What Is Entailed In Consciousness Raising Services

What Is Entailed In Consciousness Raising Services

By Earlene McGee

Consciousness awareness is widely perceived as unnatural achievement that bores spiritual powers. This is totally different as it translates to the moment one is freer with self. Consciousness raising services are able to provide one with a guide on how to navigate through ups and downs of life to make him or her be lighter and conscious. The below tips can offer an insight of what to do to overcome self-obstacle.

Being you all the time. It is as simple as it sounds. You have to replace pretense with being your presence. You should not wait till you feel perfect or wait for anything to happen in order that you get into your own self. Avoid looking at other people journey through life and also do not compare, doubt or even judge yourself. This often makes you live in a world of illusion and also acts as a discouragement to being the perfect you.

Let the fear of feeling pass. Making a discovery on who we really are is similar to opening a house door with the house representing the human mind. Yes, one letting the light in, but have we explored all rooms? Spent time in the creepy parts? Maybe we have just taken a quick peak. We really have to meditate in them, let some light in and also do some clean up.

The light of awareness does not only illuminate on what is comfortable or acceptable to the mind. It will stretch it rays to shine to all parts including those dusty closets which are full of old, emotionally driven baggage that you still tightly cling on to.

As the winds of change blow the doors open, we will definitely be feeling and experiencing various emotions that we once upon protected ourselves from feeling. When refuse to be controlled by fear of feelings, we naturally keep the doors open being assured that it cannot break who we are.

Avoid identifying with anything even spiritual identity. The birds and flower as an example, birds do not sing bearing in mind they are birds likewise the flowers do not identify their beauty to their name. That moment we identify ourselves less, it is the moment we will create spaces for our realistic presence to shine through and we will also become lighter and bloom more.

Befriend the unknown. Everyone wants his dark past to remain far behind as possible and we also get paranoid when we project on how the future will be like. The time we have these combined thoughts, we get blurred images about of lives. In this case, we have to leave our past behind us and avoid worries about the future, through this, only the present time is left and it is real with vivid and fresh moments.

Avoid being hard on yourself. The mission of conscious raising is not a serious one. You have to put in mind that we are human and we have to awaken in the human form. Be assured that we fail to get peace of mind not because we are human, but because we turn judgmental and resist some aspects of human beings as we chase and overvalue others.

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