Truth on Statin (Cholesterol) Medications Revealed

Truth on Statin (Cholesterol) Medications Revealed

by Dr. Tom Bayne, D.C

With over 13 million prescriptions written every month, statins, a class of drug used to lower blood cholesterol levels, are the most prescribed drug in the US. Physicians write prescriptions under the misconception that whatever downside statins may have, it is better than having a heart attack. Is this true? Do statins actually prevent the disease they are prescribed for? Practitioner Dr. Tom Bayne, D.C. offers the truth about statins and the domino effect these drugs may have on the human body.

The Truth About How Statins Work:

In humans statins block the production of an enzyme that produces cholesterol in the liver.  This same enzyme is crucial in the production of Coenzyme Q10, a potent heart antioxidant.  CoQ10 is necessary for the production of energy in our muscle tissue especially the heart.  Over time CoQ10 depletion leads to weakened heart strength and congestive heart failure.  Hence, the medicine you are taking to save your heart is actually causing weakness and failure of your heart.

Is Cholesterol To Blame?

In order for the pharmaceutical companies to sell 13 million prescriptions per month they needed to point the finger at cholesterol as the cause of heart disease since they could suppress cholesterol with statin medications.  Is cholesterol the problem? The majority of your cholesterol number is the result of the cholesterol your liver has produced.  That is why low cholesterol diets do almost nothing to lower your cholesterol number. The chief function of cholesterol is not to clog up your arteries.  It is the primary component of your cell membranes, and it is crucial to repair damage to your cells.

Inflammatory Disease:

More and more research is pointing to the fact that cardiovascular disease is an inflammatory disease.  So the inflammation within the arteries is causing the blood to flow slower so it can thicken and clot, and cells are multiplying to ensure that scar tissue lies down.  The only problem is that scar tissue in the arteries is called plaque.  It is a lesion that has a high concentration of calcium in it causing the artery to lose its flexibility and develop an aneurysm and eventually rupture as a stroke or torn aorta.  Cholesterol fits into this process because the chemicals that are produced in response to inflammation are sending signals to the liver to produce more cholesterol so the body can repair the tissues that are being injured due to the inflammatory process.

Recommendations To Sustain Your Health:

Whether you are taking a statin or not, controlling the inflammatory process is the key to controlling your risk of cardiovascular disease.  Those on statin medication or whose inflammation is causing stress need to know about Total Omega-3+.

Total Omega-3+ is an antioxidant infused fish oil that covers all aspects of inflammation in just 2 capsules a day. Its starts with pharmaceutical grade ultra-pure fish oil, the only fish oil that is molecularly distilled 3 times to ensure purity, potency, and freshness. Bioidentical CoQ10 is combined to ensure that all muscle tissue can produce healthy energy levels.  Additionally a high dose of vitamin K2-7 is added for which is crucial for optimal circulatory health. A healthy dose of Vitamin D3 provides more cardiovascular and bone protection, and Tocomin SupraBio, a patented vitamin E complex, is added to  keep the blood thin and maintain normal arterial flexibility.

Those on statin medications should take Total Omega-3+ every day to replenish the CoQ10 that is being robbed from your heart.  This will keep your heart healthy while you work to control the inflammatory process that has your liver producing too much cholesterol at this time.


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