Valentine’s Day Guided Meditation Announced

Valentine’s Day Guided Meditation Announced

Sherly Sulaiman, certified clinical hypnotherapist and master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, is known locally for a series of therapeutic sessions to help Los Angeles-area actors cope with rejection, improve their auditions, and to be in-the-moment in their characters and in their lives. The series, known as “Mindfulness for Actors and Artists,” has been featured in Daily Actor and was well received by attendees.

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“[Sherly] offers such a safe and generous energy to the group,” says “Supernatural” actor Theo Devaney. “It was a brilliant introduction to the [mindfulness] process and I was so satisfied with what I received in such a short space of time.”

Recognizing the benefits of the guided meditations, Sulaiman has expanded her meditation offerings and created a class that’s open to the general public, in addition to actors and artists. The class entitled “Imagine,” is offered weekly at Unplug Meditation. Unplug, which was featured on the Today Show and made Los Angeles Magazine’s Best of LAlist for 2015, offers 30-45 minute guided meditations from the region’s best mindfulness practitioners.

Sulaiman’s regular session, offered each Friday at 10:30am, is open to all meditation skill-levels. Mindfulness meditation improves concentration, calmness, attention, and general wellbeing, while reducing depression and anxiety according to an article in Forbes that sites research from Harvard, Yale and the University of Massachusetts.

“The weekly mindfulness meditations allow participants to connect more with themselves, on a consistent basis, to enrich their professional and personal lives,” says Sulaiman. “I realized that weekly meditation offerings are beneficial for maintaining the sense of balance we create in individual sessions.”

In addition to her Friday meditation, Sulaiman also guides themed meditations, promoting clarity, self-love, and overall well being. In honor of Valentine’s Day, Sulaiman is guiding a group hypnosis on self-love and relationships on Friday, February 13, at 7pm. The meditation is appropriate for people who are romantically attached or unattached. For a list of additional upcoming courses or to sign up for a guided meditation, visit New Stress Relief’s Event Schedule.

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About Sherly Sulaiman

Sherly Sulaiman (BA, ICBCH) is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, NLP (Neuro – Linguistic Programming) master practitioner and mindfulness meditation teacher. She is also co-founder of Friends In Service, a volunteer group that facilitates an empowerment program for underprivileged children.

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