Your Best Self

Your Best Self

Re-Creating Your Self by Christopher Stone

Last time, I pointed out that your re-created new self is not perfect, nor would you want that self to be perfect.  Perfect implies completion – something that is finished and done. Perfection means a level of accomplishment beyond which there can be no further development and improvement.  In this world, perfection is simply an abstract concept toward which you can strive, yet never arrive.  As something achievable, perfection exists only in the metaphysical world, embodied in the Creator we call God.

So where does that leave you, New Agers?  Some claim that man is created in the image and likeness of God.  That image and likeness is not material; it is spiritual.  If, metaphysically speaking, you are the image and likeness of the Creator, then your real self, God’s spiritual, not material, man is already perfect.  The material you, for as long as you live and breathe in this world, is involved in an ongoing process of becoming.

Your challenge, dear reader, is not to perfect your self, but to continually become a better self.  It’s your life’s work. Whether you are aware of this, or oblivious: You are always a student of Re-Creating Your Self, and never a graduate. Toward the end of continually evolving into a better version of your self, you can, and you may, use these Re-Creating Your Self columns, or even the book version, over and over again – for as long as you shall live. To one extent or another, I use the principles and processes of Re-Creating Your Self daily.  I suspect, I always will. No matter how pleased I am with any particular personal achievement, I know better than to become smug or complacent. I understand that one step successfully completed simply leads to another that requires taking.

Repeat reading and studying of the columns, or the book, will yield fresh directions for your personal growth. Each time you put your self through the Re-Creating Your Self process, you will become increasingly effective in your ability to shed false, limiting and outdated beliefs, and assume beliefs that reflect truth and personal development.

To become your best self, you must remain open to change. It’s wise to remember that change is evidence of life. Just think about it.  In this world, the only things that never change are dead, lifeless.

I find it ironic. During childhood, we regularly accept and embrace false and self-limiting beliefs from others before we have examined their truth, value and worth for ourselves. In adulthood, we frequently reject new attitudes that can improve our life before we have examined their value – solely because they don’t agree with the false, worthless and limiting beliefs we’ve previously accepted. To me, that sounds ridiculous, counter-intelligent.

Becoming your best self requires that you continually examine new ideas and re-examine old viewpoints, ask fresh questions, and then go beyond the boundaries of your current beliefs to gain greater insight into your self, others and the world in general.

To become your best self, you must first love the person you are right now. Little, if any, personal improvement can be achieved by withholding love from your self until such time as you’ve already become some idealized version of the person you are in the moment. You slow your own progress when you refuse to love your self as you are, right now. Even as you love your now self, remember that no matter how much you’ve accomplished, it’s only a step in an ongoing, lifelong process. Every moment brings another opportunity to recreate your self. Seize these opportunities. You shouldn’t do less. You can hardly do more.

How will you be rewarded for your effort? Richly. Every day will bring you closer to becoming the person you want to be, living the life you desire. Health, happiness and prosperity can be yours to a degree that you may not have believed possible. Though your life won’t be without its challenges, you will better understand how and why you created your challenges, and you will learn how to triumph over them. On all levels, and in all ways, your life can become more creative, joyous and fulfilling.

A Re-Creating Your Self Thought: On becoming your best self: Define who your best self is. Describe how your best self acts. Commit your self to acting as your best self would. Do it. Review your actions regularly, then refine and revise them.

Coming September 15: Re-Creating the World, Part One.

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Copyright 2010 by Christopher Stone

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