• 7 Minutes for £7
  • Fixed Price Readings
  • Loyalty Discounts
  • Bulk Purchase Discounts
7th Sense Psychics Review
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7th Sense Psychics Review

Psychic Readings Available

  • Horoscope readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Clairvoyants
  • Love advice
  • Psychic Readings
  • Mediums
  • Astrology


Pros and Cons

  • Fair and Transparent
  • Fixed Prices
  • Loyalty Discounts
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Wide Variety of Psychics
  • Easy To Use Website
  • Free Reading Playback
  • No video readings
  • No psychic chat
  • No detailed information on how they verify their psychics.
  • Can’t search for specific psychic disciplines

Who is 7th Sense Psychics?

7th Sense Psychics are no stranger to all things mystical.  They’ve been in business and providing people with their telephone psychic services for over 15 years.  They’ve earned their stripes that’s for sure.  

7th Sense PsychicsBased in Ireland, 7th Sense Psychics boast a wide variety of over 150 psychic readers – which they claim to be all carefully selected and verified and to cover a wide range of psychic and metaphysical disciplines.  So there should be a psychic who can help you at all times.

Which sounds like good service to us.  

You can also find detailed profiles and customer reviews so that you can take as much time as you need to find the right psychic for you.   

So we decided to check these guys out and find out if they really do stand by their word and more importantly if YOU can trust them.  

Keep on reading to find out more.  But in the meantime, if you just want a great psychic reading here is a link to one of our trusted and approved psychic providers.  

4 Steps To A Real Psychic Reading That You Can Trust

  1. Visit Kasamba
  2. Register your details.
  3. Select your favorite available psychic from the choices shown.
  4. Click ‘call ’ or Chat (the psychic will instantly chat or call you back).

Are 7th Sense Psychics Legit?

Yes, we believe that 7th Sense Psychics are indeed legit.  They appear to be working hard to make sure that you have everything you need to enjoy a high-quality psychic reading for a fair price.  

Keep on reading to find out why we believe this.

What Are 7th Sense Psychics Offers?

  • 7 Minutes for £7 for new customers
  • Loyalty discounts – explained below.
  • Bulk purchase discounts – explained below 

What Services Do 7th Sense Psychics Offer?

7th Sense Psychics focus mainly on providing you with a clear and easy to use psychic service, and this is where they focus most of their attention.  

They claim to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Best Value (They say they are 33% cheaper than their ‘nearest’ competitors).
  • Free Playback (You can listen to your old readings over and over again for life).
  • Fixed Prices (£2.20 per minute at the time of writing).
  • Loyalty & Bulk Purchase Discounts.
  • Split Minutes (Spread the minutes you’ve purchased across days, weeks, months and advisors).
  • Free App (for your convenience) 

We noticed that they also offer these benefits too but don’t shout about them.

  • Very clean and easy to use website.
  • Facility to listen to the psychic’s talk before you book them.  
  • Psychics profiles are very clear, and it’s easy to spot the skills and reviews.  
  • Introductory Offer
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Do 7th Sense Psychics Deliver What They Promise?

Let’s take a look in more detail at 7th Sense Psychics’ services and see if they deliver enough value for you to trust them.  

Best Value

7th Sense Psychics do offer psychic readings at very fair prices, by comparison to many other psychic providers and before any discount is applied.  

Free Playback

This is an excellent service and one that you will probably use over and over again.  

Fixed Prices

We like that 7th Sense provide fixed prices because it allows you to access any reader for a price that you know you can manage, rather than having to dig around to find one at the right price range for you.  

Loyalty And Bulk Purchase Discounts

Again, this is a very fair deal, although you do have to spend a lot of minutes to get good discounts.  

Discounts start at;

  • Bulk buy a 20-minute bundle for £41.99, and you’ll be enjoying a reading for  £2.10 per minute.
  • Spend £100 – £249 per month, and you can get readings for between £2.09 and £1.80 per minute the following month* 

Discounts can go up to:

  • Bulk buy 100 minutes for £189.99, and that will be £1.90 per minute.
  • Spend £750 in a month, and you’ll get your readings for £1.87 to £1.61 per minute the following month.* 

*Depending on how many minutes you purchase.

Split Minutes

Again, this is a fair deal.  

What 7th Sense Psychics are saying is that they break the readings you enjoy down to the minute – rather than rounding it to 5 minutes or 10 minutes.  

Which means that you don’t lose any of the minutes that you have purchased if you have only used 8 minutes for example.

In this scenario, the balance of your minutes will go down by 8 minutes only, rather than rounding it up to 10 which could be the case with other psychic providers.  

It’s a fair system, but it really should be expected of any psychic site that offers the facility to bulk purchase minutes.  

Free App

7th Sense Psychics have created an app to make it easier for you to access their psychics.

Clean And Easy To Use Site

7th Sense Psychics7th Sense’s website is clean!  And it’s a pleasure to use. Sometimes too much noise or extra clicking around to find what you are looking for creates frustration and even can put you in a bad mood.  

You won’t feel that way on 7th Sense Psychics website.  It feels more as though you’ve just walked into a serene spar (well, metaphorically speaking it does) and that is the perfect mindset for getting the most out of your psychic reading.

Most of what you need to know is easy to find, and no pointless distractions are standing in the way of you and your psychic reading.  

Facility To Listen To The Psychics Before Booking Them

This is a feature that might be overlooked by many, but we all unconsciously and psychically assess the people we meet by standing in their energy, reading their face or listening to their voices. And that’s hard to do when you are trying to find a psychic you will connect well with online.  Many psychics might be uncomfortable to record a video – they are generally people who like to be behind the scenes, and so an audio introduction is a perfect compromise.

Another great feature from 7th Sense Psychics that we recommend you embrace.

The Introductory Offer.

If you are new to 7th Sense Psychics, you will be eligible to receive an introductory discount, which is 7 minutes for £7.  If your reading lasts longer than 7 minutes, then you’ll be charged the standard £2.20 per minute.

Which is very fair.  

This gives you a chance to test out 7th Sense Psychics services without spending too much money from the offset.

There are some better offers on the market for introductory deals, but they change all of the time, check out some of our other recommended sites to see what they are offering too so that you can take advantage of the best discounts.  

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you look at 7th Sense Psychics home page, you will see that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is true.  But there are some things you need to know to make the most of it.

  • Credits will be refunded to you 7th Sense Psychics account.
  • The amount refunded will be equal to the amount paid and the minutes used.
  • To apply for a refund, you must call customer care within 48 hours of your reading.
  • The reading must not have lasted more than 10 minutes.
  • Your reasons for requiring a refund must be valid (there is no definition of what ‘valid’ means).
  • 7th Sense Psychics can decline a refund if they feel the request is not fair, genuine or valid.
  • Calls will be listened to, to check on the validity of the claim.
  • There’s only one refund per customer. 

For the most part, these terms are fair enough.  However, if you are completely dissatisfied with 7th Sense psychics as a whole you may not get your money back – because they refund to your account with them – not your credit card.  

There are times when clients can request a refund just because they don’t like what they want to hear which is not a valid claim, and is often why psychic sites have to include terms that ensure they reserve the rights to determine whether a claim is valid or not.  

7th Sense PsychicsOf course, there may be companies that are disingenuous and who don’t refund valid claims, so there is always a risk of this.  

However, the vibes we get from 7th Sense Psychics is that they are likely to do their best to resolve the issue fairly.  But we cannot confirm this because we have never made a complaint.

The only issue we have with this policy is the one claim per user policy ( we assume for the lifetime of the customer).  Unless they have outstanding psychics, then there might be times when a valid claim could be dismissed because a customer had the unfortunate experience of having two genuinely bad readings.  We’d be interested in finding out what 7th Sense Psychics might do in this situation.

What Types Of Readings Do 7th Sense Psychics Provide

You can expect a variety of readings from 7th Sense Psychics such as:

  • Psychic Readings
  • Mediumship Readings
  • Astrology Readings
  • Angel Readings
  • Tarot card readings
  • Love Psychics
  • Career Psychics 

Psychics will specialize in other disciplines too, and to find those just check out the psychic’s individual profiles where their specialities are clearly displayed.

What We Love About 7th Sense Psychics

There is a lot that we like about 7th Sense Psychics they really do make an effort to provide you with a fair service and a fairly priced service, as well as a simple and straightforward experience.  

Our favourite features that 7th Sense Psychics provide are;

  • The easy to use website.
  • Ability to save your readings.
  • The sense of fairness that is subliminally conveyed.
  • Loyalty schemes.
  • Fair pricing. 

What We Think 7th Sense Psychics Could Improve

There are a few improvements we feel that 7th Sense Psychics could make to improve the trust, ease of use and to inspire their customers.  

These are;

Explain How They Verify Their Psychics

A brief explanation of how 7th Sense Psychics recruit and verify their psychics would help to satisfy the customer that the psychics who work for 7th Sense are genuinely talented.  Sure they might consider that the psychic reviews speak for themselves, but we’ve seen people positively rate scam artists. So a little bit more information here would satisfy the discerning eye.  

Provide A Search Function For Different Psychic Disciplines

You can’t search for a specific spiritual discipline on the 7th Sense Psychics Site, so if a customer has been reading about crystals and wants to connect with a crystal healer, they would have to keep on clicking through the profiles of each psychic until they came across one.  

Having the facility to search for these different disciplines would enable the customer to find exactly what they are looking for.

Suggestions For Different Psychic Disciplines.

On a similar note to the point above, some customers might want to connect with someone, but they might be bored with the general types of reading.  Providing the customer with a list of other types of readings they could enjoy over the phone with 7th Sense’s psychics would probably inspire the customer into trying different types of readings.  

Conclusion: A Fair and Transparent Service – Approved by us!

We believe that 7th Sense Psychics are bringing a lot of good work to the table, and appear to be doing their best to create a transparent and fair service, which we appreciate.  

There was not very much that we could find wrong with this provider, Aside from the most significant issue which is understanding how they verify their psychics.  That said when we checked out the reviews randomly, we did find psychics who had received bad reviews (which is to be expected) which means that the reviews are probably genuine (and that the highest rated psychics may fall to the top of the page) making it much easier for you to find the good psychics!  

7th Sense Psychics scored highly on our review.  We feel that they are very likely to be legit, credible and seem to be working hard to provide a fair service for you.  If you want to enjoy a reading with 7th Sense Psychics you can do so by clicking here.

You also might want to check out our other recommended sites too so that you can find the perfect psychic for you.

Here are our recommended sites:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

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September 2020

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Have you ever tried 7th Sense Psychics? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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