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Top 3 FREE Chat Rooms for Online Psychics in 2019:

October 2021

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So, what if you really want an in-depth reading, but you’re not comfortable discussing intimate details about your life and future in a room full of people – even if it is virtual?  Well, there are quasi-free psychic reading chat rooms, but in reality, if you want a full and in-depth psychic reading, you will wind up paying something. That is because professional online psychics spend a lot of time and energy giving you a full reading. It’s much more than just answering a quick question or your horoscope for the day. A true psychic will spend time with you to absorb your energy, and then, whether using the Tarot, I Ching, intuition, or spirit guides, they will take the time to really delve into your spiritual surroundings and trajectory.


Kasamba – FREE 3 Mins with Any Advisor

Psychic repsychic reading kasambaading chat rooms at Kasamba are a great bet because their psychics are thoroughly vetted. The online psychics at Kasamba only work at this site, and they are chosen meticulously. Instead of having hundreds of psychics to choose from where just looking at the website can make you dizzy, Kasamba’s online psychics are chosen specifically for their area of expertise.

The website has great filters and areas of interest and it does a great job of narrowing down the choices for you so that you can easily find your perfect match. What’s even better, is that the first three minutes are free and not just for new customers. You can try out as many psychics as you want for free for the first 3 minutes, and then decide if you want to book a full session or not.

This is great because even if their online psychics are all fantastic, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are all a perfect match for you. And new customers will receive 15% off of their first scheduled reading. So, check out Kasamba, find your perfect psychic, and let us know how your psychic chat goes! We really want to know!

Keen – 3 Mins FREE on Your First Call

psychic reading keenAnother great site that I would like to recommend is Keen. Keen also has a lot of options for online psychic reading chats. Online psychic readings are offered in the form of instant messaging chat, as well as some other methods. This is a preferred method for people who feel a little bit uncomfortable being face to face with a psychic in a video chat.

At Keen, you can get your first 10 minutes for only $1.99. Ten minutes is a good amount of time to get some answers to your questions, and if you decide you really like your online psychic you can always schedule a full reading. All you need is a good internet connection and your phone, computer or tablet.

Another great thing about instant messaging chats is that nobody else can hear your conversation. When we get our readings over the phone or over video, people can hear what we are saying and sometimes even what our psychic is saying as well. If you prefer a little bit more anonymity, and a little bit more distance, psychic reading by SMS chat is a great option for you!

Psychic Source – From Less than $1 per Minute!

psychic reading

Psychic Source – this is the grand old dame of psychic sites, offering readings for over 30 years. Like Beacon Truth, Psychic Source stresses the compassionate and caring nature of their readers, and their Kindness Initiative gives portions of their proceeds to communities in need. They offer in-depth profiles of their online psychics. They have had a problem with mixed reviews from clients, but no worries – your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Special offers – Psychic Source has a great offer for new customers, with the first three minutes free and $1 per minute up to 30 minutes.

Readings are by phone, chat or video chat.

Oranum – $9.99 in FREE Credits when You Join Now!

psychic readingThere are several websites like Oranum, which allow you to chat with your psychic for as long as you like. You must become a member first, but you don’t pay anything until you schedule an actual reading. So, what’s the difference?  Basically, you can ask your psychic lots of questions and they will certainly tell you all about how they work, how your reading would progress, what kinds of questions they can answer, and which methods they can use. Their hope is that you will enjoy your conversation with them and gain trust in your relationship. At this point, you will comfortable enough to schedule a full reading. This reading would, of course, incur a fee.

Pros of free psychic reading chat rooms

  • Learn all about psychic readings
  • Try out your first psychic reading for free

Cons of a free psychic reading chat room

  • Not much privacy in a public chat
  • If you want an in-depth private reading, you might be better off paying for it

What are psychic readings, and how can I ensure a good one?

Ah – ask this of ten psychics, and you’ll get at least 10 different answers. Ask the internet, and you may find yourself wading through some really esoteric terms.

The Cambridge English Dictionary describes a psychic reading as one in which things are known, in a way that can’t be explained by modern science.

Think of it this way – there are times in your life when you need information. A psychic has ways of knowing things beyond ordinary perceptions. He or she will use that gift to find and give you the information you need.

A good psychic will be clear and specific with their answers. A bad psychic will use trickery and deception to give you answers. A fake psychic uses two primary techniques:

Cold reading: A cold reader will pick up on your tone of voice, facial expressions, sex and ethnicity to provide answers. They won’t possess genuine psychic powers.

Hot Reading: A hot reader is even sneakier. The psychic website will ask you to fill in questions about yourself before the reading, either through an online form or email, and then pass the answers onto the reader.

What will an online psychic tell me in a reading?psychic reading

Online psychics are individuals, and each works in a way that’s unique. Most online psychics start by listening as you tell them what questions you have, and what answers you hope to find. As they listen, most of them are receiving information psychically about you, your situation, your path in life, where you are and where you should turn now, for your greatest good and happiness.

Some online psychics may only ask you for your name, or your birthday, and then begin to tell you what their psychic insight shows them, and what they believe you need to know. Either way, your psychic is a professional. The best approach is to let them take the lead, ask you questions if that’s how they work, or simply begin to speak with you about you and your life before you’ve told them anything. If you begin to sense their approach isn’t working for you, and isn’t what you’re looking for, respectfully say you need to end the consultation, end it, and connect with a different psychic that you believe is more your style.

A true psychic will never suggest you need to give them money or else your future will be dark. If you encounter such a psychic, you should end the reading immediately.

All psychics differ in how they speak to you. Some are more spiritual. Some are direct and to-the-point – “Yes, this woman truly loves you, and you’d be happy if you marry.” Others give you a reading with more texture – “I sense this woman is honest and faithful and loves you dearly. I get a sense that you are each others’ soul mates, and you’ve been lovers and partners in other lifetimes. The Universe and my guides tell me you should marry in this lifetime, too.” Some can help you to tap into the lives and emotions of others. Actors will even sometimes consult a psychic to help them prepare for a role.

You may want the direct, no-nonsense approach, or the approach that gives you information that is broader and deeper. Most sites have descriptions of how the psychic approaches the reading. Read over them until the description of their services – or your own intuition – lead you to a particular psychic reader.

How can I get an authentic, accurate psychic chat?

The best way to find a reader who is authentic, insightful and a good match for you is with a recommendation from someone you know and trust. Most psychics will tell you that over half their business comes to them by word of mouth, one friend to another.

The five sites covered in this article are reputable sites that screen their readers carefully. If you are going to find a psychic by reading their description on the website, know what you want before you start looking. Take a breath, close your eyes and ask yourself: what three things do I want in a reader? Maybe you want experience, kindness, and insight; or you may want a reader who is blunt, cheerful and direct. Get a feel for the kind of psychic and the kind of reading you want. Then read their descriptions, and let your intuition guide you. If you feel called to a particular reader, start there.

It can also be helpful to read reviews that customers have left for particular readers. In choosing your reader, don’t assume a reader who charges $50 a minute is better than one who charges $5.00 a minute. Many readers feel a calling to help others, and price their services accordpsychic readingingly.

How can I tell if a reader is authentic, legitimate and insightful?

Ideally, you are hiring a professional who wants to give you what you need. Give the psychic a chance to do that. Most psychics will ask why you called, and what you need to know, and they are very good listeners – as you speak, connections and messages may be coming to them, to give to you. Some psychics, online or otherwise, may take charge of the reading from the first, telling you what they think you need to know, apart from your own questions.

Often, a true psychic reader will surprise you with what they see or know. You should have a feeling of yes, I needed to know that, I’m so glad I called this psychic to help me understand and find answers.

YOU are the authority on whether an online psychic works for you or not. Generally, look for a good listener, but someone who stops you from talking too much – after all, you are paying by the minute! Go to websites with good reputations – the five sites listed at the end of this article are all solid sites that choose their readers very carefully. Then use your intuition to choose a reader, and continue to rely on your intuition during the reading to decide whether he or she is the right reader for you.

How do I connect with a live psychic – by telephone, email or text?

Sites offer different ways of talking to a psychic. Some sites put you in touch by telephone. Some give you the choice of texting – which may sound clumsy, but if you’re up at 3 a.m. and need answers, but don’t want anyone overhearing your conversation, texting may be best for you.

You may want to communicate by Skype or other face-to-face approach. That kind of communication has a number of advantages, letting you have a more intimate experience with the reader. If the reader uses tarot cards, angel cards or other divinatory tool, you can see and understand more about the process if you’re doing live, face-to-face communication. The recommendations that follow in this article give you information about the options each site offers.

However you communicate, it’s important to quickly get a sense that your reader cares about you and your situation. If you don’t feel the reader is everything you want and need, or even if you just don’t feel some kind of connection, respectfully say you have decided you need to try something else, get off the line, and try another psychic. It doesn’t necessarily mean the psychic you had was not a good one – it could just be that he or she wasn’t the right psychic for you right now.

Email readings are a bit of a cop-out. They don’t provide you with instant answers, and often the answers will be generic and part of a template that every customer gets.

Are medium readings and clairvoyant readings the same?

Some psychics define “medium” readings as being readings that communicate with those not alive here on earth – those who have died, or those who inhabit another dimension. Others feel a “medium” is someone who is an intermediary between you, and the information that the Universe or the spirit world have for you – in that way, most psychics would be described as “mediums”.

According to psychic reader website, a reader who is clairvoyant is one who “sees” situations and answers. The reader may see colored auras that surround a person and give information about their mood or well-being, or they may get information through visions or dreams.

In general, a medium will give a reading by communicating with another spirit and telling you what that spirit has to convey about your situation. A clairvoyant reader will visualize the situation and “see” what you cannot.

Affordable private psychic chat room readings

So, if private psychic reading chat rooms aren’t totally free, how can you find one that’s cheap? There are some excellent online websites with professional psychics that will offer new customer specials that are very affordable. You can utilize the chat, but rather than having other people in the room it will just be you and your psychic. And you will get the undivided attention of your psychic so you can delve into your deepest, personal questions in a private setting.

We have a couple of trusted partners that we have a history of working with and we recommend their services for a reason. It’s true, there are a lot of scams out there, so working with a reputable website is very important. These websites screen their online psychics before hiring them to work on their site. Every psychic lists their areas of expertise as well as their experience. You can see your psychic’s photo and sometimes you can watch them on a live stream. On all of these sites, you can choose your preferred method for your reading. Whether you would like to do a video chat, a written, or an old-fashioned phone call, it is easy to make your choice online on the psychic’s profile page. The online psychics all have customer reviews and ratings, so it’s a great opportunity to see if the reviews reflect what you are looking for.

Public psychic chat rooms

Some people who come to psychic chat rooms are simply looking to learn more and share experiences. Others are looking for free in-depth readings. A chat room can be a great place to find a professional psychic to work with. You may have the opportunity to work with a psychic student, who is likely to be under the guidance of a mentor, but their readings may or may not be as accurate or professional as you wish. Most of these chat rooms are moderated by professional psychics, so you can try to find out if they will offer free readings – many of them do!

But keep in mind, that most free chat room readings are done in a public forum, they will be in front of other people. You will be missing a sense of privacy, especially if you want to discuss very private matters. Although many sites do protect your anonymity, some do have restrictions on the topics you are allowed to address in their public forum.

Private psychic chat rooms

So, if what you are really looking for is an in-depth psychic reading, your best bet is to check out a private online psychic chat room. There are lots of professional sites who offer introductory deals, like the first three minutes for free, or a special low rate such as the first 10 minutes for $1.99. So, if what you want is a truly private psychic chat, then you need to look at a professional service, which will require at least some payment.

Why do professional psychics give free readings?

A lot of professional psychics will offer a special deal in order to introduce themselves. They may take the time to chat with you for free, allowing you to ask questions so you can get to know them and their abilities. However, in order to actually receive an in-depth psychic reading, you typically will have to pay something. Their thinking is that if they offer you the time for free, you will realize quickly that their abilities are real that their psychic readings are well worth the cost.

Here are a few free and public psychic reading chat rooms to check out, and also a few private psychic reading chat rooms with really great deals. Read on and then decide what works best for you!

Our Favorite Live Psychic chat & App Providers

Bitwine Psychics

Bitwine Psychics

Bitwine Psychics provides some of the best online psychics. They stress that their psychics are ethical and accurate, and both claim to and appear to have assembled the most gifted psychics across a number of areas of interest and offshoots. You will discover online psychics, get to know them in an informal chat, and subsequently enjoy your psychic reading from the comfort of your home. It is a safe environment to discuss anything from paranormal experiences to psychic abilities and personal questions.

You will be able to talk about and learn about Reiki, Tarot Cards Reading, Spiritual Coaching, Astrology, Love Guidance, Meditation, New Age, Parapsychology, Psychic Medium & Healing, Spiritualism, The Occult and more. As is standard, you’ll need to accept and stick to the rules and guidelines.

At Bitwine you can get a really great psychic reading. Bitwine Online Psychics is part of the network which includes Purple Ocean and Purple Garden who all hire psychics with a proven track record. You can head over to either of these partner sites, Purple Garden or Purple Ocean to find out about their screening processes, for your peace of mind.

We hope you enjoy Bitwine as much as we do!

Purple Garden

Purple Garden Free Psychic Reading

Purple Garden Psychics is a group affiliated with both Bitwine and Purple Ocean, as mentioned above. It takes the form a downloadable free psychic reading app so you can access live psychic readings via video and chat whenever you like. Simply browse their list of online psychics, choose the advisor that is right for you, and then begin your chat. It’s easy to browse psychics, see their reviews, add funds and interact with a psychic right from your phone 24/7.  This is a mobile application that makes it easy to access a psychic right when you need to. If you prefer a desktop experience, simply head over to their sister site Bitwine.

We love their unique feature called ‘Journeys’. The feature allows you to share an experience that you had where a Purple Garden Psychic helped you so that you can help others with the same issue. You can also view people’s ‘Journeys’ so that you, too, can learn from their experiences. They cover subjects such as breakups, infidelity, soulmates, stress, career, and decision making.

The main types of reading include tarot, psychic reading, relationship coaching, horoscopes and astrology, oracle guidance, angel insights, and dream analysis. There is so much to be had from this mobile app, that we’re sure you’ll love it!

Purple Ocean

Purple Ocean Free Psychic reading

Purple Ocean Psychics is also affiliated with the two provides we have recommended above. Again it is a mobile application, so if you would like a desktop experience, please head to the Bitiwne Online Psychic Network. Their specialty is in producing video psychic readings and they have a unique service whereby for a nominated amount you can send in a video question and receive a video psychic reading in return; all within 24 hours. Additionally, you have the option to access live, online psychics or send text message questions if you are camera shy. Fast-track your reading if you feel you need answers quickly is also an option.

Purple Ocean has a clean and easy-to-use-interface and boasts much the same offering in terms of types of reading as its sister Purple Garden. The payment facility is simple and intuitive, and we think their pricing is pretty fair too! What’s more, the service is well thought out, their psychics are all thoroughly vetted, and you are provided with all the information you need on each individual profile. Finally, they offer deals; if you purchase more credits in one transaction, you can save up to 14%.

Go ahead, download the free psychic reading app and try the Purple Ocean Psychics today!

Do you know what kind of psychic reading you want?

Go ahead and explore some of these truly free psychic reading chat rooms to get a sense of what different readings are like. Especially if you’re just starting out, it can be a little bit overwhelming when you go to some of the professional online psychic sites only to discover 10,000 options! Professional psychics have a multitude of specialties and abilities, and you really need to know what they are before you can decide what will be best for you.

Types of psychic readings

There are so many different kinds of psychic readings. First, let’s take a look at that long list of psychic abilities that you’ll find on every psychic’s professional profile. Some of them will say clairvoyant or clairaudient. What does that mean, and what kind of a reading will you wind up with?

The Clairs

Psychic abilities that involve heightened senses of perception are often referred to as ‘The Clairs.’ A clairvoyant, for example, has ‘clear seeing.’ Psychics or clairvoyants can see things that most other people cannot see. They receive their psychic intuitive information visually. That can happen through visions or a kind of ‘second sight.’ Perhaps they will be able to see certain energies surrounding you or get flashes and images of things that are to come in your life. Others receive their information audially, or via touch. The Clairs are like an extension of the typical five senses.

Psychic Mediums

Other psychics will state that they are mediums. So, what is a medium actually? Now, don’t forget that a psychic medium can also be clairvoyant, but what differentiates them is that they are able to speak with people who have passed on to the other side. This can also include the departed spirits of pets. Psychic mediums have a way of walking between the worlds of the living and the spirits on the other side, and they have a gift of communicating with them. They can interpret what the spirits are saying or wanting and then channel those messages back to you. A clairvoyant does not necessarily have this gift!


Divination is another form of psychic reading. It involves using tools such as the Tarot, I-Ching, or runes, to give you information about energies that are influencing you in your life from the past, in the present, and in the future. With Tarot cards, for example, rather than predicting the future, they are symbolic of certain energies that are impacting you in your life. They are guides offering you insight into what forces might be affecting you. They encourage self-reflection and self-awareness. What you do with that information is up to you.

Numerology is another popular method of divination that is similar to astrology in some ways. Based on the assumption that the building blocks of the universe are numbers, numerology can tell you about the energies that you came into this world with, the energies behind the name that you were given at birth, what your soul’s purpose is, and how to stay on your life path. By using the Pythagorean alphabet, these numbers can shed a lot of information on your past present and future life.

Spirit guides

A lot of psychics also have the ability to communicate with spirit or angel guides. They are able to make a connection with the angels and spirits around all of us. All of life is energy, and whether this energy is present in a physical body on this Earth, or on the other side in a more unexplainable composition, we are all interconnected and communication is always possible. Evolved spirits and souls are around us all of the time. They are guiding us and offering us support and advice. Certain psychics have sensitized their connection to these spirits and are able to channel the messages they have for us. They can also connect to the angels and spirits around you in order to communicate to you what messages or words of advice they would like to share with you.

Our Favourite Psychic Reader at Kasamba

Master EnigmaMaster Enigma

Master Enigma is a fast and accurate, caring and experienced online psychic advisor for Kasamba. He has been guiding people all around the world for over 30 years and has racked up a 5-star rating with over 47,727 reviews.

He will quickly and directly help you unlock your true, inner self, find keys to help you unlock other secrets, and achieve clarity of mind. Master Enigma wishes to help you bring true balance to your inners self, on every level.

He can help you on a plethora of subjects including relationships, dreaming, finance, life paths, spiritual connections to name but a few. He can offer guides to Astral Projection, Astrology, Energy Manipulation, Lucid Dreaming, The Occult, Remote Viewing, Shamanism and more. A true talent with a wealth of our experience, hence our pick!

To book a session with Master Enigma click here.

Our Favourite Keen Psychic Reader

Jennifer MoranJennifer Moran Keen

Jennifer has worked as a professional online psychic on Keen since 2004.

She has a 4.8 rating out of 79,454 reviews. She has a lot of experience as a psychic and a medium and has worked with over 292,511 clients on Keen, over the past eighteen years.

Jennifer was born legally blind and has had a Psychic gift her whole life. The Gift runs strong on both sides of her family. She says you will find an old soul with great wisdom. She boasts 24 years of experience overall and can help you with matters concerning love, money, and career. Additionally, she can read the tarot, look at past lives, interpret dreams, help you find lost objects, and give pet readings.

To book a session with Jennifer click here.

Our Favourite Psychic Source Reader

tarot reading ArthurPsychic Arthur

Arthur is not just one of our favorite online psychic picks, but last year he was the staff pick for the site for a while! Arthur is a warm soul and his energy beams from his profile. Next was the fact that he acknowledged that it was ok to feel embarrassed about some topics sometimes, but he reassured his customers that there was no need to be this way because he has seen it all.

When you talk to somebody, don’t you want to know that they’ve got you?  Well, that’s Arthur, he understands what you need right from the outset. He works hard and fast to put you in place of comfort so that you can enjoy the best out of your reading; that is the skill of an expert reader. So, it’s no surprise to me that Arthur is a five-star rated love and career Psychic and has outshone many who come before him. He’s one guy that you need on your dating team.

He’s caring, spiritually centered with a ridiculous number of different psychic skills, and is a talented empath too.  Arthur has experience working worldwide with celebrities and those not so famous. There’s something about Arthur that we know you will love as much as we do.  

To book a reading with Arthur click here.

Learn from a free psychic chat room

You can see how many possibilities are out there, and why it is important to know what you want before you go looking for your perfect, free psychic reading. Once you have discovered which area is of greatest interest to you, go ahead and learn more about it by joining a free psychic chat room forum. You can ask a lot of questions and learn by observing others receiving and/or giving readings. When you think you’re ready and you know what question you want to ask, you can apply to have your free reading done.

However, some of you might already know all of this, and you really are just ready to have some burning questions answered. Maybe your questions are quite personal and deep, and you require more focus and time? Or maybe you don’t like being in a public forum discussing such intimate issues. And keep in mind that in some public chat rooms they don’t even allow you to discuss health issues, for example, because they are deemed inappropriate for a public forum. In this case, what you need is a private psychic reading chat room. A full session where you can get deep into your issue and really spend the time coming up with the solutions you seek.

Are you ready to find your absolutely FREE psychic reading for the first time?

October 2021

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  • Tarot & Angel Readers
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