Your Life Changes as You Re-Create Your Self

Your Life Changes as You Re-Create Your Self

Re-Creating Your Self by Christopher Stone

If you’ve been a follower of this column since Day One, then you’ve been introduced to the principles of Re-Creating Your Self; you’ve also been given the tools for personal change that will assist you in becoming the person you want to be, living the life you desire.

Importantly, you’ve been told that the answers you seek to your own life are not directly contained in any column, including this one, or in any book, seminar, workshop, or step program. The answers to your life are literally within your self: Your life springs from your inner experiences, not the outer, and these experiences are sculpted by your personal beliefs.

If you’ve come to this pillar recently, then I suggest strongly that you return to the beginning, if re-creating your self is a personal goal. As you progress from the first column to this July 2010 pillar, you’ll be given all of the information you need to mold a more fulfilling life for your self.

For the faithful, it’s time to move forward; the time is nigh to discuss how your life changes as you re-create your self.

Your beliefs, in tandem with the feelings, thoughts and expectations they generate, extend outward to create the life you know as your own and all of its conditions. They alone determine your successes and failures, joys and sorrows, health, or its absence. If you’re dissatisfied with any area of your life, you can change it by changing your beliefs,

The ability to become a better, more fulfilled version of your self is within you now. The Re-Creating Your Self process is one excellent way of bringing that inner knowledge into your conscious awareness.

It is a goal of Re-Creating Your Self to return you to your rightful position of self-authority. You may have been led to believe you need to rely on things outside of your self – the wisdom of others: parents, teachers, the clergy, politicians, the medical community and scientists – to define your personal reality and to provide the framework for your life. Or, perhaps you’ve been encouraged to give authority over your self to some personality, philosophy or “savior.”

In truth, the responsibility for your life is your own. Accept it, graciously and gratefully. Only after you lovingly acknowledge that you are your own personal “savior” can you recreate the unsatisfying conditions of your life. You alone should decide upon the beliefs you will accept or reject, because the decisions you make will determine the conditions and quality of your life. If you desire a fulfilling life, the beliefs you accept as being true about your self, others and the world in general should add to your health, happiness, peace and well-being. Regardless of their source, beliefs that create feelings of sickness, sinfulness, unworthiness, inadequacy, hate, fear, loss and lack should be rejected. These negative ideas have never made anyone happy – and they never will!

Re-Creating Your Self acknowledges your personal power and responsibility to create the best of everything. This process affirms your goodness and creativity. You are a person who has value and purpose. You are not, as some would have you believe, inherently sinful, prone to error, sickness and death.

You deserve the best that this life has to offer, and you have the power to create the best. Why accept anything less? There is nothing noble, or of value about struggling and suffering. You are not in this world to “sweat and strain.” to be punished for the sins of your ancestors or the transgressions of past lives. You are here to grow and learn, to enjoy and express your self, to create the experiences of your life in a manner that is personally enriching and fulfilling, and inspirational to others. Acknowledging this alone can change your life. Maybe it already has.

How does life work? What makes things happen?  More importantly, what makes things happen to me? The scientific, religious and political systems to which I turned for answers during my childhood were unable to answer these essential questions to my satisfaction. The aforementioned systems were handicapped by their own theories – theories that neither they, nor I, could prove. In other words, the prevailing scientific, religious and political systems of my youth asked me to accept their versions of “reality” on faith, and not on understanding. My reply, “Faith without understanding is meaningless!”

A Re-Creating Your Self Thought: Always look within your self, and not externally, for the wisdom you seek.

Coming August 1: Your Best Teacher

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Copyright 2010 by Christopher Stone

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