Womyn of Peru and the Goddess

Womyn of Peru and the Goddess

by Shaman Maria Gurule

For years, I searched for a reason why indigenous womyn in Peru did not reveal any of the womyn’s knowledge. The Goddess Kali told me “Womyn hid their knowledge because they innately remembered all too well the destruction of the Goddess cultures throughout time. This is what you must teach because womyn have forgotten their birthright.”

The Q’ero stated time and again that womyn were the last ones to reveal their spiritual truths. Men were easily given to share the sacred teachings. In the native tribes I learned that this occurred due to men taking over the ceremonies. The Goddess Innana stated emphatically that when the Goddess cultures were destroyed, womyn forgot her power and became a pawn in the hands of the patriarchal realm. She understood why womyn would succumb under the cruelty and carnage that had taken place. At this time of great global changes however, Mama Kali would wield her sword with mighty vengeance.

During my travels to Peru, I began teaching a group of Peruvian womyn about the Goddess. Throughout the years children womyn from very young to their seventies have been in my circle, as well as men. Men have to learn about and embrace the Divine Mother, in the same way that humanity embraces God. Whenever I do ceremony in Peru and Bolivia, men always ask to join the circle and invite me to return. It is admirable that they, who are not from the modern world, know and accept the Goddess easily. The female aspect resides everywhere in creation as Creatrix, in the same way that the masculine aspect of God does as Creator.

During my work with these Goddesses, they insisted that we not exclude men who wanted to learn. The teachings of the Goddesses are to be done by womyn, not by men.

Men Teach and Initiate the Men

Men must arise and embrace their own inner Lord and teach about the masculine in relationship to God. They must embrace their inner Goddess, yet maintain their maleness. They must respect and honor womyn as daughters of the Divine Mother. In the same way, womyn must embrace their inner male and see God as the representation of God the Father and husband. Men must educate men about their responsibilities and cycles of becoming men through rites of passage.

Mama Kali stated this emphatically: “Men and womyn’s role reversals are adding to the chaos upon the earth. Men must establish the rites of passage for young boys and prepare them for the next level of becoming responsible young men. In their adult years they must aspire to become respected elders.

Men cannot teach womyn their way of being, simply because they are not womyn. In turn, womyn cannot teach men in the ways of becoming a man. This gross misunderstanding is causing confusion, and effeminate men and macho womyn are the result. This is creating gender imbalance. Misplaced popularity, particularly by the media, has added to gender imbalance. The reality shows make a mockery of life, as if it were something to toy with.

Mama Kali continued, “Maria, know that not many people would take on this work that you have accepted. Remember, you were chosen by the Star Elders to bring forth their messages. You accepted to work with us as well. You agreed to follow our dictates. Of course, you might not have agreed to do so if you had known the demands ahead of time, yet you have demonstrated your warrior spirit and for this you have my sword at your side. I honor you,” she said before she vanished.

About Shaman Maria:

Shaman Maria believes that together we can change the course of history for the earth. This is Pachaqutec-The Transformation of the World. Shaman Maria is an Astrologer, Spiritual and Life Coach, and Personal and Business Counselor, and provides spiritual consultations with the Goddess Amulets and Tarot. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. She helps people to change their lives and has succeeded in designing services that will enhance the quality of your life. Maria is available for book signings, lectures, workshops, radio and television interviews. Maria has earned international recognition and serves clients worldwide. She has been featured in major international newspapers, radio and television.

Maria’s website is www.PachamamaOneWorld.com

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