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Medium Christin Review
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Medium Christin Review

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Pros and Cons

  • Free reading
  • Email Readings Only
  • No facility to chat to Christin in real time.
  • Free readings are provided so that they can keep in touch with you.
  • You’ll receive frequent emails from Christin after you’ve ordered your free reading.
  • Emails sent often emotionally and psychologically manipulate you into purchasing a psychic reading.

Is Medium Christin Worth Your Money?

Let’s cut to the chase, Medium Christin is not worth your money.  This is another scam site that has plenty of negative reviews and zero reputable positive reviews.  The only reviews we could find that were positive were on Medium Christin’s website. So, after performing a reverse image check on the images of the people who sent in a positive testimonial, they also turned out to be stock images. So, since we are already challenging the integrity of the site (for reasons explained below) we doubt that the testimonials are real.

But that’s not the only reason why we are not recommending Medium Christin from the offset, keep on reading to find out more.  

In the meantime, if you were looking for a real psychic reading check out this link below. It will take you to a reputable site and put you in touch with genuine psychics for much less money!

4 Steps To A REAL Psychic Reading That You Can Trust

  1. Visit Psychic Source
  2. Register your details.
  3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
  4. Click ‘call ’ or Chat (the psychic will instantly chat or call you back).

How Medium Christin’s Website Works From A Consumer Perspective

The Standard Scam Site Layout

Christin’s website, in our opinion, looks more like a personal website than most of the other psychic scam sites we’ve seen. Even though Christin’s website follows pretty much the same format as all other similar sites. Perhaps it’s the colors chosen that makes it seem more realistic or that the token ‘free reading’ is called a ‘free consultation’.

As is usual on these sites you get the standard home page and an ‘about me’ page which contains a story with an emotional hook. This hook will make you find ‘Christin’ to be more relatable and even make a ‘connection’ with her!  You also get the standard updated blog, spiritual store, testimonials and, of course, the free reading (or consultation as it is called on this site).

The Free ‘Consultation’

If you enter your details including your email address and confirm that you’ve read the terms and conditions, then you get a free ‘psychic’ reading. You can choose to opt-in & be linked to Christin’s partner sites. Although, we recommend that you don’t tick this box as you’ll just receive more emails from scammers!

When you receive your reading, you’ll receive an astrological reading first which is an extra ‘gift’ from Christin. This sets you up nicely with:

  • Advice on your lucky number for gambling.
  • Your ‘stone of fortune’.
  • Your Month of luck.
  • A colour that facilitates love and relationships.
  • And more.

While we haven’t pursued every aspect of Christin’s marketing campaign, we suspect that these lucky talismans will be represented to you in future emails from Christin or her partner companies so that you’ll be more inclined to buy the lucky amethyst promoted to you in your month of luck.  

Manipulative Emails That Pre-Program Your Unconscious Mind

The email readings that follow are delayed and also have other subliminal psychological tactics that are designed to invoke you to book a reading.  They preprogram a suggestion (such as a gambling number), and at some point, either Christin or a partner company will send you an email telling you they have your lucky lottery numbers or something along those lines.  

Or they might tell you that you are going to have bad luck, have lousy karma or an evil spirit attached and only x stone will help you reveal it, they can sell it to you, and it just happens to be the ‘stone of fortune’ that they already pre-suggested in earlier emails.  

It’s smart but actually simple.  But it’s highly manipulative and incredibly wrong.  

The Psychic Readings

If you have never experienced a psychic reading before, we recommend that you definitely do not pursue Medium Christin as your first experience because you won’t know what to expect and won’t realize that the way that Christin writes her readings is not usual.  

Instead, we recommend that you seek out a reputable psychic site and talk to a live psychic either through psychic chat, video or on the telephone.  One of our favorite sites is Psychic Source because they pay so much attention to delivering accurate, and honest readings at fair prices and they also have good introductory offers and money back guarantee’s.  

Psychic Source is a legit site and one that you would be wise to consider before Christin!  

If you can’t control your curiosity that Christin has triggered and you go ahead and pay for reading from Christin be mindful that a psychic reading should not be so generic.

It shouldn’t create new problems or challenges for you that raise hope or fear, such as telling you that you could get lucky on the lottery but Christin needs to reveal the numbers, or that you have an evil spirit that needs to be banished by no other than Christin.  

Reputable psychics don’t do that.  

Instead, a reputable psychic will look at what is occurring in your real life and help you address the obstacles and challenges that are unique to you.

Don’t be fooled by the cycle that Christin will pull you into if you go ahead and pursue her advances because if you are not careful, you will be left with nothing but anxiety and an empty pocket.

What Really Happens On Medium Christin’s Site

Fake Readings

You already realize that we believe Christin’s site to be a scam, but here’s the thing, the website actually tells you this in a roundabout way.  While we suspect the transparency efforts have probably been enforced for legal reasons if you did check out the terms and conditions here’s what you find.

Christin Medium is a website owned and managed by Harvest Direct Ltd, based in Hong Kong. Not by a person called Christin.

Click the ‘terms and conditions’, and in very prominent writing you will see the following;


And while in the UK, Europe and probably elsewhere it is a legal requirement to state that all psychic services are for entertainment purposes only, most companies comment that they have to state that or include it in the usual font in the terms and conditions.  

In the case of Medium Christin, we expect that some of the many negative reviews and complaints have resulted in the need for Harvest Direct to make their entertainment services more transparent to avoid legal issues of promoting fake psychic readings or being shut down.

When you registered for the free consultation in the first place, you had to check the box that confirmed that you agreed with the terms, which means that you would not be able to make any legal claim or money back claim from this site.  

Christin Is Not Real

We couldn’t check the image of Christin to see if it’s a stock image due to problems extracting the file from the site. But we did trace the images of the people giving testimonials on the Medium Christin website back to stock photos, and we suspect that if we could access the image file, that we’d find Christin on a stock image too!  We doubt very much that Christin is a real psychic. But there are more reasons why we don’t believe Christin to be real.

  • There is no information to trace or verify Christin or ‘her’ psychic ability.
  • Christin does not own the website, Medium Christin. Instead, a company in Hong Kong does.
  • The readings you receive are generic and focus on using psychology and manipulation to create needs and desires that you didn’t have before but that you become dependant upon Christin to resolve the issues she created.  
  • This site follows the exact same principles as many other similar scam sites.
  • There are many complaints and negative testimonials about Christin. 

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Medium Christin

  • Christin is probably not real.
  • Christin’s psychic skills are questionable, unverified and probably fake.
  • This setup is a marketing machine designed to make money and dressed up as entertainment, not a psychic site.
  • You will be emotionally and psychologically manipulated
  • Your problems won’t be sold.
  • You’ll find yourself with more problems than when you first contacted ‘Medium Christin’.
  • The only end to this experience is disappointment and the possible realization that you’ve been scammed.  
  • Fake psychic readings can be harmful and/or they can influence your decisions negatively and ruin your life

The Consequences Of Fake Psychic Readings

The problem with fake psychic readings aside from being a rip-off is that if they try to give you information about your life, that you will potentially trust even on a subliminal level.  

So if you are told something that you want to hear, or that will cause fear or guilt, you are probably going to believe it on some level.  So, it will then influence your real life because you’ll make your decisions based on this information.  

This issue is the reason why credible psychics take what they do very seriously.  And work hard to prove to you that they can connect with you and share insight into your life.  It’s also why they will always guide you towards making decisions that serve your highest good even if they may not always tell you what you want to hear.  

In fact, sincere psychics can only work with you with your highest good in mind because being empaths they often have buckets of compassion, don’t like to see a person suffering and are rooting for you.

Already Caught Up In This Cycle?  Here’s What To Do

It’s no fun getting caught up in a scam, but it happens to the best of us. It’s also important not to give yourself a hard time over this situation.

These scammers are smart and organized; they know what they are doing. So, the best thing you can do as soon as you realize there is an issue is to block them so that you are not manipulated further.

Have you found yourself in this situation and are concerned about what to do? Have you received a message that has triggered anxiety, and you can’t let that ‘important’ message slide? If the answer is yes, we suggest you contact a reputable psychic hotline like Psychic Source or Keen.  

Speak to one of their psychics and explain the situation. Ask them to guide you and if you have an important message, they’ll share it with you. More importantly, furthermore, they’ll help you with whatever is going on in your life.

Our Conclusion;  Avoid Medium Christin – She’s Not As Sweet As She Seems

Medium Christin, just like Celeste, Maria, Padre, and more like them, is probably not psychic and she probably isn’t even a real person. Instead ‘she’s’ probably a company in the business of making money out of your vulnerabilities.  

We recommend that you do not even register for the ‘free reading’ on ‘Christins’ website. We advise that instead, you find a reputable psychic or tarot reading provider if you want a psychic reading.  

Most good psychic reading providers usually offer introductory deals on a real-time live psychic reading. So, that way, you can try them out risk-free and you’ll get a genuine and helpful reading by a real psychic.

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Kasamba – Get three minutes free!  

Psychic Source – Low priced readings right now!

Keen – 10 minutes for $1.99

Get a reading at Psychic Source today!

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Have you ever tried Medium Christin? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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