Your Now Self

Your Now Self


By Christopher Stone

Last time, I introduced you to Re-Creating Your Self, the process of personal transformation, based upon belief system work, that I created and developed for myself, then, later, shared with others in a private practice, seminars, workshops, a California university Extended Education class, and, finally, in an internationally-published book version.

This time, we’re examining Your Now Self – the person you are right now. Quite simply, before re-creating your self, you need to know who you are right now. I call that person Your Now Self.

This second column is designed to help you become better acquainted with Your Now Self. One highly effective way of doing this is to write who you believe your self to be.

Let’s get started.

Please get a fresh 100-sheet, 8-1/2 by 11-inch college-ruled notebook for this, and subsequent, Re-Creating Your Self Adventures. If you don’t already have one, you can buy your notebook at any 99-Cents Only, or Dollar store. Hereafter, I will refer to this notebook as your Adventure Logbook. You will also need a sharpened pencil. On the cover of your logbook, please write your name; then, below your name, write, “Adventures in Inner Space.”

Open your logbook. At the top of the first page, write:



STEP 1: Describe your self fully. Include emotional, intellectual and physical descriptions. Describe both your good qualities and your bad habits. Mention your special abilities as well as your limitations. Write about the things that make you feel fulfilled and happy, as well as about the things that sadden or anger you. Is there a motto by which you live? Include everything that you believe to be true about your self. Please do not use other people’s opinions about you. For the purpose of Re-Creating Your Self, the only important opinions are your own.

Don’t worry about the quality, quantity or style of your writing. They don’t matter. Some students write four or five pages; others barely fill one page. If you write your true feelings about who you are, this first Re-Creating Your Self adventure will be successful. No time limit is recommended; set your own pace.

STEP 2: After you’ve written Your Now Self Profile, go back and read what you’ve written. Have you left out anything? Do you now disagree with something you have written? The purpose of Adventure 1 is to define Your Now Self as completely and accurately as possible. Your pencil has an eraser; feel free to use it.

Every adventurer needs a guide. That goes for Inner Space adventurers, too. To guide you through Adventure 1, I give you an example, written by a student. Only his name has been changed.


Kin Louis, 24-Years Old

My parents had to get married because my mother was pregnant with me, and I believe that I’m the product of a union of bad things: sin, lust, depravity, anger, hatred, fear and deception. Those evil characteristics are festering inside me, waiting for a provocation to expand to full capacity. I fear that if I don’t keep careful control over myself, the real me is going to bound out of my forged image like a devil from under a nun’s habit.

Descriptions that come to mind when I think of myself are clumsy, selfish and sadistic. I wish I had a nickel for every time someone described me as “strange.” (I heard this more often as a youth because I learned to act “normal” as I matured.)

Though I look like an “All-American Boy” – I’m tall and muscular with blond hair and blue eyes – I feel ugly and incapable of being anyone’s friend or lover.

I desperately fear I will never be successful at anything…I feel I do not qualify as an adult.

In direct contradiction, I possess an enormous capacity for altruistic love. I have a great need to lift up the impoverished and the ill. I have a deep awareness and appreciation for all things living and inanimate. I have an above-average intellect, with powers of insight and perception.

I’m eager to re-create myself because I believe that once I break free of my “prison,” the wonders and resources within me will abound.

Meanwhile, I feel like someone who is always doing “it” wrong, whatever “it” is, always deserving a whippin’, and usually getting one.

Hopefully, the Now Self you’ve described is happier and healthier than Kin.

You’re most likely familiar with diet ads that picture the dieter “Before” and “After.” Think about the person you’ve just written about, Your Now Self, as your personal “Before” portrait. When you’ve completed Re-Creating Your Self, your “After” self may be dramatically different.

I love witnessing, and hearing about, the transformations of students after they’ve completed the course. It’s common for these re-created individuals to re-read what they had written in the Adventure 1: Your Now Self pages of their logbooks, then tell me, “I barely recognize that person.”

Re-Creating Your Self thought: Love your self right now, even as you plan to re-create the Now Self you’ve just described.

Next time: How Your Now Self was created.

Please send your Re-Creating Your Self comments, observations, and questions to [email protected]

Copyright 2008 by Christopher Stone

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