Cure Pain and Prevent Disease by Drinking Water

Cure Pain and Prevent Disease by Drinking Water

Water is the ultimate medication of choice to cure pain and prevent disease

by Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D.

My ground-breaking medical discovery reveals the missing natural element that prevents — even cures — the body’s painful degenerative diseases — naturally and at no cost!

I am honored and proud to inform you that my research over 18 years — in addition to my medical training and subsequent 33 years as a doctor — has exposed the simplest natural cure to a vast number of health problems.

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What you will is that we in medicine are trained to use chemicals to treat pain and disease when all the body needs is water — a simple and abundantly available natural element.

Yes! Only water!

This is the reason why we in medicine have made so many deadly mistakes! We are routinely treating symptoms, signs and complications of drought in the body with toxic chemicals that kill more rapidly than the dehydration itself!

Who in his/her right mind would want to take toxic chemicals when all that their body needs is water — free water — natural water, the ultimate medication of choice to cure pain and prevent disease?

The commercial “sick-care” system and the drug industry do not want you to know that in most health problems you are only thirsty and not sick!

They survive and thrive if we remain ignorant of the knowledge of the different ways our bodies show we are thirsty — that we are suffering from local or regional drought. When there is shortage of water, some parts of the body are forced to go without water. In this report, you will get to know how the drought-stricken parts reflect dehydration, and how you can recognize that you are truly thirsty. You will recognize why “dry mouth” is not a sign of thirst, but why different pains are!

Understanding dehydration will empower you to become much healthier and live longer. There is more to it than just drinking water. You will need to invest a little bit of your time and concentration and begin to understand the subject. You might think: “I now know I need to drink water; that is enough.” But you knew that all along. What you did not know — and need to know — is why and what happens if you too become forgetful and complacent, like millions of others who did not drink water until they got seriously sick — with this or that disease — but actually died of dehydration. Also remember, the body is not a container that can be replenished when empty. When dehydration has become symptom-producing, the reversal of its complications take time and understanding. This is the information you need.

Secrets of “water cure” were revealed to me in the unlikeliest place you could imagine — in a Middle Eastern political prison. It was 1979 when all hell broke loose and I was caught in the inferno.

After graduating from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School of London University and having the honor of being selected as the resident doctor in my own medical school, I returned to Iran, where I was born, to set up medical centers and clinics for those in need. I became very successful in this endeavor. Then the political volcano erupted.

You saw it on the television screens. Angry masses engaged in the violent overthrow of the Shah and the Iranian government.

There was a tragic side to this historic event. Almost all professional and creative people who had stayed in the country were rounded up and taken to prison to be investigated, tried, and “dealt with” as quickly as possible.

Some people were shot on the first day or two. Their “revolutionary” trials consisted of establishment of identity, pronouncement of guilt, followed by the sentence. The trial would last no more than ten minutes. Other people were given a little more time before being “processed.”

I was lucky to be among the latter group. I suppose my skills as a doctor were useful to prison authorities, hence the delay in my being “processed.”

Evin Prison where I was held was built for 600 persons. At one point, it was “sardine-packed” with 8,000 to 9,000 prisoners. At the height of their revolutionary fervor, when segregating different political factions, prison authorities used some cells built for six to eight people to isolate up to 90 persons. One third would lie down, one third would squat, and one third would have to stand. Every few hours, prisoners would rotate position.

The nightmare of life and death in that hell-hole haunted everyone and tested the mettle of both the strong and the weak. This is when the human body revealed to me some of its greatest secrets, secrets never understood by the medical profession.

For most of the prisoners, who ranged in age from 14 to 80, pressures of the exceptionally harsh life caused much stress and ill health. Destiny must have chosen me to be there to help some of these desperate people.

One late night, about two months into my imprisonment (I had begun with six weeks in solitary confinement), my destiny revealed itself. It spoke to me in the loudest of words and forever changed my life.

It was past 11:00 p.m. I was awakened to see an inmate in excruciating stomach pain. He could not walk by himself. Two others were helping him stay upright.

He was suffering from peptic ulcer disease and wanted some ulcer pain medication. His face dropped when I told him I had not been allowed to bring medical supplies with me to prison.

Then the revolutionary breakthrough occurred!

I gave him two glasses of water.

His pain disappeared in minutes and he could begin to stand up by himself. He beamed from ear to ear. You cannot imagine the joy of relief he experienced, even in those harsh surroundings.

“What happens if the pain comes back?” he asked.

“Drink two glasses of water every three hours,” I told him.

He became pain-free and remained disease-free for the rest of his time in prison. His “water cure” in that harsh environment totally amazed me as a doctor. I knew I had witnessed a healing power to water that I had not been taught in medical school. I am sure no other such observation has ever been made in medical research.

If water could cure a painful disease condition in that stressful environment, surely it needed further research! The penny dropped there and then. I realized that my destiny as a healer had brought me to this “human stress laboratory” to teach me a new approach to medicine and to reveal many other hidden secrets about the human body. I opened my eyes. Instinctively, I realized why I had come to prison!

I stopped thinking about myself and started to think about doing medical research in the prison. I began to identify the health problems that “blossomed” due to the stress of prison. By far the largest number involved ulcer pains. I treated those who came to me with what proved to be the best “natural elixir” — water. I found water could treat and cure more diseases than any medication I knew about. People can become dependent of these medications leading to abuse, drug rehabilitation centers are always available when needed.

It was again past 11:00 p.m. I was on my way to a sick inmate when I heard a piercing groan from one of the cells at the end of the corridor. I followed the sound and found a young man curled up on the floor of his cell. He seemed to be totally detached, giving out deep, piercing groans.

“What is wrong?” I asked. He did not react. I had to shake him several times before he could reply.

“My… ulcer… is killing me.”

“What have you done for the pain?” I asked. He told me: “Since one o’clock… when it started… I have taken three Tagamets… and one full bottle of antacid. But… not only has the pain not stopped… it has got worse since then.” (At that time, prisoners were able to get medications from the prison hospital.)

By now, I had a much clearer understanding of peptic ulcer pain. What I did not realize until then was the severity it could reach when not even strong medications could stop it.

After examining his abdomen for possible complications, I gave him two glasses of tap water. Just over one pint.

I left him to visit another sick inmate. Ten minutes later I returned.

Groans of pain no longer filled the corridor.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“Much better,” he replied. “But I still have some pain.”

I gave him a third glass of water.

And his pain stopped completely within four minutes.

This man had been semi-conscious, on the verge of death. He had taken a huge amount of ulcer medication — with no result. And now, after drinking only 3 glasses of tap water, he became pain-free, sitting up and socializing with his friends. What a humbling discovery! And I thought I had received the best medical education in the world!

During the years of my captivity, I cured over 3,000 ulcer cases with only water in the Evin Prison — “my God-given stress laboratory.”

All thanks to water. Plain, simple, cost-free medicine for everyone. Water that we all take for granted! Water that the medical profession has dismissed as unworthy of research!

Since my eyes were opened to water as a natural medication, I have seen it heal and alleviate hundreds of traditionally incurable sicknesses and chronic pains.

I have seen water completely reverse conditions such as: Asthma. Angina. Hypertension. Migraine headaches. Arthritis pain. Back pain. Colitis pain and chronic constipation. Heartburn and hiatal hernia. Depression. Chronic fatigue syndrome. High cholesterol. Morning sickness. Overweight problems. Even heart problems needing bypass surgery.

All these disease conditions responded simply and permanently to water. Ordinary water. Any water you feel comfortable to drink. Clean tap water is as good as any.

I have used water to cure people who were suffering from “incurable” diseases. I have cured people who suffered for 10 years, 20 years, even 30 years from painful conditions produced by dehydration.

As I said, it has taken me 18 years of full-time research — on top of my medical education and many years of clinical experience — to make the curing miracles of water available to people. I have left no stone unturned to develop my research – even when it meant I had to stay in prison longer than officially sentenced.

When I was finally declared innocent of the charges that had been leveled at me — and offered earlier release from Evin Prison — I asked to remain incarcerated for a while longer to complete my research — it actually took me 4 months longer! I was in the middle of serious research that I needed to complete at any cost. Evin was the greatest “human stress laboratory” any serious research scientist could find. Life in prison was still very risky. There was no law or order. Any guard could do what he wanted, even cause someone to be shot on whim. But I had to stay longer and complete my research.

The prison officials could not believe their ears, but they agreed. By then the whole prison community was confounded by my work. The officials began to acclaim the work as theirs, and praised prison as an environment for “scientific research.”

By the time I left prison — after 2 years and 7 months — I had gathered enough clinical data to begin changing the way medicine is practiced — to make it into a truly science-based, people-friendly healing art.

My message was simple. “It Is Chronic Dehydration That Painfully and Prematurely Kills.”

I left all my possessions and my country in the middle of the night in the fall of 1982. I escaped over its borders into Turkey. In November 1982, I reached America, and continued the scientific aspects of my research.

I was eager to share my findings with medical researchers here. I naively thought that what I had discovered would be considered important by leaders of medical research in America.

Alas, neither the American Medical Association, nor the National Institutes of Health would have anything to do with this medical breakthrough!

Even though I have presented my clinical findings and their scientific explanations at international and world conferences, and published them in serious medical journals, these institutions have refused to acknowledge them. They refuse to study the medicinal effects of water in place of the drugs they routinely push their members or followers to use.


Extracted from “A New Medical Discovery” published on Used with permission

Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D., an internationally renowned researcher, author and advocate of the natural healing power of water, was born in Iran in 1931. He attended Fettes College in Scotland and was a graduate of St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School of London University, where he studied under Sir Alexander Fleming, who shared the Nobel Prize for the discovery of penicillin. Dr. Batmanghelidj is the author of Your Body’s Many Cries for WaterWater Cures: Drugs Kill : How Water Cured Incurable Diseases and Water: For Health, for Healing, for Life: You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty! For more information visit

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