2 Questions for £1.99
  • Readings are performed via chat on the Fortunica app.
  • Single questions answered publicly or privately
  • Tarot card readings
  • Ritual sessions
  • Palm readings
  • Natal charts
App Fortunica Psychics Review
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App Fortunica Psychics Review

Psychic Readings Available

  • Fortunica has a unique approach to delivering psychic readings.
  • Readings from £1.99 single question to £16.00 for a full reading.
  • Generous Introductory Offers


Pros and Cons

  • Generous offers for new customers.
  • A unique approach to psychic readings which makes them very affordable.
  • Readings for £1.99 - £2.99 per question
  • Learn more about what questions and answers other people get with the (optional) public readings facility.
  • View the psychic advisors working style in advance.
  • Detailed psychic profiles
  • Ideal for quick anonymous readings.
  • Variety of languages available
  • Voice and written messages
  • Promotions and discounts advised via notification services.
  • Clunky features in places.
  • Full readings are not as extensive as other psychic providers.
  • Details of how long the full readings will be are not clear.
  • There’s no category section to inspire the reading style you might like.
  • Facility to rate a psychic but we couldn’t find the reviews for the psychics.
  • No clear refund policy.

What Is The Fortunica App?

The Fortunica app is a fun app available for Android or iOS that seems to make hooking up with a psychic much faster, more interactive and lots of fun.

While it’s probably not the best option for long and detailed readings, it’s perfect for providing reassurance on issues that might be distracting you from your day job. You can interact with a psychic on the tube, or even figure out how best to prepare for an important meeting you are about to attend.  

You can have single questions answered quickly, or more in-depth readings, card readings, ritual sessions and palm readings. What’s more, the beauty of it is, you don’t have to talk, and you can engage in minimal typing too. Perfect for people who are on the go and don’t have time to sit in a quiet room on the phone or messaging for half an hour.

4 Steps To Your Expert Psychic Reading With Kasamba Psychics

  1. Visit Fortunica
  2. Register your details (you’ll need to add accurate information).
  3. Choose your preferred service (public or private question or a full reading or ritual).
  4. Ask your question.

All you need to do next is wait for your answer (make sure you turn on notifications).

Is The Fortunica App Legit?

Fortunica is definitely a legit app.

We put them to the test, and the answers the psychics provided were spot on. We achieved direct answers to our most pressing questions fast and for less than £3.

The beauty of Fortunica is that you can see how a psychic is likely to perform by viewing any of their public answers from their profile.  So, you can try before you buy too. Also, don’t worry if you are concerned about privacy; you can choose whether you want your questions to be public or private. While private is slightly more expensive, it’s by no means out of reach.  

Keep on reading on to find out more.

How Fortunica Works

Fortunica works by offering you the opportunity to buy single answer psychic readings or a variety of other uniquely packaged psychic readings or services. You buy these from a psychic in a way that makes getting your most pressing questions answered in a much more affordable way and also faster, without having to stay on the phone talking or chatting on messenger.  

Fortunica also has a community vibe about it. You can also read the public questions asked which are helpful and in some cases, the advice given to others will help you in your situation. In other cases, it can help you see how any particular psychic operates and whether you like their style of reading.  


Navigation can be a little clunky and confusing, for example, you would think to press the ‘shop’ icon to find out what products are available to purchase (at least we did). However, that button only shows the prices for each question.  

To find out what other products you can buy from Fortunica you need to press the ‘pen’ icon on the bottom bar.  

But once you’ve got that figured out everything else is reasonably straightforward.  

Fortunica’s Services

Fortunica offers a number of psychic services on their app.  

They range from the following:

  • 1 question answered publicly
  • 1 question answered privately
  • Card Readings
  • Astral charts
  • Palm readings
  • Ritual sessions 

And while it might seem as though the options are limited for a reading, this feels lighter and not as overwhelming as other sites with more information may be.  

Here’s what you get with each of Fortunica’s services:

1 Question Answered Publicly

You can ask 1 question publicly which is posted to a public wall within the app, and any of the psychics working with Fortunica will answer them.  These questions cost £1.99, or you can buy packages of multiple questions and save some money in the process.

You don’t have to use all of your questions in one go though. Any pre-paid questions will just sit in your account waiting to be used when you are ready.

Prices (at the time of writing)

  • £1.99 for 1 question
  • £5.49 for three questions
  • £8.99 for five questions
  • £16.99 for ten questions

1 Question Answered Privately

There is also the option to ask a question privately.  The process is similar to the public questions, but this time you select your preferred psychic, click ‘let’s connect’, and choose the option to ask a private question.  

The psychic may not respond to your question immediately but will usually give you a turnaround time or some information about their availability on their profile.  

When the question is answered, you’ll receive a notification (if you have your notifications for Fortunica turned on) and it will be stored in the ‘messages section’ of your account. It will stay there for as long as you desire (or until you delete it).

Private Messaging Costs

  • £2.99 for 1 private message
  • £8.49 for 3 private messages
  • £24.99 for 10 private messages
  • £119.99 for 50 private messages

Card Readings

Card Readings Cost – £16.99

You can also purchase a card reading from Fortunica.  

They don’t specify exactly what type of card reading you will get because it can vary depending on the psychic’s skills. However, if a psychic you select on Fortunica reads tarot and offers card readings via Fortunica, then you can expect a tarot reading. If they read angel cards, however, and offer card readings, then you’ll receive an angel card reading.

Not all psychics participate in all of the services that Fortunica offer. So, to find out what services a psychic offers just select ‘connect with me’ on the psychic’s profile. There you will find out all you need to know.  

There is no description on Fortunica about how long the psychic readings are or what you can expect.  We did try out one of these readings, and while they did answer the question, they were not as long or as thorough as other tarot readings we have experienced on other sites, such as Keen or Psychic Source.

But the readings were accurate, and we enjoyed the fact that we could just order them and do nothing else but read our reading when it was returned.  

We also loved that the price was fair and in line with the prices most psychic providers charge.

Astral Charts

Price: £25.99

For a very reasonable fee, you can have one of Fortunica’s psychics who specializes in astrology draw up your astral chart for you. From that they will give you the lowdown on what the weather is like in your life.  

Astral charts are great for understanding why you might have some of the habits, challenges and even blockages that you might be facing in your life.

Even if you find the alignment of the stars causes a particular challenge and that you can’t change it, having the awareness about the situation and acknowledging that you have to practice acceptance or find a workaround is hugely empowering.  You are no longer a victim of your destiny.

These astrological challenges could be where the saying ‘you have a cross to bear’ comes from. This is because people who have a Grand Cross in their charts certainly will have cross to bear for life.  There are, of course, other more common astrological challenges that we might experience and that create little quirks in our personalities or challenges in our life.

For example, an individual known to us is a Capricorn moon AND Sun sign. It can make them demonstrate and feel twice the amount of slow-paced Capricorn qualities, which is then further magnified because of the placement of Capricorn in the sun and moon. Their rising sign, however, is Sagittarius; a fast-paced fire sign. This mix explains why our ‘friend’ always feels so frustrated and that everything takes such a long time. Also why they often want to be more outgoing but can’t get there. Realizing this helped them to accept this particular challenge and embrace it without frustration anymore. So now, when they make their plans and goals, they can stop to think about how they can engineer the balance between their particular astrological challenges.

This sort of information is what you could find out in an astral chart.

It takes time to read and write an astral chart, and so we think that the fee’s for this service is fair. We also like that the reading will be there sitting in your app waiting for you to reflect upon anytime you want to.

These charts are well worth exploring.  

Palm Readings

Cost £8.99

Simply take some clear photos of your hands (there are instructions on how to do this on Fortunica’s app) and send them into your favourite psychic.  Then answer a few questions about your birth date and wait for them to send you a palm reading right back.  

Palm readings are a fun way to find out where your life is headed and what’s in store for you based on your current thoughts, decisions and lifestyle.  

Find out if you are moving toward or away from your destiny by having your palms read by a professional and we can’t help thinking that £8.99 is a good price to pay for this service too.

Ritual sessions

Cost £25.99

According to Fortunica, “a ritual is an act performed by an empowered and experienced individual to bring positive changes to your life, such as attracting love, money or luck.  They have been practiced for centuries.”

“Rituals can guide a current situation that you dislike or assist you in moving into a situation that attracts what is destined for you.”

These types of services are difficult to validate. They could create a placebo effect and could also be true, but we can never know.  While this is not something we’d want to try because we know it’s impossible to empower yourself, it doesn’t mean that it’s not going to work for you.  We can’t honestly say whether it’s a good thing either way.

This is probably something, that if you are exploring Fortunica or all things psychic, that you try for fun, rather than as something to solve a dire situation.

Although the price once again seems to be fair.  

Fortunica’s Customer Service and Promises To You

The Platform

The Fortunica app is an easy-to-navigate, attractive looking app.  And as you’d expect with most apps, they provide a tutorial to help you to understand how their app works. So, we recommend checking it out.

Fortunica also provides ideas for what types of questions to ask, just in case you wanted to try the service but were unsure what to ask. 

The biggest challenge with the app is that the service is unique. So this means it takes a few minutes to figure out how it all works. Once you’ve cracked it, however, it soon becomes easy to use.

The Customer Service

You’ll find information about how you can contact customer service buried in the FAQ section. You can find the FAQ section in the ‘home’ menu. We don’t know how interactive or supportive the customer service team is for Fortunica because there is not any specific information available.

Most of the answers to your questions though will also be answered by reading through the FAQ section. So, you may find that checking that out first will save you some time in waiting to hear back from Fortunica’s customer service department.  

We do like how Fortunica describes their customer service team as a team of ‘guardian angels’. The warm nature of this nickname tells us that the chances are Fortunica’s ‘guardian angels’ will indeed help you out if you need it.  

The Psychics

There are a wide variety of psychics working on the Fortunica app, some of whom we have encountered and featured before on other reputable sites.  All psychics who work for Fortunica are interviewed and tested before working on their app.

Here are some of the features we like on the psychic’s profiles:

  • The search function allows you to search by psychics name, language or skills.
  • Details and independently completed psychic profiles.
  • Clearly displayed working hours on each psychic’s page.
  • You can easily see the psychic’s average response time.
  • You can check out your preferred psychics’ style by reading their public answers.
  • Quickly see what services your preferred psychics offer by clicking ‘let’s connect’.
  • All messages and contact from you with a psychic is saved right in the app. 

The Satisfaction Guarantee

While there will be some basic legal requirement for a refund, Fortunica does not specify this in their terms, nor do they offer a satisfaction guarantee.  We’d prefer to see one because it’s a great way to reassure customers.

What We Love About Fortunica

  • They test and verify their psychics
  • The streamlined options for readings.
  • The look and feel of the app.
  • The prices.
  • How easy it is to view the important features on the psychics’ profiles. 

What We Think Fortunica Could Improve

  • Unclunk some of the features on the app. 

Our Conclusion

Fortunica is a great app, that is not only fun to use, but it also provides real verified psychics at a fraction of the cost.  They specialize in short and sweet messages, and if you wanted a more in-depth reading, you’d probably need to visit some of our other recommended sites such as Psychic Source or Kasamba.  If, however, you want quick psychic advice that takes barely any effort, in bitesize chunks, then Fortunica is the app for you.  

They’ve worked hard to provide a fair service that is credible.  Which means we have no hesitation in saying that we would definitely recommend this site to our readers.

To check them out click here.

But if you want something more in depth here are some of our other recommended psychic sites.  

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

September 2020

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If you decide to check out Fortunica, don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the experience in the comments below.  

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