predictions about your pregnancy.

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September 2020

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How Does Pregnancy Tarot Work?

A pregnancy tarot reading usually involves two parts. The first one is to determine whether or not you’re pregnant or will be pregnant in the near future, and the second part is to determine what kind of pregnancy you will have.

As we already mentioned, pregnancy tarot works in two stages.

Here’s what those stages include:

Stage one:

Stage one includes the yes/no spread. In this stage, the reader simply asks the cards whether or not you’re pregnant or about to become pregnant in the near future.

The yes/no tarot spread is not only good for pregnancy tarot, but for everyday questions as well. You can use it to help you make everyday decisions or to help you decide which path to take.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to the yes/no tarot spread is that you need to formulate your questions so that they can be answered with a simple yes/no answer.

Another thing you need to have in mind is to try to ask more direct and precise questions. Stay clear of vague, general questions and focus more on making your questions as straight forward as possible.

Here’s what we mean by this:

Instead of asking: “Will I ever get pregnant?”, ask “Will I get pregnant this year?”, “Will John and I have a child?”, or other similar, concise questions, so that they can yield the right answer.

Stage two:

Stage two includes laying the cards down in a circular motion, representing the pregnant belly, that is if the answer to the yes/no question was positive. If not, the cards are put away, and you’ll need to wait for a better time to ask the same or different questions.

If you’re not sure where to go for a professional, yet affordable pregnancy tarot reading, you can check out our top picks of best tarot sites for 2019 below:

Here are our top 4 picks:

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  • Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

How To Interpret The Answer

How To Interpret Pregnancy Tarot

First off, let’s start with the basic interpretation of the yes/no spread. Here’s how to interpret whether the answer is yes or no and how emphasized it is.

The answer is YES, when:

  1. You have three upright facing Ace cards and no upside down Ace cards.
  2. There are two upright facing Ace cards.
  3. You have more upright facing Ace cards than upside down facing ones. The more upright facing Ace cards you have, the more emphasized the Yes is.
  4. One Ace card is facing up, although this “yes” is a bit weak.

The answer is NO, when:

  1. You have three upside down Ace cards, and not one upright facing Ace card. This is a non-negotiable no!
  2. You have two upside down facing Ace cards.
  3. You have more upside down facing Ace cards, than upright facing ones. The more upside down facing Ace cards you have, the more emphasized the No is.
  4. One Ace card is facing down, although this “no” is a bit weak.

Interpreting the Surrounding Cards, One by One

This is the second part of the pregnancy tarot reading, so before you get to the interpretation of the spread, card by card, make sure to do the yes/no spread first.

Now let’s have a look at what each of the cards means, one by one.

Card no. 1: Your Relationship With The Father

Before you bring your child into this world and start building your bond and relationship, the first and most important relationship you need to pay attention to is your romantic relationship.

If things aren’t amicable between you and your partner, you’ll need to figure out a way to make things work, always having your child’s needs in mind first.

When the card is positive, it can mean that your relationship with your partner is strong, or the problems or hurdles that you might face in the future will have positive outcomes.

When your card is negative, it might mean that you can expect some sort of challenges in your relationship, that you’ll hopefully be able to easily overcome, without them affecting your children.

Card no. 2: The Conception of Your Baby

Not everyone can know for sure what moment was the exact moment of conception. It is pretty difficult to be able to pinpoint the exact moment when the child was conceived medically speaking.

When it comes to pregnancy tarot readings, on the other hand, it’s a whole different story.

Using a pregnancy tarot reading, you can get to know more about the day your baby was conceived, and the events that occurred on that day.

Card no. 3: Health Concerns Regarding Pregnancy and Birth

If you have health, financial or other concerns regarding your pregnancy and your baby, the third card will be able to shine some light onto the situation and help you figure out what’s waiting for you in the future.

Many mothers experience anxieties surrounding the birth of their child, the birth process itself, and the health of the baby.

The third card can show their deepest concerns, and if the card is a negative one it can show what kind of challenges await the mother ahead.

Card no. 4: What Can Improve Your Experience

The fourth card shows the things that a mother needs most during her pregnancy.

Aside from healthy nutrition, rest and relaxation, a new mother, or a pregnant woman can find out what else she needs to do, or don’t do in order for her to have an easier pregnancy and childbirth.

The card you get can help you figure out what your body and your mind need in order for you to feel stronger and healthier.

Card no. 5: Possible Challenges Around Pregnancy and Birth

One of the more challenging cards to read is the fifth one. All pregnancies come with their own challenges. These can be attributed to many factors and the worst part is that they are not always in our control.

That’s why we can use a lot of the information from card no. 5 to see what kind of obstacles can await us down the road.

Card no. 6: What the Mother Needs Most

The sixth card shows all the things that the mother needs in order to prepare for pregnancy and childbirth.

These can be simple things like more rest and sleep, or something more serious like tackling anxiety, depression, and other health issues.

Card no. 7: What The Baby Will Need

Although the baby pretty much requires all the same things that the mother does, like healthy nutrition, rest, sleep and less stress, there are certain things that can be overlooked, which we can understand better from the 7th card.

These things can be of an emotional, physical or medical nature, and can help us understand the baby’s needs a little bit better.

Pros and Cons of a Pregnancy Tarot Reading

Pros and Cons of a Pregnancy Tarot Reading


  • A way to get some answers about your pregnancy, your baby and your relationship with your partner.
  • A chance to get some peace of mind.
  • You can learn what all the cards mean, if you’re interested in that.
  • There are tons of free pregnancy tarot readings online.
  • You’ll receive a professional reading and advice.
  • You’ll get more insight into your condition and some help navigating any challenging situations that you might be experiencing in your life at the moment.
  • You can repeat the reading at any time. This is not a one-time-only type of reading.
  • You’ll get a chance to ask any question you have regarding pregnancy and childbirth.


    • Some might look at this reading as the absolute truth, which is not correct. There is no such thing as absolute predictions about the future, as our future is always subject to change. For that reason, the answers you receive during your reading should only be seen as a guideline. Nothing is set in stone.
    • You can’t choose the message or influence it in any way. You’ll hear what you’re supposed to hear.
    • This reading is best done when you’re pregnant or think you might be pregnant.

Pregnancy Tarot Tips:

      • If you’re trying to conceive, record all your readings on a regular basis. This will help you figure out which cards symbolize pregnancy for you once you conceive so that you can know what to look out for in your future readings.
      • Avoid cynical readers that only want to focus on the negative side.
      • Stick to tarot readers who offer tangible, realistic advice.
      • Don’t substitute a pregnancy test for a tarot reading. Although these readings can be very accurate, and often times predict pregnancies even before they can show up on a pregnancy test, the only sure way to know you’re pregnant is through a pregnancy test or a visit to your doctor’s office.
      • Don’t give your tarot reader personal information that can be misused in any way.

If you follow these few simple tips, you will have an amazing experience on your first tarot reading and you’ll get a lot of tips and information you can use during your pregnancy.

Are you ready for your first pregnancy tarot reading?

September 2020

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