Ways of the Mystic

Ways of the Mystic

by Paddy Fievet

Shedding off various limitations compounded with the dreams, shamanic understandings, and mystical experiences, I realized how my life had changed for the better. In other words, over the years, I began to slowly incorporate the idea that it is indeed possible to happily live by incorporating Modern Mysticism into my daily life as a birthright for each of us.

Because most people do not completely understand what a Modern Mystic is, or how they contrast from the mystics of old like the prophets in the Bible, or those like John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, or many more, the following paragraphs describe how a Modern Mystic differs in the world today from those who do not embrace the possibilities of mysticism in their own lives. I present these as ideas, not facts carved in stone; it’s also incomplete, for no one can list all the ways any of us can experience God. In reading it, pause for a heart-filled moment after each topic, asking yourself if this is something you truly wish to achieve in your life. If you say yes, then realize with your heart, mind, and through every cell in your body that you have indeed just set an intention to change your life to be a moment to moment experience of God.

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Modern Mystics move day to day intuiting vibrations around them. More than just a strong empathy, which is the ability to feel the emotions and vibratory frequencies of others, the Modern Mystic can in some way intuit the vibrations of not only people, but of the   world around them. These vibrations can translate into emotions, thoughts, or ideas on the human level. Also, they may be quite subtle or very intense. But the connection is far more than just human vibrations. It’s also greater than the human connection. When allowing yourself to open up to a greater awareness, some may detect vibrational essences of nature, discerning the vibrations of different plants, trees, colors, even rocks. (Yes, rocks have vibrations! In fact, environmental empathy is the ability to feel vibrations of the environment. For instance, earth energies are different from location to location. Atlanta feels to me like I am literally inside the granite of Stone Mountain—heavy and dense. The Appalachian Mountains to me have a light, spiritual fairy-like feeling.) Through a greater sense of awareness, some can also discern differences of consciousness of an area, noting loving, caring, egotistical, and even materialistic consciousness. A heightened awareness requires a great deal of discernment, managed by knowing yourself very well in order to distinguish what is yours from what you have picked up that is not yours.

Modern Mystics embrace a primal knowledge that everything is an expression of God. This includes not only people, but insects, animals, plants, as well as the earth itself. They also realize that this is not all of God, for God is much more than what you see around you or that you can even imagine. However, the Modern Mystic respects the holy essence in all things. Along this line of realization, the Modern Mystic also realizes that what people truly are often differs from what they do. This helps tremendously to realize that when someone causes harm to another in some way, it is a choice they have made, not understanding their spiritual nature, which is Love.

The Modern Mystic has experienced an awakening, a journey, or other methods of acknowledging and accepting the person he or she is created to be. Unlike simple likes and dislikes, the Modern Mystic knows why they feel attracted or not attracted to something at deep levels. Spiritual gifts, personality traits, and his or her specific methods of intuition are all known and then embraced. The Modern Mystic also realizes that his or her life is an increase in spiritual wisdom, which may include many awakenings in one lifetime. For this reason, the Modern Mystic’s life is a process of metanoia—a continual journey of changing self, mind, life, or heart.

The Modern Mystic lives from his or her heart. For the Modern Mystic, recognition is not just analytical; it is heartfelt. All nature, people, and matter are not just unique, individual expressions of God. Also, they are an expression of God’s Love, whether they realize it and act like it or not. This is more than just acknowledgement. It’s a heartfelt witnessing of Spiritual Presence embodied as Love in a myriad of different forms and expressions. In his or her own way, the Modern Mystic acknowledges this Love in all.

Those who embrace Modern Mysticism never really feel separated or isolated from the world around them because Divine Love connects all. Even though the term Oneness may be slightly overused, it still is the best word to describe the strong, loving connection Modern Mystics have with all of mankind and nature. The Modern Mystic feels a heartfelt connection of his or her indwelling Spirit to the Spirit indwelling of others. This connection overrides any differences noted between self and others. This brings me to another important trait of those who embrace the path of Modern Mysticism.

Modern Mystics respond rather than react to unpleasant dysfunction that may occur in arguments, attacks, etc. In many religious communities, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the importance and healing power of forgiveness. What I speak of as I describe the ability of Modern Mystics to get over things quickly is akin to forgiveness, but goes beyond this.

The Modern Mystic recognizes the underlying energy of the verbal attacker, whether it be pain, insecurity, anger, or a host of other emotions, while it is happening or shortly afterwards. The Modern Mystic therefore can consciously choose how to respond instead of having reactions automatically come forth. While maintaining personal boundaries, the Modern Mystic is able to respectfully respond to the situation. This level of Loving behavior is not always easy. Most of us still have to remind ourselves occasionally to settle back into this higher level of Spiritual Awareness.

This higher level of Spiritual Awareness is available to all Modern Mystics. Whether in deep contemplation, meditation, or in the day-to-day events of normal living, the Modern Mystic is acutely aware of an innate spiritual connection. Understand, though, that this connection is not perceived as just a thread of Light between the Modern Mystic and something or someone else, but is instead a Loving connection felt within. Although what I am speaking of transcends the ability to describe it in ordinary words, I understand it to be a Spiritual connection that calms, connects, and assists one to be his or her highest and best. Most Modern Mystics feel this differently, as its process is unique to the individual. As an example, I feel it just below my heart chakra close to the solar plexus. Occasionally I feel it just above the top of my head, as if it is in the body but more than the body. I have felt both simultaneously, especially when I am writing. Don’t be alarmed or assume that you’ve missed something if you feel this Presence another way, for we as individuals all have our unique ways. The point is that you become aware of this Spiritual Presence that is part of you, is you, and is a great deal more than you.

Modern Mystics have a heightened sense of intuition that allows information to be shared with them in ways other than the typical five senses. No two Modern Mystics experience this the same way, although it may be similar. The interpretation of intuitive information is also unique to the individual. Even though I have mentioned this at length in the Fourth Step, some examples may include gathering spiritual messages from trees, plants or even animal life. Shamans excel in this as do animal whisperers. Others can ascertain the messages of angels, guidance from God, and some may experience visions of the future as well as a knowing not readily ascertained from ordinary means. The Modern Mystic utilizes intuition just as readily as any person will use the five senses and is quite comfortable with the intuitive experience. In doing so, and with the open acknowledgement that God’s Spirit exists in all life, the intuitive connects to all, thereby sharing knowledge. This connection is not only facilitated through that deep abiding Love innate to all life, but is heightened exponentially by it. Every healer or shaman I have ever met has explained that the way to heighten intuition is to do it through an increase in Love. That’s what Modern Mysticism is about: Love.

This is an excerpt from The Eagle’s View: Five Steps to Modern Mysticism (Modern Mystic Series)

© Paddy Fievet, PhD, is the author of The Eagle’s View: Five Steps to Modern Mysticism, published by Cloverhurst Publications, 2017. Excerpt is printed with permission of the publisher. ISBN: 978-09906706-4-3. List price: US $14.95

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