Angel Numbers – What They Are And How to Read Them?

Angel numbers are a big deal. They are celestial numbers that have meaning and are said to be sent directly from the heavens to guide, assist and support you in your everyday life.  Angel numbers have their foundations firmly fixed in numerology so learning about angel numbers is a great way to study two topics combined – Angels and Numerology. And as if we’ve read it on your cards, we’ve got plenty of information here to help you get started on this interesting and magical topic.


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What are Angel Numbers?

Have you ever been minding your own business as you move through your everyday life only to notice a specific number sequence that just keeps repeating?  Maybe you always wake up at precisely 3.33 every night. Or perhaps you have a meeting at 11 am, on the 11th, the bus you catch is the number 11, and there are only 11 people on the bus, and the coincidences go on. 

These number sequences are what we refer to as angel numbers, and all of them have a specific meaning.  The way that you can begin to understand the meaning of angel numbers is by understanding the numerology (which is the study of the vibrational meaning of numbers) behind the numbers.  Because when angels want to give us messages, they often draw our attention to these ‘angel numbers’ which will appear in our experience over and over again.

Sometimes a specific angel number will repeat over and over again in your life and could happen over the course of years.  You could be receiving messages to confirm that you are on the right path, or it could be that the angels are highlighting something that needs your attention, but it just happens to be something that you have overlooked.  

Who are Angel Numbers For

Depending on which way that you look at it, the beauty or the frustration of angel numbers is that even though they will be there for everybody, you can’t request a number at your whim.  

Well, at least not an angel number in the way that we have described them so far.  

Angel numbers come to you when an angel is trying to communicate with you, and the closest thing that you can do to access angel numbers at your fingertips is to explore Doreen Virtue angel cards.  

Doreen Virtue was, for an extended period in her life one of the leading voices on angels, and created numerous books, and oracle cards.  The Doreen Virtue Angel Cards are numbered, and so you can use them either by looking up the number of the card and reading the message or by using traditional divination methods of merely asking a question, shuffling the deck of cards and selecting a card randomly.  

Why Do We Receive Angel Numbers?

We receive angel numbers when angels are trying to contact us.  These messages can occur at important times of our life for example when we need to know something concerning our life path, and because our angels are trying to guide us toward the best actions and choices for us.   

But we’ll also receive angel numbers when we might be experiencing times of trouble, or are making important decisions.  Again these messages are sent to us perhaps to ensure our happiness and wellbeing as well as to prevent us making decisions that could make our pathway in life harder.  

We might also receive angel numbers as a collective, for example; many people in the same country might start to notice the same number over and over again. Or people all over the world might see the same number which might reflect a message that the whole world needs to hear at that moment in time.  

Angel numbers might come to us when we are awakening, and starting to move into a different phase or awareness in our life.  

What Angel Numbers Mean

If you want to start to learn what angel numbers mean, you can get started by researching numerology. If you like the easy path, check out the Doreen Virtue Angel Cards which have a message for each corresponding number.  

To help you along, here are the numerology meanings for the numbers 1-10:

Always represents the beginning of something, the first spark of creativity, and a new start.  One as an angel number also represents focusing on you individually as a person, making sure that you are focused on your thoughts, self care and in manifesting your true desires.

The angel number two represents comfort, harmony, reassurance, and companionship.  Doing things for others and sharing is the order of the day when the number two is around.  It’s also a number of contentment, even if you don’t see this yet, it’s on the cards.

Three represents projects, communication and the need for balance between your life and projects. Attending to Work, Rest and Play, and Body, Mind and Spirit in equal measures are examples of how you can start to bring balance into your life.

Number four is a complex number. It acknowledges that you have successfully built your foundations and even achieved your goals, but that now it’s time to push through this place of security to reach the next level. Which is why four can represent self-awareness and change.

Five represents conflict and healthy competition, as you’ve started to make necessary changes, you are now faced with new challenges and must develop your skills and knowledge so that you can manage the changes with excellence.  Five is an angel number that might highlight that any conflict or challenges that you are facing are necessary learning processes so that you can reach greater heights.

Angel numbers four and five taught you to push through your boundaries, seek and then attain more, but now you have done that it’s important to start to bring your attention to the attainment of balance and to make sure that we attend to all of the business and issues in our life.For example; If you have been working on pushing your body into a healthier place through diet and exercise, or have been working on a physical project,in both cases it’s time to stop, reflect and start to appreciate the results whilst taking time out to meditate and bring in balanced energy around you.

In numerology, the number seven refers to anything and everything that is unknown to us, which could mean spiritual matters, hidden aspects of our self, or of our business, life, projects and even the world.Seven is a magical number because it’s mysterious and encourages new awakenings.

Angel number eight acknowledges the balance and sense of stability and awareness that is currently prevalent in your life or aspects of it.  You have built your foundations and pushed yourself beyond your limits and now reap the results. When eight is present, you will see, or are about to see the benefits of your hard work.

Nine is a very spiritual number the angel number nine encourages you to push through the norm of everyday life and start to explore what is beyond.  

The Meaning Of Some Of The Common Angel Numbers

As we’ve already previously mentioned, some angel numbers may seem to be common amongst your society, country, or even worldwide.  If there are numbers that the masses are seeing worldwide, or in your community then there is a message that is important for more than one person to hear.  

Here are some of the typical angel numbers that are reported to be seen by many people worldwide and their meanings.  


This angel number brings messages to encourage you to attune to your sense of oneness.  It can be a wake-up call, asking you to realise that there is more to existence than our physical world and that you are required to assist – by waking up and becoming more aware.  


This is an angel number that requires you to start connecting with your intuition and following its guidance, even if it needs you to move outside of your comfort zone.  The angel number 1010 denotes a sense of spiritual enlightenment or awakening of some sort, whether that be that you need to start your new spiritual journey, or that the changes you are experiencing are a result of a spiritual awakening.  If you see the number 1010 frequently, you’ll probably have the energy and drive to tend to your new experiences.


If you are seeing the angel number 444 frequently, this is your angels call for you to take action on something.  And it’s very likely that you’ll know what you need to take action on, even if you may not want to.

For example, if you are in the right place in your life, but your habits and a persistent lack of discipline or diligence causes you to keep stalling – and you know this but still do it anyway (we are all guilty of not taking action even when we know we need to  so you’re not alone).

Then you start to see the number 444 – it’s a sure sign that your angels are trying to tell you that you really must begin to take action.  However, the action you take should be well considered, researched and discipline and diligence applied.

Don’t just rush head first into whatever action you are inspired by.  


If you are seeing the angel numbers 777 around then, it’s a strong message from your angels that are assuring you that you are on your divine right path.  Please, allow us to repeat this: if you see 777 around then whatever you are thinking, doing, or planning is aligned with your divine right purpose. If you see it frequently then you may already be living your life according to your divine purpose – congratulations!

How To Recognise Angel Numbers

Recognising angel numbers is really simple, all it takes is to become more aware of the number sequences around you and start to notice those that appear more frequently than others.  

To aid your understanding of these numbers take stock of what you were doing, thinking and planning at the time that you saw the number sequence.

Where To Find the Best Angel Readers Online

Sometimes you might see the same number over and over again but struggle to place the meaning of it in your life.  In this scenario, you can enlighten yourself by booking a reading with a professional angel reader, who will be able to connect with angels and help you understand what the angels are trying to say to you.

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The Pros and Cons Of Embracing Angel Numbers


  • You have nothing to lose from exploring them.
  • Avoid missing crucial messages.
  • Gives you control over your life
  • Adds fun and excitement to your life.
  • It’s reassuring to realise that you are not alone.


  • You won’t know what you might be missing.
  • Life might not be as exciting.
  • You won’t feel as loved and reassured as you deserve to feel.

Are you ready to start embracing angel numbers in your life now?

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