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New Age Journal is looking for non-fiction articles on topics including but not limited to: alternative health & wellness, personal growth, pilgrimages or travel, inspiration & spirituality, the environment, book reviews and sustainable living. Articles can be from 800 to 2,000 words long. We are not a literary magazine, so please do not submit fiction or poetry.  Articles must not be already published elsewhere on the Internet.


Send an email message describing the article you propose to submit. Your query letter should include the following: Tentative title, approximate length, a brief summary of the article, a brief description of the photographs or illustrations you can provide. Finally, tell us how or why you are qualified to write this article.

Email your query to cedarcottagemedia[at]gmail.com. Please do not include any attached files unless you have made previous contact and we have asked you to do so. Unsolicited attachments will be discarded unopened.

We regret that, at this time we cannot compensate authors other than with the positive karma your contribution will generate. All accepted articles will be acknowledged by email prior to publication, and authors may have a biographical paragraph following their article that may include a hypertext link to their email address or personal website if they desire.

After we accept your query, please send material as an attached .DOC file if possible. DOCX files are more problematic, and PDFs cannot be published. Include images as a separate .JPG file, not embedded within the article. Also please include a brief author’s biography, which may contain a link back to a website.

Thank you very much for your interest in being a part of the collective input for New Age Journal.

Attention Publishers: Please do not send us unsolicited books. Our reviewers are not in the same location as our editorial office. Please email us press releases announcing new books available for review. When we request review copies we will let you the address to which they should be shipped.

Reviewer Wanted! If you would like to write book (and music and movie) reviews for us, please drop me a line. You get to keep all the books!

Robert Scheer
Editor and webmaster

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