True Love Begins From Within

True Love Begins From Within

by Karamjeet Kaur

Karamjeet Kaur14 years ago, I was in a well of darkness. No one knew I was destructing myself slowly. I had good friends and wonderful Godmother that always keep me going but it was not enough to move the destruction away from within. I tried to commit suicide with many attempts. Then one day VOICE of Love gave the light that made me leap to fight from the new given energy. Truly Love Me my first book emerged from that darkness and light that I fought to know where I came from and who I am. The night that change my life, I gave myself totally to Divine World. I ask them to take me back or put me in the right path so that I can breathe again. Divine Love came in a Voice of Love with 2 simple words that is “40 days and Vegetarian”. It shocked me and yet it empowers me with much Joy and Love.

My journey of love begins to fulfil me. After a year from Voice of Love came to me, I met a Spiritual Teacher who thought me the meaning of love and fear within. He also introduces me to Louise Hay Books and her wise teachings. My further empowerment started on loving myself. I was seeking for true love since little girl as I lost my mum. Witnessing and embracing True Love that begins within slowly evolve in last 13 years. Least I knew that True Love is me. I am True Love mover as I love myself completely, fully and truly. Much amazing miracles took its path in my journey. Truly Love Me shares on the true life application of true love within. It groom me to aware the meaning of loving myself unconditionally. When see myself growing into the very deep essence of my being, I felt I need to share to the world about my magical true love experiences. I believe everyone is always looking “out” for true love. Well, I am so delighted to share that True Love begins from very core of within us.

We are light of darkness. We are love. We came from womb of love. We been made in such loving and unconditionally manner, each of our part is so true that we are so bless to emerge as Loving beings. Truly Love Me speaks about true love with nature, abundance; believe thought patterns, immunity, joy and miracles. Truly Love Me share on non-judgement thoughts towards another loving being. We are here to experience living life joyfully and loving fully. There is never perfection roadmap in our journey. We are made of perfection as we are. We are given the abilities to lead life in oneness as to discover the true essence our inner being. The first and foremost love is to begin with loving ourselves as True Love.

There are always solutions in everything because we create “magic” as Miracle Makers. Miracle begins with us. True Love evolves every moment within. The more we are in love with ourselves, the more we are aware our Miracle Magic Wand. Truly Love Me is all about being Miracle of Loving Self. It is the answer to all questions we seek in life. I am so thankful every moment that I am here to share my experiences of true love. I am very sure many have different experiences that lead to their true love. The only significant is to aware, accept, embrace and acknowledge all this experiences as to groom to purity of who we are. Loving beings as we are here to share, give, appreciate, and receive true love unconditionally.

We are the Magnificent Being that truly does wonderful amazing loving things in the world. I am truly sure it will slowly emerge in that light of love as we are wish. Wishes do come true. We ask and it’s given in the manner of love. Wishing each of you enjoy being True Love. There is never an empty space within. You will continue feel so vibrant and excited looking for more love as to share and give. Love joyfully and live happily, it’s all within us.

On further information of where can you get a copy of Truly Love Me, please log in to or Amazon, Barners & Noble and many online bookstores. Thank you for your love.

Blessings of Love

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Karamjeet Kaur, MBA (HRM), Self Love Specialist, Speaker, Coach, Consultant, an International Author and Entrepreneur. I can be contacted at Do check my further details at


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