When opportunities come knocking: Making decisions easily

When opportunities come knocking: Making decisions easily

by Carole Provenzale

Everything comes into our lives for a reason. Oftentimes, when we are not at our best energetically or otherwise, we won’t take a second look at something that is coming our way. We’re not up to it, we figure and without much thought, we’ll just turn away from it, decline (with thanks) and think nothing more of it. We may be missing the boat here. Instead of saying no, think it through.

When opportunities come knocking, it is wise to be there to answer the door. While some don’t appear to be anything particularly interesting or even inviting, based on the fact that you are working with the laws of attraction, it is always wise to look into something without just turning it down.

Investigate it further. Things most certainly are not always what they appear. In our hurried, sometimes scattered lives, we often don’t stop to think things through well enough to make an informed decision. It is always wise to sleep on a decision, large or small; even a small decision can later prove to have made a profound impact on your life.

Oftentimes, as well, a seemingly “rational” decision may not come to you. These are truly the times to go with your instincts; we have all access to these wonderful instincts, our “gut” feelings, but unfortunately fail to follow them.

No one ever knows where the next door will lead or the next bump in the road will take us. Wonderful opportunities we may have looked right passed may have also caused us to miss meeting a certain person, a lost business connection or an activity we may well have enjoyed.

Ask yourself if you are unconsciously putting up barriers. We have to be in the state of “allowance” to invite everything into our lives. Knowing that they are there for a reason might be a tool in determining your ultimate decision. How can you know what to do when you simply don’t KNOW what to do? Here are some ideas that might help you along.

Some people meditate regularly, others not at all. Meditation is nothing more then a deep state of reaction, when you are not thinking of anything at all and have nothing inside to “clutter” your head and confuse an already overworked brain. Instead of trying so hard to focus on an answer to a dilemma we are facing, try allowing the answer to just come to you.

Another way to accomplish this is to think about the issue just before bedtime. And then let it go for the night. Whoever said you shouldn’t make a big decision without sleeping on it was 100% correct. You can often wake up, knowing what to do; more importantly then that, you’ll wake up without doubts. Later on the shoulda, woulda, couldas can’t bother you as we all seem to always second guess our decisions.

Taking a walk can clear your head as well. Spending time outdoors with nature for some of us is a state of allowing thoughts, decisions and energy to just flow. Since we are connected to everything by energy, the outdoor energy of plants and tress, birds and animals is essential to our well being. Some of us prefer a more tranquil setting such as the beach. If at all possible, spend some time outdoors.

Also, remember to pray. If your thoughts are focused, your intentions clear and mindful, it doesn’t matter who or what you choose to pray to. Prayers are heard whether by God, Buddha, Source Energy or The Universe. There is a power in prayer and also a releasing of things to a higher power that will help you find your answers and your direction; you won’t have to worry about a possible missed opportunity again.

Carole Provenzale
Feng Shui Long Island
[email protected]

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