You Can Re-Create Your Self, Part II

You Can Re-Create Your Self, Part II

Re-Creating Your Self by Christopher Stone

This pillar bid adieu to 2008 with a first column that claimed You Can Re-Create Your Self. We stated that you and you alone, have the power to become the person you want to be, living the life you desire.

In no uncertain terms, I explained how you are the author of the “autobiography” that you call your life. I implored you not to give away your personal power to anyone, or to any thing.

Happy, fresh New Year, New Agers. We’re bringing in 2009 by continuing our discussion about how you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to charting the course of your life.

Far too many times, I hear something such as this from a Re-Creating Your Self reader or student: “I just can’t control my temper! `I’m always getting into arguments and fights, then, later, I feel terrible. But what can I do? I’m Aries, the Ram. Aries people are naturally angry, stubborn. We’re always ‘butting heads’ with others, especially with other Aries. So moaned a student who believed that his experiences were determined, now and forever, by a zodiacal sign. He was all too eager to absolve himself of control over his life.

A belief in astrology, as it is most commonly understood, can be just another way of saying, “Take my power…please!” But the belief that your life is charted by the positions and movements of heavenly bodies is jus that – a belief – and a false and self-limiting one at that. It’s not an irrevocable fact of life. Prove it for your self by opening a newspaper and reading your daily horoscope for a week, or by meeting one of the many Aries people who are peaceful and good-natured, not angry and quarrelsome. Your life is not controlled by the stars, unless you believe it is.

“My boyfriend’s negativity is creating bad experiences in my life,” confided a student. Five minutes earlier, she had laughed smugly, chiding people who blamed karma or the stars for the less than satisfactory conditions of their lives. Yet here she was blaming her bad experiences on her boyfriend’s perceived negativity. “He’s really powerful and strong-willed, like a Svengali,” she continued. “I just can’t resist doing whatever he asks.”

If someone is controlling you, it’s only because you have, on some level, willingly surrendered control. Either verbally or telepathically, you have told that person, “Take my power…please!” Your life is not controlled by others, unless you believe it is.

To whom, or to what, are you saying, “Take my power…please?!” Have you ever said something like this: “God willing, I’ll get that job,” or, “I’ll get well, if it’s God’s will.” Your life is no more controlled by God than by any other external force. If you believe in a Supreme Being, then understand: It’s God’s will for you to use the free will that S/He gave you. To do otherwise is to throw that precious gift back in God’s Face. Not recommended. When you believe that God manipulates and controls you, then you are diminishing the Supreme Being to little more than a Cosmic Buttinsky. Your life isn’t controlled by a controlling, punishing God unless you believe it is. And the same goes for the Devil: The simple truth is, He didn’t make you do it.

Once again, I’m here to tell you, you and you alone have the power, the privilege and the responsibility to control your life. Are you willing to accept this power, privilege and responsibility? Or do you feel the need to burden God, or some other external force, with a responsibility that is naturally your own?

A Re-Creating Your Self Thought: To whom, or to what, are you saying, “Take my power…please?!” More importantly, why do you want to hand over the responsibility for your life and all of its conditions to someone, or to some thing, other than your self? These are critical questions and I hope you will take time to meditate upon the answers within your self.

When I ask students, or readers of the book, to ponder these questions, I most frequently hear something such as this in response to the question, “Why do you want to hand over the responsibility for your life to someone, or to some thing, else?”

“It’s too much responsibility for me to admit that I’m controlling my life and all of its conditions. When things go wrong, it’s good to tell family and friends, ‘Well, “this” or “that” was out of my control.'”

Next Time: Change is Natural: Nothing to Fear.

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Copyright 2008 by Christopher Stone

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