What Your Hands Reveal About Your Destiny

What Your Hands Reveal About Your Destiny

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As a human species we are truly incredible. Although we understand only a fraction of the complexities of our nature, the human body appears to be a hologram. This means that the whole is seen in its parts. Some examples of this are reflexology, where the health of the organ is mirrored in the soles of the feet. Other examples are iridology (markings in the iris that reflect the interior workings of the body) and face reading, (reveals the personality of an individual).

So what can your fingerprints reveal about your destiny?

Palmistry emerged as a divination tool in India over 5,000 years ago. Now, modern day Hand Analysis combines ancient palmistry with the latest scientific data and current advances in human psychology and philosophy. It is a scientifically validated system based on thousands of hands. At the core of the Hand Analysis system lies the deciphering of your changeless fingerprints. In 1979, Richard Unger, founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis and author of Life Prints, discovered that the fingerprints carry Soul level information unique to its owner. According to Richard, “Five months before your birth, a wave energy imprint appeared on your developing fetal hands. Whatever one may call this wave energy that leaves its mark on your body- be it Soul energy, DNA or the Life-Giving Breath of The Great Spirit- this indelible fingerprint map reveals your unalterable core psychology (your Life Purpose) in detail”.

What is Life Purpose? It is not something you do, but who you are. It is a Life-scale journey and a continual unfolding of consciousness into your highest actualization. It is available right now, and not dependant upon circumstances. Your Life Purpose has been the guiding force behind all the events in your life. When we are in direct contact with our Purpose, we experience a deep level of satisfaction and fulfillment. This is when our heart shouts “YES!”

What’s your biggest blind spot? Since the fingerprints carry Soul-Level information, they also reveal our Life Lesson or shadow side. This is your least evolved emotional skill and manifests as repeating negative patterns. As uncomfortable as it may be, your Life Lesson is a necessary and essential component to accomplish your life-scale goals. As an example, an individual with the Life Lesson of “Reclaiming Your Power” will continually face situations that trigger a sense of powerlessness. As these feelings are acknowledged and met with awareness, they can be transmuted and perceived as an ally that forges the sense of personal power needed to accomplish the Life Purpose.

Also hidden in the fingerprints is your Life School. This is the overall theme of your life. Within this context your Life Purpose and Life Lesson find expression. Much like a training program designed to develop specific skills, the Life School is a soul-level initiation that serves a developmental role in your personal growth and the expansion.

The Life Schools represent the four themes of human development; Service (the inclination to serve others), Love (recognition of the heart and empathy), Peace (feeling safe in your body), and Wisdom (the development of awareness and intellect).  Each of these schools serves as a background for the events of your life to unfold.

In addition to the information decoded in the fingerprints, Gift Markings (distinct lines and formations on the palms or fingers) can also serve as an indication of the Souls path. If you have a “Gift Marking” it is something to pay special attention to. These specific markings are an indication of a particular ability or talent this is seeking expression. Each gift marking is to be considered a central focus of your life in addition to your Life Purpose. There are sixteen gift markings that can be found in the hands. Some examples of these markings include; Star of Wisdom, Gifted Healer, and Line of Clairvoyance.

Life Purpose Hand Analysis is non- predictive and is a learned and repeatable system. It is a tool that deepens self understanding through the exploration of the entirety of the hand. It explores the interplay of personality, purpose, emotional style, and spiritual gifts to unearth the unique and intimate “story” of who you are today and who you could be at your highest potential, shedding new light on past events and current circumstances. It’s as if we have been given a personal road map to the best version of ourselves, and it’s all our fingertips!

Debbie Davis, “The Life Purpose Specialist” is a professional Hand Analyst and a graduate of the International Institute of Hand Analysis. Debbie’s clients range from television personalities, accomplished authors and entrepreneurs to troubled youth. Within the framework of Hand Analysis, Debbie blends her intuitive skills with her in depth training to help each client discover their own creative gifts and spiritual talents that when brought into conscious realization and expression, manifest as Purpose. She can be contacted through her website www.TheLifePurposeSpecialist.com

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