Fertility Readings for 2019 – Will You Get Pregnant this Year?

If fertility is on your mind, then you may have already realised that it’s possible to have a fertility reading to help you learn what’s in store for you at a particularly challenging and uncertain time.  

But how do you know whether a fertility reading can help you?  And more importantly, how can you be sure if you are getting a good reading that you can rely on?  Well, we are setting out to help you understand everything you need to know about fertility readings right here.  Including the best ways to use fertility readings to your advantage and what to avoid.


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Is It Possible To Get A Reliable Fertility Reading?

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November 2021

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Most People who want a fertility reading are doing so in the hope that they might receive some form of confirmation that their fertility efforts will result in conception.  

And it’s probably safe to assume that you might hope that the answer is going to be yes.  Even better, you might even feel delighted if you could find out when you will conceive.

It’s also very likely that there is a lot of complicated emotion involved in how you might feel about the situation if you are trying to conceive.  This can include a great desire, and extreme fear.  

Watch Out For Fakes

But the problem is that some people will play to this intense desire and fear by offering services such as fertility readings that can prove to be unethical because they don’t provide you with an uplifting or even fair experience.  They do the readings because they know people will pay for them.

Which leads to the question ‘how can you tell the difference between a good fertility reading and a lousy fertility reading?’

Well, most psychics who specifically advertise a fertility reading and who offer ‘accurate predictions’ are not likely to be very genuine at all.  This is because it’s not ethical or even possible to accurately predict the future.

The Future’s Not Set in Stone

The future can change in a heartbeat, all it takes is for a decision to be made, or a mishap to occur, even for somebody to be late for something which sets off a whole chain of events that lead to a different outcome in the future.  A psychic, if they can see into the future, will observe something at a particular moment in time, which is always subject to change.

Limited Visions

You see, psychics don’t see the whole sequence of events that might lead you to the future they have seen for you, and so they can’t wholly say that you will definitely do or have anything at any moment in time.  All they can do is either explain the visions (or senses) that they have for you or let you know a possible outcome.

But there can be problems with this for example, a psychic might have a vision of you with a man and a child, which can be very reassuring.  But they may not see the face of the man (and it may not be your Husband or partner) or the child might not be yours. It might be a niece or nephew, and they might not have seen that aspect of the vision.  

Definitive Answers Don’t Exist

So if you are looking for a fertility reading that will give you dates, times and definitive answers, then you won’t get an accurate or reliable reading.

However, there are some ways that you can use fertility readings to help you on your fertility journey, and in the next section, we explain how.  

What A Good Fertility Reading Should Do

  • Focus on Helping You to Find Peace and Clarity 

When you experience an excellent fertility reading, it will feel professional and focused on helping you to find a sense of peace and clarity.  It will also provide you with actionable steps to help you handle any situation you find yourself in regardless of what stage in the fertility process you are at.  

  • Help You to Understanding What is Happening to You Physically or Psychologically 

A good fertility reading will look at what energy surrounds you, and help you to understand what is causing the situation you are experiencing. They will also help you to understand how you can deal with the situation in a way that provides a sense of reassurance and realistic hope or acceptance.

  • A Fertility Reading Should Support You In Creating the Perfect Environment For Conception 

Sometimes we have difficulty in conceiving because we are not in the right environment, state of health or circumstance to support conception.  A fertility reading can help you to understand if any such issues are present in your situation and offer you insight and guidance into how you can make the necessary change to achieve your goals.  

  • Prepare You For All Possible Outcomes 

A good fertility reading should also encourage you to ensure that your wellbeing is taken care of now and in the future (whether you conceive or not).  Which means that it should help you acknowledge and prepare for all possible outcomes.  Doing so ensures that you make the most of good news and can handle any challenges that might occur in a way that doesn’t compromise your sense of self.

  • A Good Fertility Reading Should Pass on Encouraging Information in a Responsible Manner 

If a psychic can see children clearly in a vision during a psychic reading, they should take care over the way that they present this information to you.  

Just because they see children doesn’t mean that they are viewing your future children and saying so might give false hope.  

However, if your psychic reader explains that they can see a possible outcome where you are happy and around children. And the psychic also explains that they can’t tell if they are your children or not then that message will give you positive hope for good times ahead.  It will also give you hope for an end to a difficult situation.  But the psychic is not making false promises or statements that might cause you to have false hope because of the way they delivered the message.

  • A Good Fertility Reading Should Help You To Implement Solid Strategies and Safety Precaution 

A good fertility reading should help you find ways that you can feel more in control of yourself and your situation.  

For example, a psychic might not see an outcome for you, but they might see that you are worrying excessively.  So they might suggest that you freeze your eggs so that you can buy yourself more time.   Or they might offer other practical solutions to help.  All of which should be taken seriously by the person having the reading.

  • Assist and Support People Who Cannot Conceive 

Of course, there are times when people just can’t conceive, and that brings on a whole new level of challenges to your life, wellbeing and psyche.  A fertility reading can help to provide support, hope and inspiration for the future to those who are experiencing infertility whether you are male or female.  

What You Shouldn’t Expect To Hear In A Fertility Reading

Alarm bells should start ringing if your psychic reader advises you of the times, dates and amount of children that you might have.  Specific information such as dates and times should be taken with a pinch of salt.  

At most they should be used as information to reflect upon after the fact. Otherwise, the information could be misleading.  

Definitive Facts

As we’ve already mentioned, the future can change, and nothing is certain until it has occurred.  Unfortunately, our daily decisions, experiences and influences, as well as those of others, can influence our reality.  And unfortunately there’s no way to guarantee that the future shown is the future you will experience.  It’s just one possible outcome.

Sometimes it’s not the fact that you can’t conceive that is causing infertility or problems conceiving.  The problem could be that you are not healthy enough.  Or you might not be with the right partner.   Your lifestyle and decisions (the conscious or unconscious choices) may not support conception.  In a way, these situations can sometimes be the hardest to deal with because they involves making some significant changes in your life.

Excuses Not To Face Facts

If you know that something isn’t right in your life, but yet you still hope to conceive without making changes, then it’s time for a reality check.  A good psychic won’t tell you what you want to hear. Instead, they’ll advise you on what things you should consider and work through so that you can bring about conception.  

Sometimes, your fertility goals might not align with the set up you have in your life which can be quite a challenge to deal with.  Especially if you have hormones screaming at you to get pregnant!  It’s not easy to maintain a balanced perspective in this situation. A good psychic will help you see that you are influenced heavily by hormones and will help you find the right strategy that will help you for your highest good.  

Reassurance That You Will Conceive When The Psychic Doesn’t Really Know That

That you’ll receive reassurance in the way that you want to experience it.  However, such reassurance may not be in your best interest.

The saying ‘don’t shoot the messenger’ applies here.  Sometimes, when we so desperately want something so life changing and vital as to conceive it can be tough.  Everything in our psyche is desiring conception which can cause us to feel out of control.  Out of control emotions and desires can and turn to denial, anger, and even irrational behaviour when we realise that we might not get what we crave.  

A good fertility reading will help you find actionable steps and hope to move forward. They won’t tell you something that is not true though. 

Typical Fertility Reading Questions

  • How can I improve my chances of conceiving?
  • If I can’t have children how can I make my life worthwhile?  
  • How can I deal with the fact that I can’t conceive?
  • I can’t conceive, what next?
  • How do I deal with the fact that my partner can’t conceive?
  • How can I stay healthy and balanced while I’m dealing with fertility issues?
  • What do I need to know about my fertility and options for conceiving a child?
  • How will my relationship be affected if I can’t conceive?
  • When am I likely to be most fertile?
  • Will I be happy if I adopt children?
  • I’m single, I want a family, but my body clock is ticking what do I do? 

Who Is A Fertility Reading For?

A fertility reading is great for anybody who is trying to conceive a child or has learned that they are infertile.  It can address the depth and breadth of problems and complex emotions. They can also leave the person who has had the reading feeling uplifted and hopeful for the future.

Where To Get A Good Fertility Reading

You can get get a good fertility reading from any good psychic.  It might be preferable to seek out a female psychic who understands the influence of hormones. And if they can understand issues that surround the prospect of pregnancy, even better! 

Astrologers can also help you to understand what lies in your astrological destiny concerning conception, fertility and family.  They can also help you to time your most fertile moments according to the position of the planets at any particular time in the month, or year.  They can also find your most fertile timely looking at your personal birth chart.  

When you use any of the sites mentioned in the box below you will experience a professional reading. Especially if you pick out the highest rated psychics or ‘staff picks’ on the site.  

It’s easy to find a psychic you like the look of by checking out the psychic’s profile and reviews before booking. Most of these sites offer guarantees just in case the psychic you chose was having a bad day. And all of them provide excellent introductory offers.

Details of such offers are shown in the box below.  

Here are our picks:

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  • Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  
  • Oranum – No offers but a wide variety of different types of spiritual readings.
  • Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!
  • Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Ask Now – 5 minutes free plus $1 per minute introductory offer after 5 mins.  

The Pros and Cons Of Getting A Fertility Reading Today


  • Great way to gain support and perspective at a time when you are feeling unbalanced.
  • Helps you to understand how to deal with all possible outcomes.
  • May provide you with strategies to hedge your bets.
  • Attention to your health and wellbeing is a priority which can only improve your potential for conception.
  • Professional readers provide high-quality responsible readings
  • A reading will never be intimidating 


  • You won’t always hear what you want to hear
  • You won’t or shouldn’t receive predictions.
  • You cannot control the message.  
  • If you are not meant to hear something you won’t and vice versa
  • You may not always like the delivery style of your chosen reader.
  • Your spiritual readers are human, and they rely on the messages. They cannot control anything either.
  • The information that you receive will be what you can handle.  Even if you don’t like the message, or don’t feel ready to handle it.

Are you ready to try out your first fertility reading?  

Don’t forget to give us feedback after!

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