5 Of The Best Self Care Tips To Make 2019 Exceptional

In a previous article, we discussed some of the new year’s resolutions that psychics readers would probably wish that their clients might set for 2019.  

One such resolution was that psychics would wish that their clients take better care of themselves.  It’s a saying that we all hear most of the time; You should take care of yourself’, ‘you have to love yourself first’, ‘take care of yourself first, and everything else will come’.  But it’s so frustrating when you are advised to do this ‘self-care thing’ if you don’t know what to do!

Of course, you could always call a psychic or tarot reader to help you figure out what you should do to practice self-care and put yourself in a better place.  In doing so you’ll receive personal advice aligned to you and your specific situation.

This article includes some general ideas for practising self-care in 2019.

Never Say Anything To Yourself That You Wouldn’t Say To Other People You Love.  

Words might hurt another person occasionally, but they’ll never do as much harm as your internal thoughts will do to you if you don’t watch them.  A good self-care rule of thumb is to treat yourself kindly and banish all bad thoughts about yourself. If you can’t replace them with anything good, just stop thinking them.  That will be enough to shift your energy into a good place. And will also elevate your confidence and esteem.

Stick To Regular Routines And Cycles That Promote Health And Wellbeing.

Make a morning routine and stick to it.  Make work routines, an evening routine, a cleaning routine, and stick to them.  Just don’t make them too hard to accomplish.

Find a simple makeup or work out routine that works for you most of the time, even if you work out for 10 minutes per day or reduce your time getting ready by 10 minutes, it’s a huge step in the right direction that is much better than doing nothing.

These regular routines and cycles make it easy to introduce new habits that you might need to have in your life.  And they are the secret to changing your life significantly.

Hone Your Skills

We can beat ourselves up internally, or spend far too much time stressed out or covering ourselves if we are not on top of our game.  

Reflect on your life both work and at home and notice the area’s that you could improve. Then make a plan to learn how to improve one thing and stay focused on it until you succeed.  If it takes all year that’s fine, but if it doesn’t, when you’ve mastered that skill you can work on a different one.

Before you know it, you’ll have made small strides into bigger things and then you’ll naturally attract opportunities to you that you probably didn’t even know existed.  

Don’t know what skill to hone – call a psychic and ask them the question – they’ll definitely have some answers for you!

Banish Bad Habits

Don’t try to banish all of your bad habits at the same time – you won’t stick at it.  But find one bad habit, pick the one that has the most significant impact on your life and focus on changing it.  

Once again, you have all year to change it but don’t leave 2019 with this habit still firmly embedded in your psyche.  If you succeed, pick the next habit to work on.

This simple self-care strategy brings incredible results.  

Are you going to practice any of these self-care tips for 2019?  Let us know your plans and how you got on in the comments below.


5 Ways To Protect Yourself During A Psychic Reading

Do you think that you might enjoy a psychic reading, but are concerned about your safety?  Perhaps you have heard stories about needing to protect yourself during a psychic reading? Or do you just want to take extra precautions so that you can sit back and enjoy your psychic reading?  

Whatever your perspective, if you learn how to protect yourself during a psychic reading, then you can enjoy a psychic or tarot reading with peace of mind, not just because your psychic has probably already protected you but because you’ve taken responsibility for it too. And well, you know you can trust yourself don’t you?

Different Ways To Protect Yourself

There are different schools of thought on psychic protection.  Some say you need to stay protected. Others say that if you don’t focus on anything bad, then nothing bad will happen and in all honesty they are both great protection strategies.

But if you don’t spend your life exploring all things new age, psychic or alternative, then you won’t realise this.

Almost all professional psychics will follow their own ritual or routines to ask for protection for themselves and their clients, so you are covered if you forget to protect yourself.  It’s part of their practice.

But if you want to protect yourself too, it’s simple.

How To Protect Yourself

Easy techniques to protect yourself during a psychic or tarot reading.  

  1. Sit quietly just before you call for your reading and imagine asking your higher self to surround you with protection during your psychic reading.
  2. Imagine a white, purple or gold light surrounding you during your reading.  
  3. Simply intend to be safe and protected.
  4. Choose a protective crystal such as amethyst and have it with you during your reading.  
  5. Meditate before your reading and visualise yourself experiencing an insightful psychic reading while remaining protected.

As you can see, it’s really simple to protect yourself during a psychic reading that’s because they are safe!  But peace of mind can go a long way – that’s probably the reason why you are calling a psychic in the first place.  These techniques will give you some extra peace of mind while you talk to your psychic.

But it’s important to remember that if you forget, your psychic has got you covered.  

Do you protect yourself during a psychic reading?  Please share your experiences below.



4 New Year’s Resolutions Online Psychics Would Recommend For Their Readers

Psychics spend most of their time talking to people and helping them with their problems.  It’s rare that a psychic picks up a call that’s not focused on helping somebody to deal with a difficult situation,  find the strength to face a problem or to help them navigate love.

Most psychics will guide their clients. Some will gently reassure them. Others will clearly ring the bell of change.  They’ll do so by showing their clients what needs to happen to bring what you need or want into your life.  

Even if sometimes it’s not what you want to hear.

But sometimes there are things that our compassionate psychics wish you could see for yourself. Or hope that you will one day understand.  So that you can take action on so that you can finally find the happiness and joy that you deserve.

Such psychics would be delighted if they knew that their clients were making the types of new year’s resolutions or goals for themselves that are similar to these highlighted below.  

1.Spend More Time Focusing On Your Self

So many people live an unsettled life because they are always putting their energy into something external from themselves.  They’ll help others before helping themselves at the cost of their wellbeing.

They’ll love others from afar but won’t love themselves.  They’ll dream about meeting a soulmate without raising their energy to meet the kind of person they dream about on the same level.  And so it goes on.

A psychic would want you to know that if you can stop looking outside and start loving yourself on the inside. And if you can put energy into your own resources then before you know it the life you fantasise about will probably become a reality.  

2.Stop Waiting For Life To Happen

If you’ve said (or thought) that you’ll be happy when you meet the love of your life, or when you lose weight, find the ideal job and make loads of money – you won’t.  Most psychics know this and want you to start living your life so that you can be happy now.

Good psychics will want you to make a new years resolution to start living your life and appreciating every day.

3.Don’t Give Yourself Away To Your Lover

Most relationship problems stem from a lack of self-belief. Or because somebody has given all of themselves to their lover, or the prospect of love.  Not realising that love lasts longer and has time to grow when a person gives themselves time and space.  And when somebody puts their sense of self and self-care needs first, instead, they give themselves to their lover.

This causes problems not just in the relationship but also in the person’s self-esteem.  

Which means that most psychics and tarot readers would be delighted if you could hold onto your sense of self.  By making a new years resolution not to letting relationships consume all of your life.

4.Believe In Yourself

Almost all clients that psychics speak too often call in moments of self-doubt. Many frequently call because they are struggling to find their place in the world.  This problem often manifests in other general problems in life such as lack of money, love, or health.  

It would please a psychic greatly if you decided to make a new years resolution to believe in yourself for the next year.  They know that if you did this, your life would change for the better in no time at all.

Have you got new year’s resolutions planned for this year?  Please let us know in the comments.


Use This Quick And Easy Method To Turn Everything Into A Spiritual Experience

Some people like to keep their spiritual life separate from their everyday life.  Others might not consider themselves to be following a spiritual pathway, but might be more focused on personal or career development.  Or they may even experience a spiritual connection through their love life only.  Many will consider combining these aspects of life so that you grow spiritually to be overwhelming.

But that’s probably because they are overthinking what they need to do and pushing themselves too hard.

Spiritual Growth Should Be Easy

When we stop to think about how we grow spiritually, we are essentially uncovering parts of our ‘self’, remembering who we are and realising how the world really works.  We do this naturally through our work and life experiences as well as during our personal time.

Psychics Speed Up Our Spiritual Growth

We call psychics and enjoy tarot readings to learn about what’s in store for us in our career or love life.   We then receive answers explaining what you might need to learn, understand, accept or do, so that we might follow these instructions and find ourselves in a better place.  And if we took the time to reflect we’d also see that when we arrive at the better place we have grown and evolved.  We will have learned lessons and understood more about ourselves.  

If we didn’t get there, we probably repeat similar experiences to the one that made you call the psychic reader in the first place.  These patterns will continue to repeat until you make the changes and acknowledgements that you need to make.

Our life experience is personal development and spiritual growth all wrapped up in one bundle.  Which is why it’s so easy to turn everything into a spiritual experience!

The idea that we grow spiritually through our personal growth and experiences is also why online psychics often tell you that you need to ‘learn this’ or ‘accept that’. Or why they say ‘you need to let this go to allow space for that to come in’.  Psychics are helping you uncover yourself and encouraging you to remember who you are through your life experiences.

Psychics assist you with your spiritual growth.   

How To Grow Spiritually

So to advance yourself spiritually, keep on meditating, and silence your mind for sure. But also reflect, practice self awareness, look for the deeper meaning behind everything you do.  Allow yourself to grow.  

Everything that happens to you is all there for a reason.  And as you start this practice the world will open up for you becoming so much more magical, and profound. You’ll drop some of your restraints, burdens and limitations.  And when things get too frustrating, challenging, emotional or difficult to understand what is happening you can always rely on online psychic to help put you back in the right direction.  

And this is how you turn everything into a spiritual experience!  

Do you practice self-awareness?  Have you ever been confused when a psychic starts to tell you the things you need to do?  Or perhaps you’ve implemented the advice a psychic has passed onto you successfully? We’d love to hear your stories – please leave them in the comments below.