“Why Did This Happen To Me Again?”

“Why Did This Happen To Me Again?”

by Dr. Janette Marie Freeman

Why Did This Happen To Me Again?

Do you wonder why your efforts at personal transformation don’t seem to last?

Do you get excited about some new idea, but after a while you slip right back into your old patterns?

How many of your dreams, desires and hopes have been secretly dashed to destruction in the darkest recesses of your mind, before they even had a chance to take root?

If so, you are not alone.

If you’re anything like I was, something in you knows that there must be more to life than the day-to-day experiences of just surviving. There is an urge for greater expression in you, you’ve seen it, you’ve tasted it, and you’ve even made decisions to move towards it; until, that voice in your head convinces you that you’re crazy. You’ve read a lot; you’ve tried meditating, you’ve tried affirmations and attending workshops, seminars and classes. You know that your attitudes play a part in your life, and you’ve tried desperately to make some headway in your happiness quotient. And then it happens: it’s the same relationship under a different name, the same difficult person at work, the same response that triggers the same familiar pain, and you ask, “Why did this happen to me again?”

There is a huge leap in our personal growth, evolution, and effectual freedom when we can take responsibility for our feelings and experiences in life and see them as roadmaps to self-discovery.

Our belief systems are the brick and mortar of our lives. When they’re strong and supportive, they support life choices and actions that are also strong and supportive. When our beliefs are weak and degrading, we tend to see life through those eyes, attracting opportunities to prove ourselves weak and degraded. Until we have a lasting change in our internal belief systems, we seldom see lasting change in our lives. Why settle for misery when you can be happy? A strong foundation of supportive beliefs can set you free to live the life of your dreams.

In order to have a lasting transformation, you must experience a change of beliefs at the subconscious level. Although it can be helpful to get in touch with where and when you got your early beliefs, it is more important that you now establish the new beliefs that will assist you in attracting the life you desire. You may never determine the origin of some of your beliefs, but that doesn’t stop you from establishing new beliefs. You do this by being exposed to and accepting new ideas repetitively. This does not happen with one or two affirmations; it happens when you outweigh your limiting beliefs with positive beliefs.

Millions of people are interested in personal and spiritual growth, but are exhausted by their failed efforts. Many wonder why their efforts don’t seem to last. They get excited by some new idea, but after a while slip right back into old patterns. It can just seem like too much work. They want something that is easier to do, that fits into their busy lifestyle, and is effective. They want to be encouraged and nurtured, and they need motivation to look above the negativity they see all around them.

The power of repetition is mentioned in one form or another in most self-help books, religious texts, even sports training and business manuals. They all say the same thing; “You must have a continuous influx of positive input in order to experience a lasting change in life.” “We are what we think about most,” has been taught, preached and written about for thousands of years. Unconscious practices of thought have produced the troubled world we see around us. Conscious practices of positive thought will produce the world we want to see and experience. Most of everyone’s pains and failures in life are simply a result of unhealthy beliefs. Those can be changed, when you know how to recognize beliefs that cause pain and create beliefs that bring joy and freedom. It is as simple as that. Positive repetition in its many forms can radically transform one’s life from painful to joyful, limited to abundant, diseased to healthy, and from loneliness to love. You can change your beliefs and change your life.

You see, I really know that we are creative beings. I’ve experienced Universal Oneness, and know that It is in every one of us. Its gift is what It is: creative energy, pure potential, pure unadulterated possibility. It doesn’t choose for us, It cannot. It simply says, “Yes.” Our opportunity is to reveal what beliefs are in us that the Universe is saying to us “Yes,” and create some new beliefs that we would like to experience the universe saying to us “Yes.” I know it’s simple, though not always easy, but what else are you going to do? Just when do you think will be a better time to change your belief systems and experience the life you were meant to live?

Never underestimate the power of repetition; it is a powerful and effective way to change your beliefs and radically change your experience. You can’t align your thinking with positive and enlightening ideas without a conscious choice and a decision to expose yourself to those ideas repeatedly. You can set yourself free!

From broke and lonely single mother of three, to ordained minister, author, speaker and coach, Dr. Janette Marie Freeman is the author of “Why Did This Happen to Me Again? Your Keys to Lasting Transformation” and co-author with Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra in “Wake Up…Live the Life You Love – In Spirit” Sign up for your free copy of the popular LIVE RICHLY Newsletter at http://www.janettemariefreeman.com

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