Is Your Aura Too Prickly?  Find Out How To Soften It Here

Is Your Aura Too Prickly?  Find Out How To Soften It Here

If you are finding that people are just randomly abrupt or mean to you, arguments are occurring at the drop of a hat and that it doesn’t seem as though anybody can take anything you say without being offended.  Or people never seem to get too close to you; you might be giving off some prickly vibes without even realising it.

Perhaps you are tired, overworked, have been sick or have some anger inside that needs to be resolved, and it’s making your energy spike.  

Some people may have had a tough experience as a child, which has influenced their energy causing their aura to be a little bit too edgy for others to feel comfortable around all of the time too.

People can read this spike in energy through your aura and since your aura is the first thing that people feel when they are in another person’s presence it sets the tone for the communication you are about to receive, which means people around you become spikey too and ready for a fight!  (metaphorically speaking).

So if you have a prickly aura, you are naturally going to cause others around you feel a bit irritable and even a bit prickly too which means that conversations and connections can go awry before you’ve even started talking to someone.  

It’s no wonder that you keep having a lousy time communicating with people if you are experiencing this situation.  

But don’t worry, it’s quite easy to soften your aura and show you how right here.

Here are some top tips on how to soften your aura, so that you can have a calm and peaceful experience with others for a change.  

1.Drink chamomile tea.

It’s delicious, incredibly soothing and works instantly.  Add some honey for taste if you are not vegan and enjoy the sensation.


Meditation is said to be extraordinarily restful and healing, as well as being an excellent way to get inspiration and insight.  Plus it’s a time-saving way to rejuvenate yourself since the

benefits of meditation is at least the equivalent of twice as much sleep.

3.Visualise Smoothing out your aura.

Spend some time visualising your aura and smoothing out the spikey parts will help you soften your aura for sure. However, it might make you feel a little bit frustrated or angry as you do so.  Just allow yourself to experience that emotion until it has passed and you’ll have got it out of your system. If there is a lot of anger, it can take repeated attempts, but at the very least it will give you a temporary respite.

4.Get some healing.

Any alternative healing will help you soften your aura.  They will all approach the problem in different ways, but all will focus on shifting and clearing energy which is what you need if you are feeling a bit prickly!  You can even get access to healers online without having to leave your sofa!  

5.Speak to a psychic who specialises in healing and ask them to guide you on how to soften your aura.

Psychics can read auras and get guidance on what might be causing the problem with your aura; they can also guide you on the best way to go about curing the problem too, in fact, some are remote healers too.  They are well worth considering and are often money saving if you feel like you could swap places with a cactus right now.

Sites like Life Reader, Keen and Psychic Source are great for finding high quality psychics.

6.Get some rest (if you know it’s a temporary situation).

If your hackles are up because you are frazzled, it’s time to get some rest and respite. Take a weekend to hole up at home with some good healthy food and lots of sleep.  You’ll be right as rain in no time at all.

Have you ever experienced a prickly aura?  Let us know what happened and how you resolved it in the comments below.  We enjoy learning more about you.


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