West’s largest meditation center to open Saturday

West’s largest meditation center to open Saturday

In what could be a sign of America’s changing spiritual composition, Mahima (a 39,000 square foot meditation center), will officially open its doors on November 8th. Mahima, (located amidst 1,200 acres of green forests in the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee), will be a resource for the science of yoga and will be the largest meditation center in the Western hemisphere. Prominent spiritual leader Sadhguru Vasudev, the founder of Isha Foundation and the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences (IIIS) will consecrate the center. Invoking his mastery of the science of yoga, Sadhguru Vasudev will enshrine Mahima using his physical body and energy as a tool– a process referred to as ‘Prana Prathista (a Sanskrit term). This process will energize Mahima for over a thousand years, without the need for rituals or re energizing processes.

“Mahima will not be a place of prayer, but a space with a vortex of energy where people can transform their lives to achieve freedom and a new dimension of perception. Of all the human pursuits, striving to transform oneself into a higher possibility is considered the most sacred,” said Sadhguru Vasudev. “The basic purpose of the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences is to inspire, to stoke, and to nurture this innate search in every being, helping them realize the ultimate potential within.”

According to the Pew Research Center, 92% of Americans believe in God or a Universal Spirit yet, 70% say that many religions can lead to eternal life instead of just one. Also, the 4th largest religious group in the United States is “Unaffiliated” or those who are not associated with any religion at all. In addition, Unaffiliated is the number one (31%) religious tradition group in the 18-29 age demographic nationwide and 70% of those who are in this group believe in God or a Universal Spirit.

The significance of this data and the opening of Mahima could be an insight into possible future changes of American perspectives on religion and spirituality. Mahima is being developed as a destination for spiritual growth to seekers from the West regardless of their religious affiliation.

“The word yoga, literally means union. When you experience everything as a part of yourself, then you are in yoga,” said Sadhguru Vasudev.

About the Isha Foundation:

Founded by Sadhguru in 1992, the Isha Foundation (www.ishafoundation.org) is an entirely volunteer-run, international nonprofit, non-religious organization dedicated to cultivating human potential. Isha Foundation is headquartered at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains near Coimbatore, India, and houses Dhyanalinga, a meditation shrine and multi-religious temple that includes a 13 ft powerful and unique energy form– the first of its kind to be completed in over 2,000 years. At the core of the Foundation’s activities is a customized system of yoga called Inner Engineering. Inner Engineering distills powerful, ancient yogic methods for a modern person, creating peak physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. This basis of total wellbeing accelerates inner growth, allowing each individual to reach his or her ultimate potential.

About Sadhguru Vasudev

Sadhguru Vasudev is a yogi, mystic, humanitarian and a prominent spiritual leader. In January 2007, Sadhguru participated in four panels at the World Economic Forum and spoke on issues ranging from diplomacy and economic development, to education and the environment. In 2006, he addressed the World Economic Forum, the Tallberg Forum in Sweden, and the Australian Leadership Retreat. He has also served as a delegate to the United Nations Millennium Peace Summit and the World Peace Congress. Sadhguru’s vision and understanding of modern social and economic issues have led to interviews with BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNNfn, and Newsweek International. His insights are regularly featured in India’s leading national newspapers. A well-known public figure, he regularly draws crowds of more than 300,000 people for his public talks and “sathsangs” (group meditation).

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