How To Change Your Mindset To Attract Money

How To Change Your Mindset To Attract Money

People often call a psychic because they have concerns over money.  Even though not all people who call a psychic about the state of their finances even realise they are calling for that reason simply because money can often be the underlying factor in a situation that has caused you to pick up the phone and connect with a psychic reader.

Everyday situations such as those listed below are all examples of problems that can result from concerns over money;

  • Problems, change, or disharmony in your career, or place of work.
  • Lack of work.
  • Boredom in your career but you have to stay because of your financial commitments.
  • Being unhappy or feeling threatened in your home or place of work but cannot move.
  • Court cases.
  • Relationship problems
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Illness
  • Needing help with making a decision.
  • Wanting to know what the future holds.
  • Certain times of year are causing us to reflect on our life. 

These are just a few examples of many problems that most psychic readers deal with every day.  Of course in some of these situations money or a lack thereof may not be the only underlying reason but in many cases it is, or it contributes to them.

It doesn’t need to be this way though.  We are capable of attracting whatever we want in life. We just need to learn how –  which is what we intend to show you right here.

So the next time you need to speak to your online psychic reader about a problem in your life, you can come back to this article and combine the advice you have received from your psychic advisor with this technique for attracting more money or whatever else you need.

You never know where it might take you!

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Stop Creating Resistance

We can create anything we want. It’s just that it takes time, belief, mental discipline and faith to do so.  

The problem is that we don’t realise this, we experience life from a perspective of lack – it’s in our conditioning.  So when we come to understand that we don’t have enough of what we need, we automatically think it’s not possible, or we are not destined for it.  We believe we are are not the lucky ones because that’s all we know.

We all have the potential to be ‘lucky’.

Alternatively, we’ll strive for what we want, controlling the outcome and pushing ourselves to attain our goals but never really getting there.  

We don’t get there not because we can’t but because we haven’t moved our psyche into the state of already having something and we are controlling precisely what is going to come about (when in fact there might be something even better for us that we haven’t considered).   Instead, we create resistance to what we want, and attract more ‘lack’ plus we make it harder for ourselves, in general, to attract what we want.

You Are Already Good At Manifesting

So if you are in a state of lack in any way, congratulations you are excellent at manifesting.  Now you need to steer the ship that is your creative prowess, faith and discipline into the direction of what you do want and you’ll create it.  

Which is the second step …

Step 2: Align Yourself With What You Want

Before you do this step, you need to think about what you want versus what you need.  It’s ok to have something indulgent but if you are doing so to please your ego, and people around you, you are probably going to have a hard time attracting it because you need to put your passion, your heart, and your soul into getting it.  

Walk The Walk – Literally

You need to be passionate and wholeheartedly want what you are going to attract, and then you need to put your whole might behind it.  Thinking and behaving as though you already have it.

Do this by thinking about who you are likely to become when you have what you want and how you will think, act or contribute to the world at this point.  And then starting to make the changes you need to make in your life now so that you become that person, and as you do, you’ll attract everything you need.   And when what you want arrives, you’ll keep hold of it too!

Here’s the important thing though.  You need to never let yourself think you don’t already have what you need.  

Break Down Bigger Goals Into Smaller Goals

So if you are far away from your goals, for example, if you are extremely broke, and you want to have wealth, it won’t be easy for you to believe wholeheartedly that you can attract a lot of money (although it’s possible to do so).  Instead, you can make some lower level goals, such as, thinking about what you need to raise yourself out of where you are to slightly better conditions and moving in that direction first. Knowing that when you achieve those goals, you can increase your goals to align with what you really want.

And that’s it, that’s all you do to create the money you need and the life you want!

Don’t Forget The Psychics!

Don’t forget that as you start to align with your goals if you have any doubts or don’t know if you are going to be entirely happy with what you create you can always contact your favourite psychic or tarot reader to help you ring the changes and align yourself with what you want.  

This strategy is a shortened version that explains how people manage to attract what they want, and while it is brief, it does work.  All you need to do is believe it’s possible and start acting like you already have whatever you want. Try it on some small things first, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the small stuff arrives at your door.  

Have you ever tried to attract more money into your life?  Did you succeed? Please share the details in the comments below.

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