Understanding the Symbolism of Indian Mythology

Understanding the Symbolism of Indian Mythology

by Haritha Nayak

Indian mythology symbolismAs an Initiate, have you ever wondered or wanted to connect to the Universal consciousness to know the answers? Did you know that, we all are, at all times in connection with it and communicating with it? Of course, people do not know how to decipher this communication because it happens in the form of symbols and signs in meditations, dreams and even in concrete reality. It requires one to have the knowledge of Symbolic Language to connect to the Source Code, to understand and perceive well, this communication within the universe. And when we receive the Source Code, our whole life changes completely.

Ancients have used the knowledge of Symbolic Language or Symbolism since the time immemorial to pass on the wisdom. When there was no mechanism to write books etc., wisdom was passed on in the form of folklores, stories and holy symbols. When we look at the Ying Yang, the Star of David or the Ardhnareshwara form of Shiva, these were all symbols used to share the fusion of the polarities that exists in each one of us. Similarly, different traditions used symbolism to convey the same deep spiritual messages all over the world. Therefore when we know the symbolic meaning i.e. the consciousness behind the symbol or story, then we connect to the Source Code of wisdom, wisdom in the purest form, which is beyond everything!

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Indian mythology is very interesting and full of wisdom when we understand it symbolically. Since I was child, I always wanted to know the true meaning of things; I questioned things because questioning triggers a beautiful journey. One day it leads to profound answers, the answers that come from within, not necessarily from outside. When we look at Indian mythology, we see the reference of many animals because animals symbolise the Needs in us. And transcending the needs leads one to an elevated conscience. Especially, in Indian mythology we see an animal being associated to each god. This was meant to help the initiate understand what kind of needs he has to transcend to be able to acquire the qualities of that associated God.

For example, when we talk about Ganesha, we see his vehicle to be a Mouse. This is so beautiful to symbolically understand that a mouse has a consciousness of insecurities, fear of being vulnerable, living in a mouse hole etc. while Ganesha is a symbol of prosperity and abundance. And mouse biologically multiplies so fast, just like the thoughts of insecurities and fears in a person when he keeps brooding. So we realise here that in order to receive these qualities of true prosperity and abundance, one has to first master the distortion of a mouse within. One who masters the inner mouse by doing an intense work on their memories, gets access to the qualities of Ganesha within, the qualities that have always been there but were hidden due to past memories of mouse behaviour in the process of learning in the soul evolution cycle. This is what an initiate should meditate on, when connecting to Ganesha, an energy that is inside everyone.

This way we can understand other aspects of Ganesha very deeply but now let us talk about another beautiful energy that we all have…Hanuman. When we look at Hanuman, we see that ancients used symbols for a reason, to transfer a wise teaching to the coming generations. The knowledge was passed with the right message that with time got lost or diluted. Now to understand, we look at the meaning of Monkey first, which symbolises lack of concentration, a behaviour of copying others, too playful, anger etc. on the minus…and this is how a human mind is, that is why sometimes the phrase “monkey mind”. But on the plus, the Monkey is a very intelligent species. It means that when a person works on these negative aspects and transcends them, then their mind is focused and concentrated, they become a meditator, a person who has mastered the anger and serves the right causes with the intelligence and power of mind…i.e. they become like Hanuman…

He is also known as”Vayu Putra” i.e. son of Air. The Air element is always in connection to thoughts symbolically, so someone who masters his/her thoughts, way of thinking, as thoughts have so much power. We create what we think or the way we think in our life…we are what we think! Now if we look at the story where as a child hanuman swallowed the sun, it means that when a person uses the power, any power, without wisdom, not considering the repercussions to others, it is not good, then the universe can take it away from the person till he becomes more balanced, intelligent and imbibes the right intentions for self and others. That is what it meant when Hanuman lost his powers and got them back to help Lord Ram later because by then he had become a changed, transformed soul who had the right wisdom of good and evil, and knew that power should be used for good deeds and actions…that misuse leads to disasters and hence forgoing them. If we think and become like that, then in the true sense we become a disciple of Hanuman, because we integrate the teaching of what he symbolises.

And, we should also look at the Anger aspect of a monkey, how, if or when they are triggered, they can be so aggressive and attack. And we see how Hanuman is a symbol of transcendence of Anger as he is always meditative, helping, kind and full of love. Therefore he also symbolises that one can be like him or if one is a true disciple, then they must continue to work on this aspect of anger and one day become a symbol of universal love and calm.

Hanuman is also connected to a deep devotion to Ram and Sita. When we understand symbolically, Ram and Sita signify the masculine and feminine polarity in all of us. Polarities are the essence of the creation; the fusion of polarities is the base of universal creation. We are a whole universe too and have the same elements and polarities that compose us. That is the reason, by working and knowing ourselves we know the whole universe. Feminine polarity i.e. love when unites with the masculine polarity i.e. wisdom, then it becomes the Creator! And to experience it within, the mind must be mastered. It needs a true devotion to achieve self-realisation, just like Hanuman. And when we understand this and imbibe this quality in us, we invoke the inner Hanuman. We connect to our own inner Source Code and move ahead in knowing the self.

Isn’t it amazing to understand the true symbolism of everything. Another very beautiful that I always admired and wanted to understand deeply was of Shiva. Quite naturally it would bring so much peace to the mind and intrigue at the same time. He is adorned with so many objects like snake in the neck, Bull as his vehicle, Ganges coming out from the head, Trishul in the hand, a moon on the head etc. Just this one figure and so much to learn from if we understand its symbolism. Let us try to understand the Bull just like the Mouse for the Ganesha. Physically the bulls are much more muscular (symbolically excessive willpower) than cows (symbolically mild and easy going), with thicker bones (symbolising well grounded and structured) , larger feet (symbolises balance in matter), a very muscular neck (Overly self focused communication), and a large, bony head with protective ridges over the eyes (ability to see clearly). These features assist bulls in fighting for domination over a herd, giving the winner superior access to cows for reproduction. They are also known for aggression and a known term “Bullying” associated. Therefore the bull signifies these qualities that an initiate must develop and distortions that an initiate must master i.e. Strength: Willpower, Motivation, Goal orientation, Balanced in matter, and Weaknesses to master : Anger, aggression, selfish, too focused in result, stubborn, crushes others to win, excessive willpower. When an initiate does that, then he invokes the ability to advance on his path , the spiritual path to become like Shiva who is the epitome of meditation, wisdom and union of polarities within. We see that the Nandi and mouse, both are the vehicles i.e. the way of advancing further, therefore we learn also profoundly that to progress towards true prosperity and abundance i.e. Ganesha, one must be steady and careful while transcending the distortions of the mouse. In the same way, to become a great meditator like shiva one must advance with great will power and goal orientation while transcending the distortions of the bull. Everything is inside us as a state of consciousness, all the animals because transcending the needs we acquire their vital strength; and the entire universe too.

In continuation to the symbolic understanding of mythology, we see another profound symbol i.e. Snake. We see snake with Shiva, Ganesha and many others in some or the other way. Snake does denote the kundalini that lives in all of us however with the deeper symbolic understanding as a state of consciousness, we can learn even more what it means for a spiritual initiate. Snake as an animal is connected with matter due to its shape as well as behaviour. As it is an animal, a snake represents certain aspects of our instinctual vital energy. Since it crawls along the ground, its symbolism is closely related to the earth element and to the world of action in matter. Its cold blood obliges it to regularly seek out sunny places to capture the heat of the sun. On the symbolic level, from a negative point of view, the coldness of its blood and the need for solar energy represent emotional coldness and the absence of inner life dynamics to radiate, enlighten, and warm the person and his entourage. Associated with the distorted use of masculine aspects, this characteristic leads to a selfish person who uses his power of emissivity and action to control and dominate others in order to satisfy his own instincts, his primary needs, his personal and sexual pleasures and desires.

A snake is also a predator that knows how to remain calm, discreet, immobile, hidden and well camouflaged in its environment, waiting for the right moment to catch its prey. This behavior associates it with slyness and hypocrisy, just as its forked tongue evokes duality in the way we communicate. Other snake features are the fact that it is deaf and it finds its way by using its sense of smell as well as its tongue, its sense of taste. This symbolizes difficulty in being receptive and listening to the needs and advice of our entourage, as well as a tendency to advance solely focused on our own tastes, moods, desires, and needs, thereby feeding on others, on the energy level. Moreover, when a snake moves, its head precedes the rest of its body. Symbolically, this indicates an obsession with our thoughts, which forces our other levels (emotional and physical) to follow. This results in very sly, insidious behavioral dynamics to get what we want.

In religious tradition, the snake symbolizes the tempter that puts people to the test, confronting them with the choice of behaving in accordance with superior realities, i.e. respecting them and obeying the Divine Laws that govern them, or acting according to instinctual impulses and personal desires, without worrying about the possible individual or collective consequences their choices and acts may lead to. That is why the ascended masters are shown with a snake in some or the other form, as a symbol of transcendence of it.

It is so beautiful to understand the true meaning of everything. It is beyond the rituals and boundaries that humans have created with each other due to not having access to the knowledge sometimes. When we understand the source code of the symbols, it opens a new door to multi-dimensions. We start receiving the answers ourselves, we become our own Guru and we become an eternal student at the same time, always Evolving. UCM is dedicated to bring this ancient knowledge back to all the seekers in the modern times, a knowledge that always has been there and is now ready to be accessed by all…Yet again!

About the author:

Haritha NayakHaritha Nayak is an Assistant Professor with Universe / City Mikael (UCM), Canada. Coming from a background of experiencing corporate work life for many years while also balancing her spiritual journey towards soul evolution and autonomy, she now shares what many would call “Practical Spirituality”. Her practice of Angelica Yana & Symbolic language has helped her gain a deeper understanding of the unconscious and the Law of Cause & Effect.

From her childhood, she used to get powerful dreams, she knew they were messages, however at that time she could not understand them. Her soul was continuously seeking for the right guidance to come in her life. She did her Past life Regression course with a gold medal but the quest of her soul fulfilled after meeting Kaya & Christiane from UCM who initiated her to the intense path of knowing thyself with Dreams, Signs, Symbols & meditation. With this, all the Indian rituals, mythologies and spiritual practices that had lost their true meaning over the years, started become clear to her and the entire new universe of knowledge unfolded with symbolic language.

She now shares how to gain this profound understanding of the mysteries of life and the Universe by working with the 72 Angels, decoding Dreams and everyday Signs and Symbols. Through Angelica Yana, she also gives everyone a true gift of transformation.

To know more about her, please visit: https://www.ucm.ca/en/authors/haritha-nayak. Email: org@ucm.in

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