Your Are Seed True Self Love

Your Are Seed True Self Love

by Karamjeet Kaur

There was no turning back for me when I found that I am the true self love. This was turning point of every moment in my life. In realizing every moment of this truth, it is very mystical in living life the way I use to. When you fall in love with your very self, you open the secret door to your very own secret to know your true self.

Falling in love with self is like you found a seed within. Every moment you are checking your seed on its growth and vital sign. The more the focus is given to it the more your energy shown to the seed. To ensure the seed is growing very strong and full rooted, this is where you will find out your secret ingredients that will surely make the root of seed firms on its ground

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The ingredients to your seed is different from every individual. This is where the challenge starts because you need to synchronize your choice of ingredients to grow the seed well within you. So, what are the ingredients that is available in the market for your inner seed to be firm grounded? The seed is your true love for yourself which can never be gone or separated from your very self. It is always there,been there and forever there. It simply await for your choice of ingredients to groom the way your wish to experiences its magic flow within you.

You can choose ingredients as water or what sort of liquid you give to your seed, type of food, type of emotions that generates your seed, to know your thoughts patterns as it affects your seed, giving thanks for its existence within, to know how to keep your seed motivated so it feels it is being important and lastly traits of bonding you have with your seed. True love for yourself is seed of gift given to feel its power, its awareness, its magic, it unconditional feelings, its purity and its joy of truth.

So feel your seed of true love. Treasure it with all your heart as your keep pouring your chosen ingredients. Your seed of true love is your open treasure box that you meant to discover and enjoy your living life here on planet earth. As you aware and connect to your inner seed, your perception of life is will change into different views. You will see everything is magic or miracle. In this moments, you will find yourself amaze with the incredible gifts that Mother Nature has provided. Slowly slowly, the connection gets deeper and you will start attraction the inner vibration that your emitting from within.

You will attract as your heart desires, as you wish to experience. You will constantly increasing your trust to your inner instinct towards your creation. This is where you will realize that You are co-creator and in charge of your own destiny. You may find along the way experience pit falls or stumble into something which may gives little jerk but all this is only to enhance your inner oneness with your seed that growing within generating your inner true power of your true love.

As you keep walking and practicing the above, your confidence and faith will becomes your strength. You will have your own answer to your reason or purpose of this journey on why you are here. You will start sharing your amazing awareness to others because You found true yourself, the contentment, fulfillment of joy that breeds unshaken light of true love within you. Wherever you go, your keep spreading your light to your family, friends, nature and everything that connects to you.

True self love is your key to open and explore your nature, find your answer and attained your fulfillment because it is your birthright. Trust me, its pure joy even you find moment of some negative emotions comes your way, you will know why and its reason arrive in your life. You will easily forgive and let go. Never let the matter be your burden because You have found your true love that can never be lost. You are forever aware of your truth.

My sharing above to ignite that Self Love is never selfish, its to connect the oneness that you are here for. My blessings of Love to you.

Love Oneness.

About the author:

Karamjeet Kaur, MBA (HRM), HRDF certified trainer, self-love specialist, coach, consultant, an international author and director of Global Homeopathic Centre Sdn Bhd (GHC).Karamjeet has background of 20 years of working experiences in local and multinational (RHB, HSBC, ESPNSTAR SPORTS) organizations. Her expertise are in people and service operations management which involves in the area of human resource management, administration, purchasing, finance, marketing, public relations, customer service, branding, sales and top management. Karamjeet has been involved with social work since 2004. She currently on “Self Love Empowerment Tour” where she gives free talks at schools on self-love-empowerment for Teenagers. She has been empowering single mothers, emotionally disturbed/overstressed women and men through self-love coaching and training for last seven years. Karamjeet focuses only on self-love empowerment, motivation self-help and belief thought patterns. Her new book titled “Truly Love Me” which is being published under Balboa Press, Hay House Division, USA is now being released worldwide online bookstores. “Truly Love Me” is about understand self-love and how it works in making life fabulous.

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