Ward off Winter Sickness with Good Dental Helath

Ward off Winter Sickness with Good Dental Helath

Not many people realize that dental health is connected closely with other areas of human health. The mouth is where the digestive system begins and is the gateway for most nutritional processes. It is the starting place for keeping bacteria out and letting essential oils in.

Both the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association have done recent studies that illustrate the link between dental health and diseases like diabetes and heart disease. If oral health is not maintained well, the endocrine and immune systems have to work harder to break down foods during the digestive process or fight harmful bacteria, leading to compromised or incomplete efficiency.

ChicagoHealers.com Practitioner Dr. Andie Pearson DMD, CCST provides the following three tips for keeping your dental defense strong during the winter months.

1. Brush with Essential Oils: Add a drop of cinnamon oil and a drop of myrrh oil to your toothbrush before brushing. Both oils are antibacterial and antiviral, which can prevent infection and provide extra defense against cold and flu bacteria.

2. Get the Whole Mouth Involved: Do not underestimate the power of dental homecare. Make sure to brush at least three times a day to wash away daily bacteria. Also, brush into your gums, tongue and cheeks at the end of a brushing cycle to build resistance against daily illnesses floating around the office and home.

3. Keep It Extra Clean: There is nothing more effective than a professional deep clean. Consider seeing a dentist for a cleaning every 3 months in the winter to proactively combat hard-to-reach bacteria. Also, dentists check for gum disease, which can weaken the immunity towards illnesses.

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