You Can Always Have Abundant Energy

You Can Always Have Abundant Energy

Caroline Shola ArewaBy Caroline Shola Arewa

I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues.
– Duke Ellington

What is Energy?

Everything is energy. Energy is the fundamental building block of life. It is the animating life force manifesting through, around and as you.

You are pure vibrant energy. Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2 tells us that everything animate and inanimate is made from pulsing creative energy. It is everywhere in all things in the tiniest subatomic particle, the breath you breathe and the solid ground on which you stand. It’s all vibrating energy. Energy is the container, the carrier of information, the intelligent force through which all things come into being. Energy manifests in the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your being. It is expressed through all things in all densities.

As energy we are part of an evolutionary journey of consciousness. Out of the void of nothingness came all things. Like the great oak emerges from the acorn. The Ancients speak of ether or akasha, which scientists call the quantum vacuum both referring to the empty space of infinite possibility from which all life emerges. This potential space of consciousness, energy and information shapes itself into what we know as matter. Waves, particles and light become the living world we see around us. The same energy surrounds, permeates and is who you are. You are energy. Energy, consciousness and information manifesting as You!

Energy is also the fuel you are designed to function on. It is the power that manifests in both subtle and gross form. Your body, thoughts, emotions are all pulsing, vibrating energy. The food you eat, the space between each breath, the paper you are reading, the chair you are sitting on and the ground on which you walk. It’s all energy, there isn’t anything else; everything is energy.

Leading-edge research is suggesting that the so-called “empty space” within and between atoms is not empty space at all; it’s so lively with energy that one cubic centimetre, a thimbleful, a marble size, contains more energy than all the solid matter in the entire known universe.
– Will Arnzt

Hand Energy Sensing

Let’s explore this with a simple yet powerful exercise I use in my workshops. It helps you get a felt sense of energy. Sit comfortably either cross-legged on the floor or if that is difficult, sit upright in a chair with both feet flat on the floor. Straighten your spine, this allows your chakras to sit on top of each other in vertical alignment.

Place your hands, palms facing upwards on your knees. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Let your body relax. Remain upright releasing any tightness. Relax your shoulders and let them open. Expand your chest, lift your spine and take up more space in your body. Now bring your attention to the point just below your navel; feel the sensation of energy or visualise a healing colour. Slowly draw energy up from below your navel through the abdomen and chest. Feel the energy move and direct it around each of your shoulders and along your arms to your hands.

Be still and sense the energy in your hands. When you feel a sensation in your hands, lift them up from your knees and turn them to face each other. Begin to bring your hands very slowly together sensing the energy. Explore the space between your hands. The more subtle and imperceptible you move the more powerful is the feeling of energy. Draw your hands slowly together until they touch. Then gradually return your hands to your knees. Take a few deep breaths and remain with your eyes closed for a moment.

Through this exercise you can feel the energy that permeates and surrounds you. You experience the minor chakras and electromagnetic field around your body. You may feel heat, tingling or excitation. As you draw your hands together you may encounter a resistance, a sense of something solid amidst your hands.

If nothing is felt during the first few times you practice Hand Energy Sensing, don’t give up. It may just be that your concentration needs to be a little more focused on sensing. Possibly you moved your hands too far, too fast. Continue practicing this exercise to develop your awareness of energy.

I trust you now have an intellectual idea and a felt sense of what energy is. You are infinite energy, filled with the possibility and potential to consciously shape the world in which you live.

Where does Energy come from?

We know when we are feeling drained. We have a good sense of what and who drains our energy. We know when we are low in energy, off colour, as we sometimes call it. We also realise that we need energy for optimum health. Being full of energy, vibrant and animated is highly desirable.

We all want more of it so we can do the things we love. I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t want to experience life fully. And most of us want to live life to the max!

I began this article  with one of my favourite quotes; it seems Duke Ellington learnt to master his energy. So where does energy come from?

In physics the concept of energy is defined as a quantifiable attribute of physical systems. I refer to energy as a building block. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can however be transformed from one form to another. The food you eat trans-forms into your body’s nutrition. The Duke’s pout was trans- formed into blues.

Energy comes in many forms from the subtle force we know as vital energy or prana to the solidity of your physical body and the material universe. Like water which forms steam, fluid and ice, energy can manifest in different densities.

There is gross physical energy, emotions, thoughts are subtler and subtler still is high frequency spiritual energy. These are all powerful forces that you can learn to manage efficiently to achieve an improved quality of life.

All actions in life require energy. It is the power behind reaching your potential and being in your greatness. My teaching system Energy 4 Life (E4L) has energy at its core because energy fuels health, happiness and success. Ancient wisdom and modern science agree that every- thing, including you, is made of energy. Energy is known by many names, such as prana, chi, shekem, ase? and vitality. The Ancients had a developed understanding of the Human Energy System (HES) and mapped its existence both in and around the body.

Energy is my passion and area of expertise, particularly the HES and the chakras, which are subtle energy centres in your body, with direct links to the neuro-endocrine system. The chakra system is like the hardware on your computer. If it goes wrong the software can’t run. Likewise, when your chakras are out of balance your life can’t run well. Chakras are the energetic core of your existence. They are power stations, responsible for generating and distributing energy throughout your body. Energy flows through a series of pathways known as nadis or meridians and like electricity it is an invisible force.

As to where it comes from; to the Ancients, energy is a gift from the gods. It is every- where and in all things. It comes from the sun, the waves, the earth and the winds, all forces that power us. And in science it’s much the same, energy has many sources heat from the sun, fuel from the earth, power from water and wind. We have been blessed with an abundance of energy. Our task is to learn to use our energy resources effectively.

How Effectively do you use your Energy?

When energy is depleted and out of balance you can experience tiredness, fatigue, stress and disease. Learning to balance energy effectively creates the health, happiness and success we desire. Knowledge of energy, chakras and the HES enhances spiritual, personal and professional development. The more you under- stand energy, the more successfully you can manage your life. Energy is the key to a high quality of life.

We naturally attempt to measure our energy levels:

  • Spiritual – flowing or blocked
  • Psychological – positive or negative
  • Emotional – good or bad
  • Physical – high or low

High energy living depends on you optimising all available energy. As complex energy beings it benefits us to draw on all our energy resources and not simply drain our physical capacity. It is vital to allow spiritual, psychological and emotional energies to work towards your success. How do you use or abuse your energy resources?

Let me break it down a bit. The overall energy available to you is 100% as your energy resource; 25% is available in each of the four areas spiritual energy, psychological energy, emotional energy and physical energy. How do you use or abuse each of these aspects of your energy? For example do you overuse your physical resources, using 60% from the 25% of physical energy available to you, causing depletion, stress and exhaustion. Do you only use 5% of your spiritual energy leaving 20% untapped potential and a sense of emptiness instead of fulfilment?

I ask these question to many clients and receive a variety of answers. Many people fail to use their spiritual intelligence, emotional intelligence and thought power, instead they rely on physical effort to achieve results. Invariably this leads to overwork, stress and exhaustion.

Getting to grips with how you use and abuse energy is essential for healthy and successful living. Taking time to understand your energy system allows you to take greater control of your life. It’s all about operating from your core energy to raise your level of vitality and transform the way you live.

How can you get more Energy?

Despite the ever changing, fast moving, pressure filled 21st Century we live in; it is possible to have abundant energy and live without stress, exhaustion and burn out. This can be achieved by embracing a process that helps you transform the way you look at life. It is important to recognise that life is all about energy and how you manage it. When you make this paradigm shift and learn skills for managing energy – your vital life force, you will always have all the energy you need for life.

In today’s world of rapid change and uncertainty we have to learn fast or risk being left behind. Many people manage time and stress with limited amounts of success because the real issue is how we manage personal energy. E4L gets to the core and simplifies life by helping you manage your energy resources. I refer to this as Energy Economy.

Why do some people live high-energy lives while others suffer constant energy shortage? Energy is life’s primary building block and balanced living is dependent on effectively managing personal energy. E4L reveals the secret by introducing four modalities for energy management.

  1. Energy Exercises increase the quantity of your energy – high/low
  2. Energy Psychology improves the quality of your energy – positive /negative
  3. Energy Foods raise the vibration of your energy – high/low
  4. Energy Balance elevates the frequency of your energy

So many people face health problems, harbour emotional wounds, suffer the pain of relationships, career challenges and money worries. This all causes energy depletion and stress. Focussing on energy directs us to the very heart of our existence and provides a simple alternative to how we view and cope with life. How are you using your energy and how could you use it better, becomes the main question? This is a paradigm shift, a new way of looking at life’s many ups and downs.

High-energy people, exude vitality, passion and enthusiasm, all ingredients required for success. To have more energy you need to raise awareness of these four vital areas and live consciously.

We are evolving spiritually and changing the world in which we live. We have the opportunity, more now than ever, to tap into a vast reservoir of spiritual intelligence. This powerful resource can help us re-design our lives. It can support us in developing greater compassion and love for all humans and other life forms. I believe we are welcoming in, what I call, an age of unity consciousness; a shift to heart-centered living through heart chakra energy.

E4L is a meeting of science and spirit that beautifully answers the calling of our time. According to both systems everything is energy. Tapping your core energy raises consciousness, generating knowledge and wisdom. It develops meaning, purpose and lasting success. It connects you with the infinite source of your being. Successfully managing personal energy is the new paradigm for creating health, happiness and totally transforming your life.

About the author

Caroline Shola Arewa is the author of Energy 4 Life: High Energy Conscious Living. She is a Yoga Master, Success Coach and sought after Motivational Speaker. She presents the popular Energy 4 Life program and has appeared on radio and TV worldwide.

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