You Can Re-Create Your Self

You Can Re-Create Your Self

Re-Creating Your Self By Christopher Stone

With each column, you’re learning more about your self. Exploring the quality of your beliefs, last time, you discovered additional ideas that are shaping your life, and you discerned whether or not your ideas are forming your experiences for better or for worse. Previously, you’ve identified many of your principal beliefs, as well as the ideas that support them. You’ve distinguished the positive beliefs that create the experiences you want from the negative beliefs that produce unsatisfactory results.

Your challenge is clear: To re-create your self, to become the person you want to be, living the life you desire, you must change the negative, contradictory, and outdated beliefs that are creating the unsatisfactory conditions of your life.

If you already believe in your ability to change, then this column will reaffirm and strengthen that positive belief. If you’re thinking, “People can’t really change,” this column will help you change your beliefs about your ability to change.

Consider this: Your beliefs create your life; therefore, you, and only you, control your life, forming your experiences in line with your belief system. Because you can examine and evaluate each belief, and decide whether or not you want to keep it, then it follows that you, and only you, can make the changes you desire, by discarding those beliefs that do not produce the desired results.

You Control Your Life

You are the author of the “autobiography” known as your life. If you’re unhappy with some of the “chapters,” you must revise and rewrite them until you are satisfied, fulfilled. But first you must accept that you, and not some “ghost-writer in the sky,” are doing the writing.

Many people deny authorship of their life story. They begrudgingly accept some responsibility for their experiences – but only up to a point. Beyond that point, they tell them-selves and anyone who will listen, that their own life is out of their control. On the one hand, denying your role in creating the unsatisfactory conditions of your life is a convenient way to absolve yourself of responsibility for whatever you don’t like about your self. On the other hand, this behavior doesn’t reflect the truth of being, nor is it helpful in putting your life on a stronger footing.

Most commonly, the people who deny their part in creating the unfulfilling aspect of their lives claim that their life story is written largely by some “collaborator,” or “co-author.” Their “co-author” is called by many names. God, Fate, Luck, Karma, and the Stars, are among the most popular.

The truth is, you are the sole author of your life story. You see, we live in an orderly universe. The sun rises in the East every morning and sets in the West every night; gravity is a consistent, not whimsical, force. We are a part of – and not apart from – the universe’s natural order. In other words, either we control our lives, or we don’t. Either nothing is an accident, or everything is an accident.

Have you accepted responsibility for your life? Have you claimed the power and the privilege to control your destiny? If you haven’t, then you’re harboring a false belief about the way life works. You’re surrendering self-responsibility to whatever outside forces you believe are in control.

Take My Power….Please!

“Take my wife….please!” It’s an old joke.

People seem equally eager to give away the power to control their life, and that’s no joke. They find many ways to release personal responsibility. “I’m a victim of my past,” is a lament I frequently hear. When you accept this negative belief, you empower past experiences with an undeserved energy to create future havoc. And you miss a very important point: You are meant to learn from the past, not to allow yourself to be controlled by it.

One major purpose in life is to develop self-knowledge through experience, replacing the beliefs that limited past achievement with attitudes that will form a more perfect tomorrow. Your power to become the person you want to be, living the life you desire is in the present, and this power should be increased, not diminished, by what you’ve learned from past experiences – both good and bad. You aren’t a victim of your past, unless you believe you are.

“I must have been awful in a past life, because I’m sure paying for it now!” It’s amazing and distressing how often I hear this kind of self-indictment from people who consider themselves “spiritually aware.” Even more dangerous than surrendering control of your life to past experiences is accepting the false belief that past-life transgressions are causing your present challenges.

Karma represents the sum total of your experiences. It indicates fortuitous directions for personal growth and development. Karma doesn’t imply punishment, nor does it dictate current events. You aren’t a cosmic prisoner serving time for the crimes of some past life you probably don’t remember. The universe doesn’t judge and sentence anyone. Karma doesn’t unfringe upon your free will. Your life isn’t controlled by a karmic debt from this, or any, lifetime – unless you believe that it is.

A Re-Creating Your Self Thought: I was my first, and possibly, most difficult, student. Because I was capable of re-creating my self, I’m certain that you can re-create your self.

Next Time: You Can Re-Create Your Self, Part II.

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Copyright 2008 by Christopher Stone

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