Get a Free Medium Reading – Everything You Need to Know About Mediumship

Free Medium ReadingHave you ever wondered what it would be like to talk to a long lost friend or a loved one that has passed?

Well, that’s exactly what a medium’s job is. If you feel like you want to have a chat with someone that’s already gone over to the spirit world, you can do so by getting a free medium sĂ©ance, or a psychic reading.

Although you might be skeptical at first, you will soon realize that psychic medium readings are nothing more than a chat with the spirit world. As much as they seem impossible, to a good medium, they are an everyday occurrence.

If you’re interested in finding a cheap psychic or medium reading, here’s where you can look.

Where Can I Find a Reliable and Free Medium Reading?

Although there are many online mediums out there, there are few who actually possess psychic powers and can truly connect with to your loved ones.

Often times people who are looking for a medium are overcome with sadness and grief and are very eager to connect with their lost loved ones. They are so desperate to find someone who can help them reach out to the spirit world that they let their guards down.

This is something that fraudulent mediums have been known to misuse over the years and make money off of the grieving.

In order to avoid such scams always go to legitimate psychic sites, and use online mediums that have good reviews and top-rated profiles.

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September 2020

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What is a Medium?

what is a mediumThe role of a psychic medium reader is to communicate with the spirit world. Mediums have the ability to bridge the divide between our world and the spiritual one and talk to those who’ve passed.

Mediums can deliver messages from the dead.

Often times, those messages might only have a meaning to the person they’re intended to and no one else.

An online medium can use many different ways and techniques to get in contact with the dead.

Sometimes, a medium might even receive messages in his or her sleep.

What is a Psychic Medium Reading?

A psychic medium reading is a type of spiritual reading which helps you get in touch with deceased relatives or friends.

A professional medium can even connect to your beloved pet, not just humans in general.

There are many reasons why a person might want to connect with someone who’s passed, including unresolved issues, unanswered questions or many other instances. Some might even go to a free medium reading just out of curiosity, or to see some evidence that the spirit world exists and that a medium can establish a connection with that world. Medium readings and psychic readings, in general, have always been intriguing and interesting to people, which is why they’ve become so popular over the years.

The process when the medium tries to establish a connection with the spirit world is usually called a séance. Conducting a séance is the most common method used to talk to the dead. During a séance, your online medium will try to connect to the dead and retrieve a message for you.

The way the message is received depends mainly on the spirit you are trying to contact, and not on the medium. Some spirits can be upfront and loud even, while others might be shy and quiet.

In some cases, mediums can even be helpful in dealing with haunted properties, by talking to the spirits, determining whether they are good or evil and trying to persuade them to leave the property.

What Makes Online Medium Readings Different Than Other Types of Readings?

The thing that most people don’t realize when it comes to online medium readings is that unlike psychic or tarot readings, a medium’s field of specialty isn’t to predict your future or to help you out with a decision you’re struggling to make.

A medium, unless they have psychic powers as well, can only connect you to someone who has passed, but they cannot know whether the message you’ll receive is accurate or a lie, whether the spirit sharing the message had good intentions or not and so on.

When going to a medium reading you need to have in mind that you cannot always choose which spirit you want to talk to or which messages will come through, as well as their authenticity.

The reason for these things is that spirits don’t change once they leave the physical world. Ill meaning spirits can send their message as loud and as clear as someone who loves you and means you well, which is why you need to be careful which spirit’s advice you take and which messages you choose to listen to.

How Does the Mediumship Process Work?

free online medium readingMediums can receive messages from beyond in many different ways, which can vary a lot from one medium to the next.

There are numerous mediums who receive information in the form of images and words in their minds. These are intuitive mental impressions whose meaning they’ll need to examine and then pass down the message to the living.

Some mediums, on the other hand, can actually hear the messages themselves, instead of receiving visuals in their mind.

Although there are many different ways in which mediums can receive a message from the spirit world, one thing remains certain. The dead can have a lot to say sometimes, and whether on not you want to hear the message they’ll keep on sending it until you get it.

What this means is that often times you might be in the middle of a session with your medium, when a spirit will try to infiltrate the séance and get through to your medium.

This doesn’t have to mean that they have some crucial information they want to share with you, but one thing’s certain: unless you hear them out, they won’t leave the medium alone.

Keep in mind that there are many people who aren’t trained mediums, yet they can still unknowingly connect to the spirit world and receive messages.

Can Mediums Perform Readings Associated With Hauntings?

As we mentioned before, mediums can even deal with potentially haunted properties and do readings and séances in an attempt to reach out to the spirits, find out whether they are malevolent or not and ultimately get them to pass on.

Although many mediums do not want to get involved in this line of work, mainly because of the numerous risks and dangers involved, there are some who are trained to carefully deal with such situations.

You should never underestimate how dangerous such situations can be, especially to the medium’s psyche.

That’s why they need to be extremely careful and make sure they protect themselves as well as the other people involved so that the process can run as smoothly as possible.

Mediums who deal with clearing hauntings know what they need to do in order to protect themselves and all others before they start working on the clearing and establish a contact with a potentially malevolent spirit.

If you need that kind of protection, the best thing you can do is talk to a medium that already has experience in this area.
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How Does the Skill of Mediumship Develop?

Is it possible to develop the skill of mediumship, or are people just born with it?

Interestingly enough, the answer is yes for both of those questions.

Although people can be born with the skill and improve it over the years, there are some who can learn how to connect with the spirit world over time.

This doesn’t mean that we all have the power to talk to the dead; it just means that mediumship is a skill that can be worked on and improved over time. Not everybody has the ability to connect to the spirit world, and not everybody should attempt to do so either.

Medium readings and séances can be potentially dangerous processes and can affect the reader in both physical and emotional ways.

That’s why it’s important to go with a professional and knowledgeable medium so that you can stop a potentially dangerous situation from ever happening.

Here are some of the most reliable and professional psychic sites for 2019, where you can find gifted psychics and mediums with a lot of knowledge and experience in the field:

Our top picks include:

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Why Should You Contact an Online Medium?

Here are some of the main reasons why people might want to use an online medium:

    • If you want to connect with a loved one who’s passed away.
    • When you’re trying to deal with a haunting.
    • When you have unanswered questions regarding a person’s death or the circumstances surrounding it.
    • If you need closure.
    • If you need help moving on.
    • When you’re having dreams and visions about someone who’s passed.

What Does a Typical Medium Reading SĂ©ance Look Like?

Free Medium Reading SĂ©anceAlthough it mainly depends on who your medium gets in contact with, as well as how the session is going, there are a few guidelines that you can follow when it comes to a session with a long lost friend or a loved one.

An important thing to note is that oftentimes the session may be led by the spirit you come in contact with, and therefore the medium might not even be open to questions.

Here are some of the most important steps you should follow during a séance with your online medium:

  • Try not to ask vague questions.
  • Avoid asking strictly yes/no questions.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Clear your mind of worries before you start your session.
  • Don’t give your online medium too much information about yourself. Provide them with the basic information and items he/she requires and let them do their work.
  • Answer your medium’s questions with yes, no or maybe; don’t elaborate too much.
  • Take notes. You’ll probably be too overwhelmed by the reading that you might not remember important details about it later on.
  • Be honest with your online medium. Giving them false information can only hurt you and your session.
  • If you have any objections to the reading or you don’t agree with what was said, express what you’re feeling early on in the session instead of waiting until the end.
  • Have realistic expectations of your medium and your session. 

What To Expect From Your First Medium Reading or SĂ©ance?

If you’re new to medium readings but are interested in giving it a try, you might probably be interested to know what kind of things you can expect to see or experience during your first sĂ©ance with your online medium.

Although each sĂ©ance is uniquely different and depends on you, your medium and the spirit you’re trying to get in contact with, there are a few things that are generally true for each sĂ©ance.
During your first session with the online medium you might notice the following few things:

    • Not all mediums use the same methods and techniques to reach out to the spirit world.
    • You might want to talk to one spirit but end up talking to a different one.
    • The medium won’t be able to control the message you receive.
    • Even professionally trained and gifted mediums can sometimes get things wrong. They might not receive the right message or might interpret it differently. We are all people, and people make mistakes.
    • You can’t always choose who you want your medium to get in contact with, and neither can the medium.

Are you ready for your first ever online medium reading?

September 2020

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