What is the Tantric Path?

What is the Tantric Path?

by Joan Michaels

In the western world, probably, the most common view is that Tantra is connected to Eastern religion, with uninhibited sex and lovemaking positions (as in the Kama Sutra). Another view is that Tantra is about free loving. To others, it’s New Age sex therapy. None of these views is wrong — but, it’s much more. The Tantric path is not an ascetic path, but one where you are actually participating fully in the world. It’s been referred to as the path of indulgence. This might be true, but it can only work with conscious awareness. It’s actually all about energy — the energy of every single moment; and, in order to tune into this energy, one has to be in a state of clarity.

The Tantric (one on the path of Tantra) learns to focus and attune him or herself to the energy of what’s going on around them. The energy is the same for everyone; however, the Tantric works at developing a sensitivity so that they can clearly perceive this energy. This sensitivity is developed through the discipline of keeping your space clear. Simply said, you cannot have a clear state of awareness if the energy isn’t flowing freely throughout your aura and chakras, or if you are not shielded against negative energies coming into your space. It’s not that the Tantric changes his or her lifestyle in any way. It’s that they become more aware in their life. How do they feel? How is their mental clarity? How are their relationships? What and who are they attracting into their lives? A Tantric takes notice. They become aware of their space. They become aware if they are out of balance. They take responsibility for their own space in order to bring more clarity and harmony into their lives.

The practice of Tantra urges the fullest possible involvement in life, and involves every moment. That doesn’t mean you can do anything you want. The path requires some sort of discipline. Tantrics practice methods to clear their aura and clear their chakras. They also shield themselves against negative energies. Since the goal is clarity, you want to integrate into your life the things that will clear your space. It can be meditation, prayer, temporarily retreating from the world, yoga — whatever brings you to a state of clarity. You don’t have to give up sex, meat, or even TV in order to achieve your spiritual goals and freedom and happiness in life. The Tantric approach to relating within the world is one of full involvement, while taking the responsibility to keep your space clear. Your experience then becomes personal and intimate. If you’re not carrying a lot of “baggage,” you’ll have the clarity to know what you’re suppose to be doing. Maybe you’ll feel it or intuit it. Maybe you’ll get a message by overhearing a conversation; or by someone speaking directly to you. When you are in a state of clarity, you are attuned to the more sensitive vibrations of energies and you can “hear” what the universe is telling you.

Since Tantra is a path of energy, it is only natural that it recognizes sexual energy as a very powerful force. Everyone knows it, everyone feels it and everyone recognizes it. It’s a matter of approaching it in a different way. It’s still enjoyable and it’s still fulfilling. It ceases to be a means of “getting off”, and it becomes a means to a much deeper connection on a much deeper level. The main difference between Tantric sex and regular sex is nothing more than attitude. The Tantric goal in lovemaking is to achieve a state where opposites cease to exist…where there is no duality. This creates a state of bliss and unity. There are two forms of energy involved — the energy of intimacy and the energy of sexual passion. When these two energies combine, there is ecstatic mutual love energy, and the couple can more easily surrender to something greater than their individual egos. Tantric sex involves a commitment to a spiritual ideal, and then the lovers move from seeking fulfillment to a celebration of fulfillment. Joining our bodies in a committed, focused way creates a special temple — the forces of two spirits, two energy fields, two auras, blending totally into one. A magnetic energy flows between the two bodies, which is deeply healing and strengthening. This union manifests as the ecstatic experience, which has been called the bliss of divine union, but which no words can truly describe.

Tantra is a combination of science and mysticism. It’s a spiritual path in which sexual love is a sacrament. In the Tantric view, all life and every aspect of creation, including sexuality, is celebrated and held as sacred. Tantra is a spiritual path in which we strive to be totally present and aware of the energy of every moment. Tantra becomes a way of life, a way to a more joyful and harmonious life. Ultimately, it’s about spiritual awakening.

Joan Michaels is the author of “Tantric Spirit, Living the Path of Tantra”. In the early 1980s, much to her surprise, she received a message to teach Tantra. She set up and facilitated Tantra workshops. Her book is available on both amazon.com and on her website http://tantricspirit.com. In her book, you will learn simple methods to achieve clarity. She discusses tantric lovemaking and tantric ritual. Learn an ancient Tibetan Tantric Ritual and experience the bliss of divine union. Email: [email protected]

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