Angel Messages – What is an Angel Message?

Angel messages are arguably the most beautiful, uplifting and reassuring messages that we can ever experience. Angels exist to help us to feel loved completely, worthy of love, supported and guided as we navigate life.  We just need to learn how to notice an angel message when we receive one, and the best places to go if we want to request one.  

So if want to learn how to connect with your angel messenger today, keep on reading on, and we will share our angel secrets with you.


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What is an Angel Message?

Even though angels always surround us, we don’t always notice the angel messages that they bring when they are trying to communicate with us. And if we do notice we may not find that the mysterious way the angel messenger has communicated with us is easy to understand or interpret.

Angel messages are frequently delivered through signs, numbers, symbols, song and many other ways. It might be perfectly reasonable for you to see a white feather randomly appear in your home, even though you don’t have soft feathery furnishings anywhere in sight.  Perhaps the wind blew it in?

Perhaps the wind did blow the feather in, but how did the wind manage to find a white feather and steer it directly into your home on a frequent basis?  That has to be synchronicity right?

This is just one example of an angel message.  Perhaps, in this case, the feather was just to let you know that angels are there, or to prompt you to start to look for a more profound or clearer angel message.  

Angel messages are often sent to us to provide guidance, security, love, reassurance or to encourage us to learn more about our life, purpose, spirituality and even wake up our awareness about something so that we can consciously move onto a life path that is right for us.  This is why it’s beneficial to start noticing the subtle angle messages that your angel messenger is bringing to you.

It’s also possible to seek out an angel message from a professional who can translate your angels messages in a way that is easier for us to understand.  

You can easily find ways to enjoy an angel message either by taking advantage of the free angel messages available in abundance online, reading angel message cards, learning to translate your own messages, or by hiring a spiritual reader who has experience with connecting to angels.  There’s more about this topic later in this article.

Who an Angel Message is For?

Everybody will benefit from an angel message, and you can be sure that your angel messenger is sending you messages right now.  They are relentless in their love, commitment and communication with you.

If you are feeling particularly unloved, need reassurance, are experiencing loss, confusion or a general lack of clarity and direction, you would benefit from booking an angel reading from a professional to help you find your way through a tricky time. Even though angel messages are beneficial at particularly stressful times in our life, they are also useful for general guidance too – similar to a weather forecast (but a life forecast instead!).  

Some people like to hire their favourite angel messenger every quarter to help them set the tone for the quarter and make sure that they are heading in the right direction in their life – wise people they are too!  

Likewise, free angel messages are available which are great for daily or weekly guidance or to help you solve a problem or make a decision.

Different Types of Angel Messages

Angel messages come in a variety of ways, it’s impossible to detail every one of them because frankly, the list is endless and can be unique to each person.  However there are some very common types of messages that your angel messenger brings, and if you can figure them out, you will be abundant with free angel messages galore!  

Here are the common signs that your angel messenger is sending you a celestial message.  


Numbers such as 1111, 222, 000, and any combination of numbers are all said to be free angel messages sent directly to you from the heavens above. Numerology is the study of the symbolic meaning of numbers, and so each number or combination of numbers will contain a message. In many cases, angels send messages this way.  If you wake up randomly at 3.32am, your long lost friend calls you at 3.32pm, and then you pop to the shop, and your receipt is £3.32 this is an example of an angel message.

All you need to do is translate the numbers and assess what you were doing, and thinking at each time that you saw the number to give you further insight.


The list of symbols is long and could be a symbol that unique to you.  For example: an old patchwork blanket that somebody’s late mother made brings messages of comfort to them.   If they are feeling lost, or lonely perhaps the image of the patchwork blanket will pop up in their mind, or the blanket will fall out of the cupboard.  

Other common symbols are pennies, feathers, birds, rainbows, sparkles of light, angel shapes in clouds, or in the pattern on decorative items around the home.


Angels often play songs right at the perfect time, here is a true story of somebody who experienced angel messages through song:

Somebody had decided to go and seek therapy to help them overcome the sudden and premature loss of a parent.  As this person entered into the alternative health centre, (her name was Michelle), the famous Beatles song from the sixties  ‘Michelle My Belle’ was playing on the radio, and since it was the noughties, hearing the song was an irregular occurrence.

Later that day the song was playing again in a shop, and when Michelle returned home and turned on the radio, there it was again.  It was a clear sign that somebody was around her, and since the meaning of the song is all about love, it couldn’t be a better and more reassuring song.  

The angel messengers were trying to send a message, and she took it as that she had just made the right decision to let go of her grief and move on with the love and support of all of the celestial beings around her. 


Angel cards are a type of divination tool where the messages have been channelled by a spiritual reader who specialises in connecting with angels.  Here are some examples of angel cards which you can buy online.

Crystal Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Angel Answers Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

These cards are also frequently used for free angel messages online and are read professionally by spiritual readers.


Random beautiful scents with no signs of a flower or well-groomed human insight are very likely to be your angel messenger.  

Seeing sparkles

In the same way that random scents pop up, so can sparkles in your vision.  Say hello to your angel messenger!

Hearing angelic voices

The sound of angelic voices if you are not in a church choir can be incredibly profound.  The angel messengers are singing to you, and the tones that they sing will be gently guiding, prompting and reassuring you.  Sometimes, and in this situation you don’t need to understand the message, you can just take the good vibes!

In Dreams 

Some claim to talk to angels in their dreams, which is entirely possible but probably not something that everybody will experience (or if they do they might not remember!).

Spiritual Readers

Instead of waiting for your angel messages to come to you, take control of your own life and ask your angel messenger to come to you.  You can do this by using the free angel readings, through angel cards or a professional angel reader.  

The Rule Of Three 

Some people say that if you see, sense, smell, or hear something three times, then that’s a clear message from the angels. And it’s a great rule of thumb to use, and one that even if your angels don’t apply this rule in general that they will learn to apply if you are consistent in your superstition and especially if you start to notice the angels messages.  

So look out for an unusual song you hear three times, three of the same or similar symbols, notice when you see sparkles in your vision.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Angel Messages

You probably won’t be able to logically translate every single symbol or message that an angel sends and in some cases, you probably don’t need to.  

In fact, sometimes your angel messenger may just want to let you know that they are there in times of need and that you are not alone.  Their scents, tones and songs that they send to you might heal or direct you without you having to do anything with it. 

But in all cases where you notice an angel message, take time to notice what you were doing, who you were talking to or thinking about, what you were thinking about, and how you were feeling.  And then check to see if there is a pattern you can uncover. If there is one that you can notice then your angel messengers are probably trying to bring your awareness to either the right course of action for you,  or to help you in some way concerning whatever it is you were doing, thinking or expressing.

What You Can Expect From An Angel Reading

If you decide to try out an angel reading from a professional angel reader, then you will be lovingly guided and supported during your reading.  Your angels will also help you to find the direction you need or a solution any problems, and your angel reader will translate it in your preferred language to you. So you won’t have to try to translate the signs and symbols yourself.  

Usually, you will ask the angel reader to focus on your life in general or a particular topic (you need to give a brief outline of what you want to know- but not the specifics and listen to the angel message that your spiritual reader will bring you.  You can expect to leave the reading feeling loved, reassured and clearer about your situation.

Where To Find the Best Angel Readers Online

The best angel readers frequent the best spiritual sites, of course!  They are the best because they’ve been checked out by the sites before they can have a profile and represent the site.  

You can find many of the best readers on the following sites.

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Here are the Pros and Cons Of Booking A Professional Angel Reading


  • You know you are loved, supported and guided, always!
  • Better than therapy!
  • Uplifting and reassuring
  • Plenty of choice of readers if you choose a professional reading


  • You might not accept, or be able to accept that you are loved and protected so much.  
  • Sometimes you might be guided toward something that you don’t want but that you need.  

Are you ready to take the plunge and try out your first reading?  

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