Evidence of Divine Assistance

Evidence of Divine Assistance

The vast majority of people believe in angels or a divine source of assistance

by Jean Slatter

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jean slatterThe vast majority of people believe in angels or a divine source of assistance. Enthusiasts often reveal dramatic stories of divine intervention that have clearly affected them at a deep level. One such story I heard recently brings tears to my eyes every time I think of it.

A mother recounted how she and her two-year-old son were admiring a parked fire truck. They crossed the street to go about their business, and then the unthinkable happened. The mother turned and saw her son running back across the street toward the fire truck and a car barreling down upon him. The impending accident was certain. It was an endless moment of anguish, panic, and pain that no mother ever wants to experience.

“Please God, NO!” was her only thought. Simultaneously with that thought, she saw an angel swoop down and catapult her son back into her arms with such force that they both fell backward. They held onto each other, crying with utter emotional relief as the full impact of what had happened came to their awareness.

Later that night when she was tucking her son in bed, her son said, “Mommy, did you see me fly!”

Spectacular stories such as this one warm our hearts and inspire our faith in miracles. However we have come to believe that the powers of the Universe are reserved for breathtaking rescues and other deeds of heroic proportion. What about smaller, less dramatic needs? Can the powers of the heavens be called upon to support us in mundane matters of ordinary life?

Open your eyes and you will see evidence on a less-sensational scale of daily occurrences that are every bit as miraculous. You do have access to the creative power of the celestial realms—a gift given to you by the heavens, and one you are expected to use with great joy for the highest good of all. You must first realize that you are an integral part of the divine plan of creation, not a bystander but in fact director of the grand drama of life on this Earthly plain. You can quite literally “employ” divine assistance to make your every wish a reality and invite miracles in even the small endeavors of your life.

How to See Angels

A simple way to shift your perception of the spiritual world is to imagine a vast resource pool of eager specialists with every skill and talent needed to aid us in all aspects of our lives. Imagine an angel adept at accounting, or proficient at sales, or gifted in diplomacy. Imagine that an entire staff stands ready to support you in small issues such as arranging chance meetings, finding lost items, and bringing new insights. Whether you believe it is help from the angels, from your higher-self, or simply the power of thought, you can ease the struggle in your everyday life by tapping into this incredible Universal power.

Last month, my friend Rachel called me, overflowing with excitement about her most recent experience with enlisting celestial assistance. Her twelve-year-old son, Logan, had to do a school report on football star Joe Montana. He had been frustrated finding resource books at the school library, so Rachel drove him to their local branch library. Rachel sat in the car with her younger daughter while Logan spent about an hour in the library. He returned to the car empty-handed and discouraged, having discovered that all of the Joe Montana books had already been checked out.

Rachel told him not to worry and suggested that he go back into the library and look around one more time. As he walked away, she closed her eyes and asked for an angelic homework assistant to help him find exactly what he was looking for. Just a couple of minutes later, she and her daughter walked into the library to see how he was doing. She saw her son standing in the check-out line, holding a wonderful oversized picture book with the title Montana across the top.

“That’s perfect!” she beamed. “How did you find it so quickly?”

He whispered, “You won’t believe this, Mom,” and then took her over to the side. He spoke as if he was a little spooked, recounting how he had returned to the sports section of the library when suddenly a thought appeared in his mind: “Maybe a book fell behind the shelves.” Something then compelled him to stick his head right into a space in the racks and look down.

He continued, “I saw the edge of a book, so I reached down and pulled this up!”

Logan was completely incredulous, but Rachel was certain it was due to divine intervention.

What she told me next was so outrageous that I could hardly believe it myself: When Logan went to check out the book, the librarian at the counter told him that this book wasn’t even in the library’s computer system! It appears the spiritual homework assistant had placed the perfect book there for him, simply for the taking. Now that’s magic!

The Universe does indeed work in mysterious ways.
Jean Slatter has a thriving holistic practice, Health Quest, located in Loomis California where she resides with her family. She has been working with natural healing since 1988. She is the author of Hiring the Heavens: A Practical Guide to Developing Working Relationships with the Spirits of Creation on which this article was based. Visit her website, http://creativemystic.com

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