Why Crystals Have Healing and Ascension Properties

Why Crystals Have Healing and Ascension Properties

By Hibiscus Moon

I am often asked why or how crystals heal us in the various ways that they are known for or how they help us to vibrate at different frequencies. My favorite way to answer these types of questions is to show how science and metaphysics agree with each other and discuss all the ways that science is now finally catching up to metaphysics. “Science and religion are not enemies. There are some things that science is simply too young to understand” (quote from Dan Brown’s book Angels & Demons). We tend to think that we have power or dominion over “lesser” kingdoms such as minerals, however, when contrasted; we are relatively short-lived, quite unsteady and easily energetically influenced due to our emotions, which are simply energy. The human body’s vibrations can move out of its base resonance frequency very easily when we experience any type of stress. Actually, since we are connected and influenced by everything, including crystals and stones, our malleable vibrational nature makes it so that just about anything can interact with our energy field and can leave its mark! The abilities to heal and vibrate at the correct frequencies are already present within the cells of your body just waiting to oscillate with the correct frequencies.

I promise not to bore you with too much physics! However, a little bit of physics will really help you to understand the reasons why the crystals and stones work. In addition, many times, knowing “why” really boosts the effectiveness of a process’ abilities. Where thought goes, energy flows. Quantum physics has proven to us that our conscious thoughts influence the actions of subatomic particles; therefore, it goes without saying that we are creating our own reality with our thought patterns. It’s important to realize that the entire physical universe is made up of pure energy and vibration. In fact, Einstein determined that energy and matter are actually one in the same. E=mc2!  So crystals have vibrations just as everything else does and different forms of matter and energy vibrate at different vibrational frequencies, known as their individual base resonant frequencies. These different frequencies depend on the crystal’s specific molecular composition, size, thickness and color (light frequencies).  This frequency is expressed in units called hertz (Hz). That wasn’t too bad, right?

Being that they vibrate, crystals are a kind of vibratory tool. One of the unique features of crystals is that their molecules are arranged in a fixed, regularly repeating pattern. Since they are so geometrically perfect, they have the lowest possible state of entropy and easily maintain their base resonant frequency, unlike us.  One of the unique features of crystals is that their molecules are arranged in a fixed, regularly repeating patterns. Since they are so complex and geometrically perfect, they have the lowest possible state of entropy and easily maintain their base resonant frequency.  Crystals, in turn, entrain the cells around them, creating this state of greater complexity and reducing entropy in so doing, increasing the health and longevity of the body.

Now, let me preface the rest of this article by saying that crystals and stones are healing and ascension reinforcements and do not do all the work all by themselves. The person needing the healing needs to put their intentions towards their goal. Where thoughts go, energy flows or as the Buddhist message says, “Reality exists only where we create focus.” Stones and crystals can facilitate this endeavor. The crystals and stones are not the cause of your healing, but rather they are tools that support and amplify your self-rule and clear intentions. Of course, if you cannot resonate with this information and think this will not work for you then that is exactly what you will manifest. This will not work for you. Your intention and your intuition are the most powerful factors of whether crystals and stones will work for you.

Please allow me to discuss just a bit more science behind the crystals to help us understand how they work. I promise to try not to geek out too much on you. You may already be familiar with the fact that quartz crystals, rubies, tourmaline, sapphires, emeralds and many other crystals are often used in technology. For instance, quartz crystals have a continuous vibrational frequency that never varies allowing them to operate at a very exact vibrational frequency. That non-varying pulsation emits programmed information into their environment making quartz a favorite for technology. Some crystals, again, such as quartz crystal, are also piezoelectric, meaning they take on an electrical charge when they are squeezed. The quartz clock is a very familiar device using quartz for this purpose. Some crystals are pyroelectric, meaning they take on an electrical charges when heated, like tourmaline. The core of the Earth itself is a huge iron moon-sized hexagon crystal, like a diamond in the center of the Earth. How nicely this fits with a common prescribed practice of using Hematite, an iron oxide mineral, to ground and anchor to Mother Earth our Earth Star and Root Chakra. The spinning of the Earth’s layers around this massive iron crystal is what creates the Earth’s powerful electromagnetic field.

Stones and crystals are known to heal us, align our chakras or allow us to vibrate at a various rates. In order to achieve these results, you need to know what stones resonate at the correct frequency for what you are trying to achieve. One method of learning which stones resonate at that correct frequency is to turn to the ancients and their recorded information. Thankfully, much experimentation has already been done for thousands of years by the many ancient civilizations (ancient India, China, Egypt, Native American, Australian Aborigines, etc.) with the art of ‘laying on of stones’. These civilizations have already figured out through much meditation and experimentation. They recorded what stones help with what needs or ailments.  To go along with this, there are a multitude of highly recommended books written by respected authors on the subject that are usually primarily based on what the ancients have determined for us.

A second way to work with crystals is to meditate with them. Since I feel that one’s intention and intuition are the most powerful factor in whether crystals and stones will work for you, one can meditate with a stone or crystal first and see what they pick up and relate with. Often times, people will receive information or specific types of energy when meditating with their stones. Some of this information may come over very powerfully. If this happens, cross reference the acquired messages with a highly recommended crystal/ stone reference books.  You will find that it usually matches up. If, however the messages are different, go with the information you received in your meditation. Messages are usually more accurate for personal use and work more powerfully than anything found in a book. But you will only learn this through experimentation.

A third way to work with crystals is to determine their elemental content. Often times, if you research the mineral and elemental content of the stone or crystal you will notice that it completely harmonizes with the messages you received during your crystal meditation. For instance, let’s look at lepidolite (very pretty pinkish lavender mica stone; a potassium lithium aluminum silicate…please bare with me here). Let’s just choose two of these elements to discuss.  Potassium helps control the release of chemical messages to your brain while lithium, in small doses, helps to prevent episodes of frenzied moods. Lo and behold, we find that lepidolite is found to be important in balancing the emotional body and soothing the mind. What is happening here scientifically? Well, you are bringing the lepidolite into your electromagnetic field (EMF), which is strongest within a torus field (a 3D donut shape) of 4 feet around your body, but extends outward to about 12 feet. In metaphysics, this torus of energy is often referred to as your aura (I get so excited when we see the connections between science and metaphysics!!). So whenever you bring a crystal or stone into your EMF, the crystal or stone acts as an oscillator, in other words, a frequency stabilizer. The lepidolite has its own energy torus as well, which will entrain your more easily influenced EMF to resonate with it, vibrating certain frequencies within you that resonate with that stone. In the case of lepidolite, the potassium in it will resonate with the potassium within you. So your body will perceive that it has more potassium and will biochemically respond to that. The other elements present with lepidolite will do the same. In fact, there is a famous cellular biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton who stated in his book The Biology of Belief that our own DNA has the ability to examine the surroundings for relevant frequencies and then reshapes itself accordingly. These effects will be multiplied if you are consciously directing your atoms, DNA and frequencies with purpose to move into resonance with lepidolite’s atoms and frequencies. The resonating frequencies may actually remove obstructions in your aura (or EMF) or chakras by actually vibrating them free! If you place the lepidolite directly on your third eye chakra, that specific chakra vortex will seek to find resonance with the lepidolite. This vibrational resonance will make emotional and physical biochemical changes within your body as well as your EMF. Confirming this, Western medical researchers have discovered that the precise arrangement of matter (crystals, atmosphere, bacteria, other people, etc.) that is within your body’s immediate environment (in your EMF torus) are interconnected with and influence the feelings and emotions you are experiencing.

Another way we can determine resonant frequencies of stones is to match up their color with their corresponding chakra colors. Ensuring you use crystals or stones whose colors correspond with the chakra colors allows harmonizing photons of light to generate light color healing or therapy. This type of healing is achieved by introducing light of specific frequencies (colors) into someone’s EMF which will in turn entrain their emotional and biochemical state. Again, many cultures knew and practiced this therapy and science has only recently begun to catch up. Let’s use lepidolite for our example again. Lepidolite is our lavender, light purple or pinkish stone. It is often used for either the heart or third eye chakra. I would determine which chakra I used it for by looking at the specific color of the stone; if more pinkish, I would use it for the heart chakra and more purple, would be used on the third eye chakra. The heart chakra involves emotional issues and the third eye deals with releasing one’s ego and acceptance of the soul so it only makes sense that lepidolite resonating with either the purple or pink frequency is known to help in balancing emotional extremes and to teach the mind to live in the “now”. You may also choose to infuse a specific color into a person’s entire EMF and not just focus on one chakra. Color therapy (chromotherapy) also works by permeating a particular light frequency (in the case of lepidolite, let’s say pink light, fabric and surrounding one with pink colored lepidolite’s) into one’s EMF and surrounding environment. By doing this, you can change one’s emotional and biochemical state in a powerful way.

Once we understand how and why crystals work with our vibrational frequencies, we can clearly see that they can be used as very effective tools to help with healing and the ascension process.  Through working with crystals and stones in the way that resonates best with us individually in our own spiritual practices we may work on our consciousness and ascension process. Remember, where thought goes, energy flows.


About the Author:

Hibiscus Moon has a metaphysical background in stones and crystals, but also a scientific one as a National Board Certified Professional Teacher of Science and a Science Department Chair with a Masters of Science including Geology undergrad. and graduate work. In addition, she is a certified and accredited Crystal Master and runs an accredited school through the World Metaphysical Association in addition to hosting a crystal video channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/phanie12. Her website is http://www.hibiscusmooncrystals.com/

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