Personal growth


by May McCarthy

Can you remember the last time that you reached a goal or something turned out the way that you wanted it to? I imagine that you felt happy, grateful, and even powerful. I want everyone to experience that feeling more often with less of the work to get there. I know that we live in an abundant universe and all of us can learn to create the lives that we love by incorporating more gratitude into our lives along with the use of simple spiritual tools.

I decided to write my latest book, The Gratitude Formula: A 7-Step Success System to Create a Life that You Love after spending the last 5 years traveling the world teaching goal attainment systems to corporations and thousands of people. What I learned is that many people feel that big success is unattainable; that there’s a secret others know that they don’t. I want you to know – that’s a lie.

Success is a system, not a secret. The same system applies no matter the size of the goal.

Anyone can use a simple system for success to achieve whatever they desire in life. If you want harmonious relationships with others or to have that special someone to share your life with – you can have it. If you want terrific health in a pain free energetic body – you can experience that, too. If you want fulfilling and satisfying work or a full bank account and the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want – that can be yours. And, if you desire a deeper spiritual connection with an all-knowing power in the universe at the source of your intuition and ultimate advisor – you can enjoy that experience as well.

You’ve already proved how powerful you are in using systems for success. Remember learning to read, or ride a bike, or drive a car? You used a system for success to master these skills. And, what about typing on that strange keyboard that’s not even in alphabetical order? Maybe your mastery of that skill now allows you to type faster that I can talk. You have already proven that you know how to succeed. The Gratitude Formula shows you how to achieve even larger goals in seemingly miraculous ways. The best part is that it’s really simple and gets easier to do over time – just like reading or driving a car.

I’ve proven that this success system works in growing seven companies to as large as $100 million in annual revenues and being led to great and perfect health after being diagnosed with cancer. Each goal that I created was bigger than the last, and I achieved them. You can too! Success is a system, not a secret. The most important step is to make the commitment to use the daily system.

The Gratitude Formula shares the importance in using spiritual and practical tools along with the practice of gratitude to magnetize you to receiving more of what you desire in life. As Oprah Winfrey said, “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” As you use the system outlined in The Gratitude Formula, good things will multiply in your life!

There are three important elements of this system for success:

  1. Hold a daily goal planning meeting with the source of your intuition, who I affectionately refer to as the Chief Spiritual Officer or CSO. In your daily planning meeting, use powerful word statements that describe your goals as completed with gratitude. Write down, speak out loud, and imagine what you want, not what you don’t want. For example, I know a saleswoman who often says things like, “I really hope that I’m not late for my appointment with ABC Company on Tuesday.” Most likely, she’ll be late for her appointment because that’s what she’s focused on. A better way to phrase that would be, “I’m so grateful that I am always on time or early for my appointments and easily facilitate a fair exchange of value with my customers.” With statements like those, she might feel inspired to check the traffic report or get ready earlier.
  1. Make what you desire familiar and welcome into your life by learning more about other people who have achieved the kind of success you desire. This shifts your beliefs to possibility which is required to achieve any goal. For example, a man named Harold wanted to be a successful real estate agent in Southern California. In the first eight months of his new job, the few clients that he worked with ran him ragged for very little money in commission. Harold couldn’t rationally see how he could ever be a successful, well-paid agent with great clients, and started to consider other lines of work. But before he gave up, he committed to creating new goal statements and using them in the daily practice as part of his system for success. He described his perfect clients and his desired amount of money with gratitude as though he had already achieved his goal. He also took steps to make the success that he wanted welcome by reading about the journeys of successful real estate agents and going to networking events to meet some of them and hear their stories. As he did his daily practice and met other successful agents over several months, his beliefs shifted. Harold started to believe that it was possible to experience the same kind of success. He didn’t know how it was going to happen; he waited for his CSO to illuminate possibilities through intuitive leads. A short time later, he got a strong thought to call surfing shops and corporations who had surfers as part of their executive teams to see if they’d like him to come in and speak for free about the risk-taking characteristics that surfing and business have in common. Since he had been a competitive surfer, he could discuss that topic. He was invited to several places to speak, met lots of new contacts, and received a substantial increase in business that surpassed his original goal. Make what you want welcome to shift your beliefs to possibility.
  1. Watch for intuitive thoughts, gut feelings, and signs throughout the day, and have the courage to take the steps that you are guided to take. This builds confidence so that you can manifest your goals sooner. As Harold got the intuitive thought to call surf shops and corporations, he “had courage to follow his intuition” as Steve Jobs advised. Remember, if you don’t feel comfortable taking the step that your CSO gives you, just ask for another lead. Eventually, when the same intuitive message has repeated itself over and over, you’ll feel more confidence in taking the step. There are dozens of stories in my book that will illustrate how you can recognize your intuition as a spiritual success tool to achieve greater levels of health, happiness, abundance, and freedom.

The Gratitude Formula fully explains all of these elements and will show you how to use them to achieve more of your dreams. I’m so excited about the wonderful experiences that will soon be yours as you make a CHOICE to use gratitude as part of your system for success and create the life that you love! I’m grateful for you! For more information about me and my work, please visit


About the author:

May McCarthy is a successful entrepreneur, investor, business strategist, speaker and author. For the past 32 years May has used sound business practices and spiritual principles to grow several successful multimillion-dollar companies. Now, she travels the country and teaches people how to use these same principles in order to help them achieve greater levels of financial abundance, success, and freedom!


Your Money Beliefs are Running Your Income

by Meriflor Toneatto

When women are empowered with money, they become “difference makers.” They transform not only their own lives but also those of their children, their families, and their communities at large. In her new book Money, Manifestation & Miracles: A Guide to Transforming Women’s Relationships with Money, award-winning leadership and coaching executive Meriflor Toneatto empowers women to extend their limits so they can create the life of their dreams. We hope you’ll enjoy this short excerpt from the book.

Both women and men harbor many beliefs about money that originate from childhood, social conditioning, and life experiences. More often than not these beliefs come from a place of lack rather than abundance.

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One common belief is: “Money is the root of all evil.” However, this is a reinterpretation of the original phrase from the Bible, which is: “The love of money is the root of all evil.” People who believe that money itself is evil usually want to distance themselves from money. As a result, they have an internal resistance to earning it, saving it, managing it, or handling it.

Another common belief is that money is scary. Having money, investments, and assets can be frightening and threatening for some people. These fears likely stem from past experiences of feeling uneasy about being perceived as wealthy, of having family and friends asking for loans, or feeling victimized regarding money. They likely want to stay under the radar, and perhaps be underearners, finding this easier than being vulnerable to being envied for their wealth or to being defrauded.

For women, I have found four key money beliefs that can hold them back from moving to the next level in their professional growth. The first common belief is: “It’s not about the money. I just want to help lots of people.” There is an underlying belief that making more money is selfish, greedy, and/or not spiritual. Often the result is that these individuals are underearning and overgiving in their work, leading to burnout and resentment. If this is the case for you, please understand that generating more money through your life’s work enables you to reach more people. It is a synergistic flow. Money provides you with more choices to fuel the mission you are passionate about creating; to enjoy a better quality of life for yourself and your family; and to fund your social promise by, for example, contributing to a favorite cause.

The second commonly held belief that can hold women back is: “I have to have everything in place before I can take the next big step.” This concept is closely tied to being a perfectionist and becoming distracted with what others are doing. This can lead to thinking that more training is required or that you need to obtain more credentials before fully stepping up in your work, promoting yourself, being more visible, and becoming a leader.

The third common belief is: “I can’t make more than I did in my previous position.” This is particularly the case with businesswomen who have had a high level of success in their past jobs. There is an underlying assumption that they may not be able to repeat their previous standard of achievement. The internal dialogue includes questions such as “What if I fail?” and “What will people think of me?” In some cases, these women have created a ceiling for themselves, thinking they can never break it. In truth, as a businesswoman, you have an opportunity to make more money than ever before. This can happen when you give yourself permission to make more, and when you are willing to break free of your limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs.

The fourth common belief is: “My clients won’t pay that much” or “I can’t ask for a raise in my job.” If this rings true for you, this may stem from some form of undervaluing yourself, your skills, and the value and benefits you provide, which can prevent you from charging and getting paid what you are worth. This can be an unproductive cycle that can impact your self-confidence. The reality is that it is not our place to make decisions for someone else. When you are aligned and empowered with who you are and the value you provide, your ideal clients or customers will be those who also value the investment they are making in themselves by working with you. This also extends to feeling confident about requesting a raise in your job because doing so expresses the value and contribution you provide to the organization.

In nurturing a positive mind-set, you will need to be in an environment with like-minded people who are successful and wealthy, because this will help motivate you. They can serve as role models, demonstrating that you too can have success. The key element is for you to fully show up and play a much bigger game in your business or career. The best way to accomplish this is by shifting your money mind-set to one that is more empowering.

About the author:

Meriflor Toneatto is the author of Money, Manifestation & Miracles. As the CEO and founder of Power With Soul, she specializes in helping ambitious women entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders reach financial prosperity and success while fulfilling their social promise to the world. Her work has been featured internationally in media outlets like Yahoo! Finance, Washington Post, International Business Times, Los Angeles Times, and more. Visit her online at

Excerpted from the book Money, Manifestation & Miracles. Copyright ©2018 by Meriflor Toneatto. Printed with permission from New World Library —


Boost Your Energy with One Simple Practice

by Master Francisco Quintero

Many people are looking for ways to maintain good, positive energy levels throughout their day and in their lives. The experience of fatigue or energy drain can affect even the most motivated people, leading them to be less effective. While there are many pathways that can help us restore and maintain our energy levels, including good nutrition, proper sleep and activity levels, meditation, yoga and more, there is one simple practice layered in soul wisdom that can nourish and maintain a strong foundation of energy, stamina and vitality. It is a practice for boosting the Lower Dan Tian by applying what’s known as the Four Power Techniques.

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The Lower Dan Tian is a fist sized energy center found in the lower abdomen, roughly an inch and a half below the navel and 2.5 inches inside the body. It is a foundational energy center that every human being is born with. It is our warehouse for energy, stamina, vitality and immunity. When it is strong, we possess more of these qualities in addition to feeling centered, grounded and balanced.

However, the Lower Dan Tian energy center can become generally weak for a variety of reasons, and also can be depleted from our stressful lives on a daily basis. The good news is that it can be strengthened and replenished rather easily, but many people may not have this wisdom, or may not know how to replenish it. While there are traditional forms of dedicated moving practice that may serve this purpose, the practice we suggest is a spiritual practice that anyone can do, no matter what their state of health and vitality, for a few minutes a day and it requires no formal training. Would you like to learn it?

The practice incorporates the Four Power Techniques, which are simple techniques steeped in ancient and new soul wisdom brought forth by Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha. The Four Powers are:

Body Power – to use special hand and body positions to facilitate healing, rejuvenation and transformation

Sound Power – to chant or sing special mantras or sounds/tones that carry a high frequency and vibration for our health, rejuvenation, happiness, purification and more

Mind Power – to use creative visualization to facilitate healing, rejuvenation and transformation

Soul Power – To connect with the power of soul; to “Say Hello” to the inner soul(s) and outer soul(s) to bring soul healing, rejuvenation and transformation

Each of the four powers is helpful and potentially effective on their own, but when applying them explicitly and simultaneously toward a specific goal, we exponentially increase the effectiveness of our practice. Furthermore, the fourth power – Soul Power, is the key. It carries the highest power and greatly enhances the effectiveness of any practice. To understand this better, some principles of soul healing and Soul Mind Body Medicine® may be helpful:

  • Soul healing wisdom is that everyone and everything has a soul. The deeper wisdom is that everyone and everything is made of shen (soul, heart & mind) qi (energy) jing (matter). Your Lower Dan Tian is no exception. It has its own soul, heart (spiritual heart), mind (consciousness) and body (energy and matter).
  • The soul is the boss of everyone and everything. The soul leads the heart, the heart leads the mind, the mind leads energy and energy leads matter. If the soul is troubled, it will eventually appear as blockages in the other layers of our being.
  • Soul blockages are karma blockages, which have to do with the harm we or our ancestors may have caused in this and past lifetimes.
  • All souls want to serve; they want to grow, learn and uplift themselves.
  • If we heal the soul first, then healing of the mind and body will follow.

Given this wisdom, if we have a weak Lower Dan Tian, the soul of our Lower Dan Tian needs to be nourished. Given that all souls want to serve, when we connect at the soul level, we gain great power and cooperation. Therefore, when we “Say Hello” to our Lower Dan Tian and give love, our Lower Dan Tian is nourished. When we “Say Hello” to outer souls, such as a saint or holy being, or the ocean or the mountains, and we ask them to send love and healing light to our Lower Dan Tian, they are honored to serve. They will shine their light into our request.

The Body Power, Mind Power and Sound Power add their contributions, boosting the practice and helping us focus. Altogether they help us open to the love and light coming in from the Soul Power we have called on. Think about it. We are holding our hands and body in supportive positions to help focus the energy, we are visualizing light in our request, and we are chanting a beautiful mantra, all after we have called on help from the soul world. They are happy to serve us. It’s a beautiful system. We can receive their blessings as long as we wish to chant.

Master Sha always says if you want to know if a pear is sweet, taste it. So here is a practice you can try for boosting your Lower Dan Tian power with the Four Power Techniques:

Body Power: Sit up straight with your back away from the chair if you are able, and your feet flat on the floor. If you need the support of the chair, it’s ok. You can still do the practice. For hand position, we will use “yin yang palm.” Place both your hands in front of you as if you were saying “Stop!” to someone. Now take your right hand and grab your left thumb, making a fist around that thumb, firmly, with about 85% of your gripping power. Next fold the fingers of your left hand over the fist of your right hand. This is a powerful hand position for gathering energy. You will place your yin yang palm over your Lower Dan Tian, which is approximately 1.5 inches below the navel and 2.5 inches inside the body.

Soul Power – Say Hello:

Dear soul of my Lower Dan Tian

I love you

You have the power to heal and grow strong

Do a good job!

Thank you!

Dear Universal Light (as an example)

I love you

You have the power to heal and bless my Lower Dan Tian, to fill it with light and replenish it

Please heal and bless my Lower Dan Tian

I am very grateful

Thank you.

Mind Power – Visualize Universal Light coming into your Lower Dan Tian from all around you. You could also see it like the sun shining inside your Lower Dan Tian.

Sound Power – Chant silently or aloud, for 5 – 15 minutes or longer:

Universal Light heals and blesses my Lower Dan Tian

Universal Light heals and blesses my Lower Dan Tian

Universal Light heals and blesses my Lower Dan Tian…..

You can also simply chant Universal Light repeatedly.

When you are finished, close the practice by pausing in gratitude and saying thank you to all the souls. Master Sha teaches us to use the Chinese word “Hao” to indicate we are done. It is an affirmative word that means, “good, perfect, or get well.” In this case, you could say, “Hao,” and then thank your Lower Dan Tian and Universal Light.

When you finish, take your time before you open your eyes. Notice how you feel. Observe how it felt to do the practice. Notice if you had trouble with any one aspect and don’t worry. It takes practice to do it all. Some people do not visualize well, for example, but they feel or sense things, so they focus on the feeling of light in their Lower Dan Tian.

Whether you feel anything or not, you have received healing and blessing from the Universe with this practice. If you practice daily, within a relatively short time you could begin to feel the positive benefits from the practice. You can also pause in your day and do a five-minute practice to recharge or ground yourself.

I have personally benefited tremendously from this practice and I know of many people who have transformed longstanding issues of fatigue, lack of grounding and more through this type of practice. I hope you use this practice with regularity and experience profound blessings. I’m very grateful and honored to share it with you. Practice well!

About the author:

Master Francisco Quintero, the lead teacher at the Tao Academy, has developed worldwide training programs based on the teachings of Master Zhi Gang Sha.
Co-author of 
Greatest Love: Unblock Your Life in 30 Minutes a Day with the Power of Unconditional Love, Master Francisco helps people overcome life challenges by using simple yet powerful Tao practices.





New Book Guides You Through the “Uncovery” Process and Helps You Discover Your Real Purpose

Is your life far from where you want it to be right now? If you’re like most people, you’d have to say YES! Maybe you’re stuck in a lackluster career, or you feel like something big is missing from your life. Or, try as you might, you just can’t figure out why you’re here in the first place. But a new book by Bruce D Schneider reveals that life doesn’t have to be a disappointing struggle. Uncovering the Life of Your Dreams: An Enlightening Story (Wiley, 2018, ISBN: 978-1-119-46909-4, $25.00) gives you the tools to awaken to the conscious world and create the life you desire.

Schneider, founder of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), one of the most influential coach training organizations, explains that most people see the world through “filters” and rigid belief systems that block their ability to innovate, problem solve, and connect with others in an authentic way. Most people are so filled with fear, confusion, judgment, and a sense of separateness that they can no longer innovate, problem solve, and connect with others authentically. The book combats these problems by guiding readers through the “uncovery” process, removing all that is mind-fabricated until only purity remains.

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Written in the form of allegorical fiction, and based on the author’s transformational journey, the book follows protagonist Scott Billings as he moves from “sleepwalking through life” to awakening to a new reality that yields unprecedented career success, stronger and richer relationships, and a newfound desire to serve others. To accompany the book, readers will have access to a free online companion program, as well as other consciousness-raising resources and a supportive community to help them uncover the life of their dreams.

Here are a few of the lessons revealed in Uncovering the Life of Your Dreams:

  • The importance of the “uncovery” process—removing all that is mind-fabricated until only purity remains
  • Why demonstrating COO—curiosity, open-mindedness, and optimism—leads to opportunity
  • The five “portals” we must pass through as we uncover truth: Awareness, Acceptance, Knowing, Presence, and Freedom
  • Why living authentically unlocks tremendous power and abundance (and rekindles your fire for your career)

Remember, you don’t have to waste another moment sleepwalking through life.Uncovering the Life of Your Dreams empowers everyone—from recent graduates, to business leaders and employees, and anyone who’s searching for deeper meaning—to stop going through the motions and wake up to a more connected, authentic, and fulfilling life that’s truly better than your wildest dreams.

About the Author: 
Bruce D Schneider, Master Certified Coach, modern-day philosopher, and renowned speaker, is the founder of iPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, and the author of Uncovering the Life of Your DreamsEnergy Leadership; and Relax, You’re Already Perfect.

In 1978, after miraculously surviving a devastating car accident, Bruce embarked on a lifelong journey to understand the purpose of his survival and the nature of reality. Through a process he calls “uncovery,” he not only found his answers, but also created a powerful way for others to find theirs. Bruce’s groundbreaking theory of consciousness levels led him to create the transformational Core Energy Coaching™ process as well as iPEC’s proprietary Energy Leadership Index™ assessment.

About the Book: 
Uncovering the Life of Your Dreams: An Enlightening Story (Wiley, 2018, ISBN: 978-1-119-46909-4, $25.00) is available at bookstores nationwide, from major online booksellers, and direct from the publisher by calling 800-225-5945. In Canada, call 800-567-4797. For more information, please visit the book’s page on