Why We Need To Understand Our Biological Cycles

Why We Need To Understand Our Biological Cycles

All of life is interwoven into a living system of cycles, from Earth’s seasons to the enzymatic pathways that provide energy to a cell. Waxing and waning from times of growth to times of rest, renewal, and healing, cycles map the most auspicious time for everything in life. Both women and men have biological cycles of active growth and quiet renewal, led by our hormones. By understanding how everything in life moves in cycles, you can become more aware of and comfortable with your own cyclic nature, something that has been forgotten by the modern world’s linear views of time.

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Drawing on the wisdom of ancient cultures, the natural cycles of life, and her own groundbreaking research, Pia Orleane, Ph.D., offers a template for how we can restore balance to our emotions and health, ease tensions between the sexes, and heal our fractured culture by honoring divine feminine consciousness and re-embracing natural cycles, including our innate need for rest and retreat. She explains the biology of how our bodies operate by hormones released in cycles and shows how balanced hormones help eliminate anger, depression, insomnia, anxiety, and fatigue. Exploring ancient traditions and rituals surrounding blood and sacred retreat, she explains how the seclusion of women during menstruation and of men during vision quests offered a cleansing process for body and mind, alone time to clear suppressed emotions, awaken our innate creativity and sensitivity, re-attune us with the deeper rhythms of the body and nature, and restore harmony between the genders and balance between the divine feminine and masculine.

Outlining the sacred retreat process, the author explores dream cycles, divine sexuality, and practices for reconnecting to nature, increasing creativity and intuition, and clearing suppressed emotions. She also looks at the benefits for women and men of separate sleeping during menstruation. Through this wisdom, we can restore our natural cycles, allow the divine feminine to once again blossom alongside the divine masculine, and, with the return of balance, heal our world and our hearts.

Sacred Retreat: Using Natural Cycles to Recharge Your Life

“An insightful guide on how humanity can return again to balance. A profound instruction manual!”
– Global Peace Initiative of Women

Author bio:

Dr. Pia Orleane is one of the world’s leading experts on the divine feminine. A former practicing psychologist, she received an international award from Saybrook University for her groundbreaking research on the importance of natural cycles for life. Dr. Orleane now travels the world lecturing on the value of divine feminine wisdom and natural cycles. Combining science and ancient wisdom, she offers guidance through a unique astrological system based upon the energy of relationships and cycles of personal growth. Dr. Orleane shares her life, love, and worldview with her husband, and together they work with individuals and groups all over the world to foster and enhance human evolution.  She lives in Europe. http://www.piaorleane.com/

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