Got Money Problems?  This Simple Budgeting Strategy Is Turning People’s Finances On Their Head.

Got Money Problems?  This Simple Budgeting Strategy Is Turning People’s Finances On Their Head.

Money and money related issues are one of the most common reasons why people might call a psychic.  And it’s a strategy that makes perfect sense.

After all a psychic can see what is in your energy now and what is possible in the future as well as being able to see what might be blocking your ability to either gain money or to make money work for you.  

So the technique we discuss here is not going to take away from the benefits of contacting a psychic for money or career advice, but it is going to help you to find a way to be in control of your finances and to see what you might need to do to move forward.  

Revolutionary Strategy

In some cases, it can highlight some harsh truths that some people might not like to hear, but that they need to hear so that they can get on top of their finances and their life.  

  • I can attest that this simple strategy is one that has made me wonder why I had never been taught this stuff in school and also why it took me so long to realise.  It has revolutionised the way that I now manage my money, here’s how”.
  • Assists me in some of my financial decision making.
  • Makes me feel more secure.
    Alleviates the guilt I can sometimes have for purchasing something
  • Seems to make my money go further without me having to go without the things that I want*
  • Future proofs my finances 

*Disclaimer: This is dependant on how you make decisions about what you want though!  You need to be sensible and prioritise what you need over what you want.

So, what’s the secret?

The 80/20/30 Rule

Well, it’s the 80/30/20 rule, I don’t know who originally penned this idea though so cannot assign credit where its’ due but it goes like this.

When Reality Kicks In

Now when you start to look at your finances, you might see that your income needs to be higher than it is right now to achieve these goals and it might seem impossible. But you need to realise that you have moved forward in managing your money.  You now understand what the problem is; you need to raise your income (or reduce your basic living needs) to make your finances balance out.

So instead of being generic and saying ‘I am just always broke’ which by the way is an affirmation you really don’t want to be saying because you’ll create that outcome!  Or ‘why can’t I ever make ends meet?’.  You can now say; right, I know I need to earn more income to live the lifestyle I need, how am I going to do that’.   

The last statement is much more powerful and proactive and will bring new opportunities to your door.  It will bring opportunities both in reality and in the personal development work you might need to do about your self-belief and ability to increase your income.

Which means that the next time you contact a psychic or tarot reader you can ask better and more specific questions such as; ‘I like to live where I am living but to do so sustainably I need to increase my income, can you give me some guidance on how I can go about doing that?’  Which will bring about much more focused insight and help you to move forward in the area you specifically need help with.

A psychic tarot reader is always a good option to choose when you are seeking out such advice because they can use the cards to give you a much deeper and detailed reading.  

Will you be trying the 50/30/20 rule to uphaul your financial game?  Let us know in the comments.


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