5 Ways To Protect Yourself During A Psychic Reading

5 Ways To Protect Yourself During A Psychic Reading

Do you think that you might enjoy a psychic reading, but are concerned about your safety?  Perhaps you have heard stories about needing to protect yourself during a psychic reading? Or do you just want to take extra precautions so that you can sit back and enjoy your psychic reading?  

Whatever your perspective, if you learn how to protect yourself during a psychic reading, then you can enjoy a psychic or tarot reading with peace of mind, not just because your psychic has probably already protected you but because you’ve taken responsibility for it too. And well, you know you can trust yourself don’t you?

Different Ways To Protect Yourself

There are different schools of thought on psychic protection.  Some say you need to stay protected. Others say that if you don’t focus on anything bad, then nothing bad will happen and in all honesty they are both great protection strategies.

But if you don’t spend your life exploring all things new age, psychic or alternative, then you won’t realise this.

Almost all professional psychics will follow their own ritual or routines to ask for protection for themselves and their clients, so you are covered if you forget to protect yourself.  It’s part of their practice.

But if you want to protect yourself too, it’s simple.

How To Protect Yourself

Easy techniques to protect yourself during a psychic or tarot reading.  

  1. Sit quietly just before you call for your reading and imagine asking your higher self to surround you with protection during your psychic reading.
  2. Imagine a white, purple or gold light surrounding you during your reading.  
  3. Simply intend to be safe and protected.
  4. Choose a protective crystal such as amethyst and have it with you during your reading.  
  5. Meditate before your reading and visualise yourself experiencing an insightful psychic reading while remaining protected.

As you can see, it’s really simple to protect yourself during a psychic reading that’s because they are safe!  But peace of mind can go a long way – that’s probably the reason why you are calling a psychic in the first place.  These techniques will give you some extra peace of mind while you talk to your psychic.

But it’s important to remember that if you forget, your psychic has got you covered.  

Do you protect yourself during a psychic reading?  Please share your experiences below.


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