Opening Doors Within

Opening Doors Within

Eileen Caddy speaks candidly about the personal events leading up to the co-founding of Findhorn

Ironwood Productions 2005
Findhorn Press
DVD 60 minutes, $24.99

Findhorn community co-founder Eileen Caddy speaks about the day in 1952 when she first meditated and heard the “small still voice within” which calmly told her, “Be still and know that I am God” in Opening Doors Within. The hour-long video turns out to be part interview with Caddy, and part Caddy leading meditations. In the segments entitled “The Passage” and “Dark Night,” Caddy speaks candidly about the personal events leading up to the co-founding of Findhorn, which even includes a suicide attempt on her part. But instead of a biography about Caddy, the film (directed by Kurt Mann) turns to Caddy leading several meditations on the power of love.

In the interview segments, Caddy is quite charming regarding her everyday reactions to what would become the legendary Findhorn community in Northeast Scotland. Her conclusion upon first seeing the land: “What a dump!” Her words when a visitor implored her to learn to love herself: “What rubbish!”

Eventually, Caddy reveals, she did learn to love herself – which was the equivalent of seeing God within her. In fact, she suggests a tool for dealing with someone you “can’t stand” – by silently saying “I love you, I bless you, I see the divinity in you.” She promises this will change your perception of the person, without actually having to try to change the person yourself.

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Caddy teaches from self-love, all is possible, especially healing. She leads the viewer through meditations, first learning to accept oneself and feeling love for oneself. From this reference point, it is then possible to heal a challenging situation with a difficult person through another guided meditation. Caddy then very responsibly leads a meditation where one takes these transforming powers of love and heals a region of the world that is having difficulties and conflict. World peace starts with yourself!

Throughout, there are calming images courtesy of directors of photography Dale Robert Myrand and Bob Gilbert. The music for the meditations by Ron Clearfield is for the most part lovely, but does veer a bit to the dramatic side. Finally, we learn in the video what has also been echoed by blues legend Reverend Gary Davis: “I am the light of this world.” Through this light is much healing power which these gentle meditations unlock.

Opening Doors Within

Review by Diane Saarinen

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