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LifeReader Psychics Review
Based on 2 user ratings
  • Owned by: Life Com Limited

LifeReader Psychics Review

Psychic Readings Available

  • Phone readings
  • Horoscope readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Introductory offer : 4 Free Minutes + 50% Off
  • Wide Variety Of Psychic Advisors
  • Screening Process for Psychics
  • Professional and clean website


Pros and Cons

  • Introductory Readings for 50% Off
  • Enough quality active readers to easily find one without being too overwhelmed.
  • Not too much variation in pricing between psychics.
  • Clear and clean images of psychic.
  • They do not allow psychics to use stock images.
  • Careful Selection Process
  • Detailed information about how they screen their psychics
  • Phone and chat facility
  • Clear and appealing website
  • Easy to connect with the psychics
  • Prices are on the expensive side
  • Can only search psychics in the search bar not skills

Who Are LifeReader Psychics?

LifeReader Psychics doesn’t really say a lot about itself on the website. Instead, they focus on ensuring that you know how they can help you. Allowing their psychics to shine and also ensuring that their website is as clean and easy to use as possible.  

In some cases when a psychic site doesn’t include too much information about themselves, it can seem elusive, but there’s a tone to LifeReader which is backed up by their actions that ensure us that this choice is deliberate and designed with integrity and your ease of use in mind.  

We focus in more detail on all of the ‘in’s and out’s’ of LifeReader Psychics and why we are giving them the thumbs up. All of this outlined below but if you can’t wait you can check them out by following the link and instructions below:

5 Steps To A Psychic Reading With LifeReader Psychics

  1. Visit LifeReader Psychics
  2. Register your details.
  3. Purchase your minutes
  4. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
  5. Connect with your psychic by clicking ‘Call’ or ‘Chat.’ 

What Makes LifeReader Psychics Stand Out?

The LifeReader website is a pleasure to experience; it really is.  

There’s something very calming about a well organized clean website that is extremely easy to navigate. But on a psychic site when the images are all coordinated, and you can see that they are of real people (not stock images) it puts you into the right frame of mind to feel as though LifeReader has ‘got us’, and can handle whatever emotion and problems we might be about to bring to their door!  

But that doesn’t mean that we are not going to sniff around to make sure that all of this goodness is not just great packaging to disguise a bad product.  

Here are some of the ways that LifeReader Psychics stand out:  

  • First Call up to 50% off and 4 Minutes Free
  • Clear pricing after you’ve registered your account.
  • They’ve made it very simple to get to a psychic quickly.  
  • The Psychics are highly rated and appear to be experienced.
  • A quick overview of the percentage of positive reviews makes it easy to choose a good psychic.
  • The way they screen their psychics and share that process with their customers is reassuring. 

What Types Of Readings Are Available From LifeReader Psychics?

LifeReader doesn’t go into great details about what types of skills their psychics possess, but they do outline some common and popular topics in their search function which makes it easy to access the psychics who specialize in those categories.  

These categories are:

The Types Of Readings You Can Expect Under The Mind-Body And Spirit Category

Here is a list of examples of some of the readings and disciplines psychics in this section were displaying.  It’s by no means all of the options available to you, but it is some of the most common.

Each psychic may also have specialist skills that will enhance your experience. During our research into LifeReader Psychics we found:  

  • Channelling
  • Lost Loved Ones
  • Dream Analysis
  • Finding Lost Items
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Crystal Ball Readers
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Energy Readings 

Is LifeReader Trustworthy?

It’s sometimes difficult to tell whether a site is trustworthy, you have to read between the lines and in most cases, it’s easier to read between the lines on a psychic site because good sites usually offer a satisfaction guarantee and also explain in more detail how they screen their psychics.  

So, let’s take a more in-depth look at how LifeReader Psychics protect you!

Guaranteed Verified Psychics

In the case of LifeReader, they very clearly explain how they screen their psychics, and they leave no stone unturned.  We were very impressed with LifeReader’s diligence when it came to screening the psychics.

Here’s what they do to ensure that the psychics they hire are legit:

  • LifeReader requests readers with a high level of professionalism and integrity and who enjoy helping others.
  • They must have prior psychic reading experience.
  • If their application passes the first stage which is to read the application, then the psychic has to perform a test reading with at least one assessor.
  • They request recent, real images of their psychics, no stock images allowed.
  • Background and criminal records are checked, and anybody with a record is will not read for LifeReader.

Some people might say that only one test reading is not enough, but when you know what to look for, and are a professional psychic assessor, you will know from one reading whether the psychic has got what it takes or not.  

Don’t forget that a psychic only gets one chance to read correctly and skillfully for you, so they need to get it right first time.  Giving a second reading during the test phase gives the psychic a second chance which is something that paying customers won’t provide.  Therefore one test reading only makes this a fair and robust screening process.

The Secret Satisfaction Guarantee (AKA Refund Policy).

When it comes to a satisfaction guarantee, LifeReader doesn’t offer one, but that still makes us a little impressed.  


Well, they do have a fair refund policy with terms that are the same as most refund policies that are advertised on competitor sites as satisfaction guarantees.  We appreciate that LifeReader didn’t decide to make their standard service seem as though they were doing a favor to their customers.

But there are some terms that you should be aware of if you decide to book a reading with LifeReader which are right here:


  • You must email within 72 hours after you received your reading.
  • Within this email, you must clearly state the consultation date, the name of the reader and the consultation fee.
  • Refunds will not be more than the monetary equivalent of 15 minutes.
  • If you had a discount, your refund will reflect the discounted price, not the full price.
  • There’s a limit to one unsatisfactory consultation per month.
  • Refunds are issued to your LifeReader account.
  • LifeReader Psychics reserves the right to practice their discretion when issuing refunds. So if they don’t deem your refund request to be valid after reviewing they probably won’t refund.

In addition, efforts have also been made by LifeReader Psychics to protect you and demonstrate that they are trustworthy through:

The Platform

The platform is an essential feature for any psychic site; you need to be able to easily navigate and find the important features you need, and you need it to be secure, and everything seems to be in order on LifeReader’s platform.   

We strongly believe that LifeReader is trustworthy.  We believe that they are doing their best to be transparent and fair while appealing to their customers and enticing them to give them a whirl.

What Other Features Does LifeReader Have That We Love?


The navigation on LifeReader’s website is slick.  Time and effort have been spent in making sure that you can easily navigate the site with little to zero frustration.  It’s one of the cleanest psychic sites we’ve encountered, and we appreciate the effort.

The Important Information

There’s no information about the site owners, but we don’t think that’s really necessary.  Everything you need is there for you to find quickly.

  • The ‘help’ section answers pretty much every question we could think of.
  • The terms and conditions don’t leave anything to the imagination and layout fair terms.
  • It’s easy to contact LifeReader if you need to and easy to find the contact page.

These are all critical factors that you may not always check until you’ve got a problem, but they are all there.  We doubt very much that LifeReader is hiding anything and if you do have a problem, we expect that it will be resolved fairly and efficiently.  

Now let’s get onto the fun stuff!

The information you need to enjoy using the LifeReader Psychics Website

Again we can’t find any information that should be there but is missing.  But we did find some features that we love:

  • You can track your reading history in your LifeReader Psychics account.
  • There is a facility to mark your favorite psychics so that you can easily book them again.
  • The account section of the LifeReader website is as clean and efficient as the rest of the website, but there is everything there that you need.
  • The psychics’ vital statistics are clearly displayed you can see how many readings when they started, how many reviews they’ve received and what percentage of reviews is positive.  LifeReader is not out to waste your time that’s for sure.
  • You can even see what zodiac sign your readers are which will influence the reading style.
  • LifeReader clearly explains how to connect with a psychic, so you are not left wondering.
  • You don’t have to add your card details when registering; you can leave that until you are ready to purchase. 

What We Think LifeReader Could Improve On

There are just three things that we have noticed that could be improved by LifeReader, but they are small and may not be necessary for everybody.

The Real Prices You Pay Are Not Displayed Until You Register And Login

The prices shown before you register on LifeReader’s website are the introductory rates.  However, when you log in, they show the full prices. But of course, if you purchase the introductory deal package, you’ll still get the prices shown when you first reviewed the site for the first reading.

The Prices

The prices on LifeReader appear to be capped, they are not extortionate, but you can’t get a reading other than the introductory deal for less than £4.50 per minute, and we only found one reader at that price.  The prices tend to be around £5.50 – £6.50. While they are not too bad, you can get better deals elsewhere.

Having said this, we don’t know if LifeReader sends out promotions occasionally as many sites do.  

The Search Function

You can search for psychics using the search function, which is great if you know the name of the psychic you are looking for.  But you can’t search for specific reading styles such as tarot, or reiki.  This is a feature that can be missing on some sites but is very useful for people who are looking for a specific type of reading without having to scroll through and click on every psychic’s profile until you find what you are looking for.

Our Conclusion?

It’s a thumbs up from us.  We dug around and couldn’t find much to critique at all about LifeReader Psychics; they really have worked hard to provide an excellent service for you.  You can trust that you are in safe hands with LifeReader and that their psychics are not only legit, but they are going to be professional too.

Many of the psychics look very experienced and extremely talented, and when you view their profiles, you will see that there are a lot of psychics who continually invest in their spiritual and psychic development which is a good sign that they are passionate about what they do.  

The main issue we have is the pricing, which is a little on the expensive side, but we can see that LifeReader also doesn’t allow psychics to charge crazy prices as we have seen elsewhere.  

So if you are looking for less expensive options, here are a few of our other recommended sites, and if you are ready to check out LifeReader for yourself just click here to get the discount.  

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

September 2020

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Have you tried LifeReader Psychics?  If you did what were your thoughts, did you have a preferred psychic?

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