Yoga and Meditation Course is Designed to Reduce Stress and Burnout

Yoga and Meditation Course is Designed to Reduce Stress and Burnout

Educator, philosopher and award-winning author Leonard Perlmutter will teach a new six-session course entitled, “The Heart and Science of Yoga: A Complete Self-Care Program” at The American Meditation Institute April 20 through May 25, 2016. The holistic course curriculum includes mantra meditation, easy-gentle yoga, therapeutic breathing, mind optimization techniques, Ayurvedic medical principles and the power of prayer. While the program is open to the general public, attending physicians will receive 15 CME credits and nurses will receive 15 contact hours.

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The program of study will present a comprehensive survey of the historical, philosophical and scientific nature of meditation, yoga and Ayurveda. Leonard Perlmutter, the founder and director of The American Meditation Institute, is the author of The Heart and Science of Yoga: A Blueprint for Peace, Happiness and Freedom from Fear. Noted medical, pioneer physicians Mehmet Oz MD (Dr. Oz), Dean Ornish MD, Bernie Siegel MD and Larry Dossey MD have endorsed Mr. Perlmutter’s book, which serves as the curriculum for this “Complete Self-Care Program” course.

In 2008, AMI conducted a retrospective case study of participants who previously completed and practiced the material taught in Leonard Perlmutter’s course. The study found that students experienced the following positive, reproducible, long-term health-promoting changes: lowered blood pressure, lowered heart rate, reduced cholesterol levels, decreased chest pain, diminished or extinguished acute and chronic pain, weight loss, increased breathing capacity, increased exercise capacity, improved quality and quantity of sleep, improved energy levels, increased creative capacity, diminishment of migraine headaches, significant reductions in stress and fear, elimination of irritable bowel syndrome, a general sense of happiness and optimism in all facets of life for every participant

According to recent course graduate, Joel M. Kremer, MD, who is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology in Albany, New York, “This teaching has been an enormous benefit in my personal and professional life. I have less stress, more focus, and am able to serve my patients with greater clarity. It becomes surprisingly easy now to recognize the many clinical situations in which patients with somatic manifestations of ‘dis-ease’ could greatly benefit from Yoga Science.”

About the American Meditation Institute 
The American Meditation Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization devoted to the teaching and practice of Yoga Science, meditation and its allied disciplines as mind-body medicine. In its holistic approach to wellness, the AMI combines the healing arts of the East with the practicality of modern Western science. The American Meditation Institute offers a wide variety of classes, retreats, and teacher training programs. AMI also publishes “Transformation, a bi-monthly journal of Yoga Science as holistic mind-body medicine. Call 518.674.8714 for a mail or email subscription.

Above is a video by Leonard Perlmutter about The Heart and Science of Yoga.

Leonard Perlmutter is the Founder of the American Meditation Institute

Meditation is not what you think it is. It’s a method of accessing unerring wisdom from the superconscious mind so you can experience a happy, healthy and creatively rewarding life.
-Leonard Perlmutter

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