FREE Astrology readings

FREE Astrology readings

zodiacAstrology is an ancient study of the sun, the moon, the planets, and the stars and how their movements and placements in the celestial sky impact us in our everyday lives. Astrology has been studied for centuries by the Mayans, the Greeks, and the Chinese. There is even an ancient Indian system of Vedic astrology. So, what are astrology readings all about and how do they work?

Astrology reports can offer you answers to a wide range of questions, from personal tendencies to future opportunities, and even the strengths and weaknesses of your personal relationships. But how does astrology so this?

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What is astrology?

There are two main branches of Western astrology. Natal astrology focuses on one person, whereas the mundane study applies to large groups of people. When you’re looking at a horoscope in your morning newspaper, that’s an example of mundane astrology. It’s one general forecast applied to the thousands of people who read that particular horoscope. On the other hand, a personalized astrology reading would take into consideration much more than just your sun sign. Let’s look at some of the details and break down the elements of an astrology reading.

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Sun sign astrology

Sun sign astrology is what most people are familiar with. Your sun sign outlines your personality in a very general and outwardly expressive way. Your sun sign is determined by taking a look at your birth date and seeing in which of the 12 Zodiac signs the sun was residing in at the time of your birth. Because each of the astrological signs covers every single person born within that one-month date range, the interpretations, predictions, personality traits, and characterizations are very general and probably won’t resonate with most people.

Most horoscopes that you see in newspapers, magazines and on the web, are written only about that sun sign. Because we are actually complex creatures who have many different forces influencing our astrological chart, you can see why most horoscopes would be inaccurate and get a bad reputation! One generalization cannot possibly be correct for so many people. One size definitely does not fit all. That’s not to say that the sun sign isn’t important –  it is. But in advanced astrology, the sun sign is taken into consideration in relation to all of the other planetary influences as well in order to paint a complex and more accurate picture.

Moon sign

full moonIf the sun sign represents the outward characteristics of your personality, then the moon sign represents your inner world. It is pretty easy to determine what your sun sign is. The sun clearly spends one month in each sign as it moves across the celestial sky. But the Moon is much more difficult to calculate because it travels through the entire zodiac in one month.

Therefore, the moon is in each sign for only a little bit more than 2 days at a time. For this reason, figuring out which sign the moon was in on the day of your birth is a much more complicated calculation. Luckily computer-generated programs make figuring this out much easier.

Just as the moon is the feminine water element, your moon sign represents your deep emotional inner world. It speaks to the unconscious and subconscious elements that influence your personality, drives, and desires. The moon sign also influences how your sun sign is expressed.

12 signs of the Zodiac

Just as the sun moves through the Zodiac to express what characteristics embody your personality, each sign of the zodiac signs also influences how your inner world will be expressed. The 12 signs of the zodiac are:

  • Aries the ram is a pioneer and full of energy, a trailblazer. When your sun is in Aries at the time of part of your birth, you will tend to lead your life in this manner. Your outward expression will be of someone who needs autonomy and action and wants to feel alive. When your moon is in Aries, however, these influences will affect whatever your sun sign is. In the case of a more introverted shy sun sign, such as Pisces, having Aries as your moon sign will bring out more fiery aspects of your personality. Therefore, a Pisces with a moon in Aries, would not always fit the description of Pisces, because these firey elements would be influencing the sun sign.
  • Taurus the Bull enjoys security and earthly pleasures. The bull is stubborn and practical, responsible and stable. The bull harvests the fruits of labor and likes to be surrounded by love and beauty.
  • Gemini is the communicator who loves stimulating dialogue. Gemini is a very versatile sign but its weaknesses are nervousness, inconsistency, and indecisiveness.
  • Cancer the water sign is highly imaginative, emotional, and sympathetic. Cancer is a nurturer and helps us to connect with our feelings. In the negative aspect, cancer can be afraid of abandonment and requires a lot of reassurance.
  • Leo is a fire sign that likes to be the center of attention, loves glamour and playfulness. Leo enjoys conquest and celebration and has a strong sense of leadership.
  • Virgo is very detail-oriented, analytical, kind and hard-working. The negative aspect of  Virgo is that she can become shy, overly worried, or overly critical of herself and others. Virgo needs order and needs to feel helpful and of service to others.
  • Libra symbolized by the scales of justice needs harmony. Libra hates conflict and loves a peaceful and beautiful environment. Libra seeks harmony and cooperation with grace, but can be indecisive and can carry a grudge or have a tendency toward self-pity.
  • Scorpio is an intense sign with a need for privacy, deep soul bonding, and a powerful sex chemistry. Scorpios are eternally loyal, but can also be jealous and secretive.
  • Sagittarius loves the freedom to travel and be outdoors. They are generous and idealistic and have a great sense of humor. They inspire us to dream and to chase the impossible. Their negative aspect is being impatient.
  • Capricorns are responsible and disciplined. They make very good managers. They like tradition, music, family, but in their negative aspect, they can be unforgiving and condescending, always expecting the worst. Capricorns are planners and they teach us about structure and achieving long-term goals.
  • Aquarians need friendship and collaboration yet they are also rebellious with a strong sense of individuality. They are progressive and full of original ideas, but in their negative aspect, they can be temperamental and uncompromising.
  • Pisces are compassionate, intuitive, gentle and wise. They are a musical sign that enjoys being alone. Although in their negative aspect, they can be fearful, sad, and have a desire to escape reality. Pisces need fantasy and a creative outlet.

As you can see, whatever your sun sign is, if it is coupled with a moon sign that is its polar opposite, it is going to temper your sun sign’s characteristics. And if your moon sign is similar, these aspects will be even more pronounced! This is why only looking at your sun sign cannot be a realistic representation of your personality. So, if you really want to have an insightful look consider an astrology reading instead of your newspaper’s horoscope.

Natal chart

What is your natal chart? A natal chart is basically a map that shows where all of the planets were in their travels around the sun when you were born. Using the exact time and date of your birth as well as your location to take into account time changes, a computer can generate an exact rendering of where the celestial bodies were when you were born. It is the basic building block for all of your astrology readings and horoscopes.

Astrological houses

planetsIn astrology, the zodiac is divided into 12 segments which are called houses. Each segment is ruled by a different sign. At the moment that you were born all of the planets we’re not only in a specific sign but also in a particular house. When a planet arrives in a house their energies light up that segment. The first six houses are called personal houses, and deal with things like self-appearance, money, romance, and love. The second fix houses represent the interpersonal houses, friends, long-term career, and travel.

Astrological Progression

astrology chartThe study of astrological progression is used to forecast future trends along with transits, which are the movement of the planets across the sky. Starting with your natal chart, astrologers can determine which planets and celestial bodies will be where at a given time, as well as which influences they will bring in that presentation. From there, they can interpret how these energy flows will be manifesting in your life.

Now, remember, astrology is not predicting the future. Astrology is simply informing you which energy will be present at a given moment in time. Humans have free will and whatever choices you make are up to you. Astrology can only give you the conditions that you will surround you at that time.

The study of aspects digs even deeper into the details. When we analyze the aspects, we are looking at the angular relationships between the planet within the elliptical circle. These relationships can be deemed harmonic, dynamic, or neutral. Some common terms you might hear in the study of major aspects are conjunction, oppositions, squares, trines, and sextiles. These aspects look at how the planets work together. There are also minor aspects, and these are a kind of subdivision of the major aspects. You can have semisquares, semisextiles, quincunx or quintiles, even biquintiles.

Boy, this is getting really complicated, right? Astrology is a real study and anyone who says it’s not a science doesn’t know what they’re talking about. In fact, many people believe that modern-day astronomy actually grew out of the ancient study of astrology.


The word horoscope is derived from the Greek words ‘hora’ and ‘scopus’ meaning time and observer. It is a method of divination similar to tarot or i-ching, but it’s based on the movements of the celestial bodies in our solar system.  When writing an astrological horoscope, astrologers are studying the exact location of the celestial bodies in our sky at a given time. Whether this is in the past or in the future, there are certain energies between the planets and their movements that influence our world. Based on these energies, a gifted astrologer can learn about things that have happened or that will happen in the future.

What will an astrology reading tell you?

A professional astrologer will combine all of these different elements from your natal chart which includes your sun sign and moon sign, also taking into account the houses and the progressions. Using all of this information, they can generate an astrology report or a personalized horoscope. And when you call your professional astrologer with a question, this is the toolkit that they will use to show you what elements are at play.

5 best sites for astrology readings

Our favorite sites to recommend for your astrology readings are those that are verified, reviewed and rated. There are a lot of websites out there offering free things and the best services, but the bottom line is you don’t know what you’re getting into. With our trusted partner websites, you can rest assured that these companies have a long and well-proven track record. They’ve been around for many years, their psychics are all vetted, and all of their bios, reviews, and ratings are clearly posted. And they offer customer service guarantees. Additionally, they also have great offers for first-time customers.

You might ask yourself why a reputable website would give away services for free? The answer is simple. With the oversaturation of psychic professionals on the web, who claim to be the best offering the greatest special deals, it can be very difficult to sort out the legitimate readers from the rest. Our partner sites are so confident in their services, that they know that if you just give it a chance, you will realize right away that you’re reading is of the highest quality.

That is why Keen offers the first 10 minutes for only $1.99, and Kasamba offers the first 3 minutes for free no matter how many psychics you try out. AskNow has special offers for the first five minutes for free, and also prices as low as $1 per minute. They believe that AskNow logothey can gain your trust and don’t need to trick you into their services. At Oranum you can even chat with your psychic for free using their video chat service. They will answer any questions you have so that you can feel confident moving forward with your first personalized reading.

Pros of astrology reports

  • Can illuminate your strengths
  • Also can teach you about your weaknesses
  • Will help you to understand others
  • Can help you make informed decisions

Cons of astrology reports

  • Its a complicated field of study that’s hard to do well
  • Be careful not to read only your sun sign!

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