Traveling Beyond Pain & Suffering

Traveling Beyond Pain & Suffering

By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff


A common misconception for spiritual travelers is that they must always be happy or content; and to display sadness, pain or depression is a sign of being weak- out of balance- and missing the point of spiritual teachings.  All travelers are human and as such have a full range of thoughts, emotions and reactions to troubling situations.

When the Higher consciousness is operating, the part that knows; there is ‘contentment’ and use of this knowledge in the world. This ‘contentment’ is not a static condition or state; and comes and goes depending upon the Higher needs of the situation. This contentment/being is a byproduct of a higher state of consciousness.

If you seek a teaching that allows you to be happy all the time: search for one. You will find it.

Being human is not like this and as consequence- we have a full range of emotions and more . . .

When you reach the end of your search do you think it will be any different?  Remember, to transcend suffering- you must have suffering to over come.


Like the Ocean, life is a series of ups and downs, yet, far below the surface there is a deep stillness.

We were born with emotions to enrich our experience of this wondrous life/planet. Some emotions like depression, profound sadness at the death of a child; are all to be experienced and part of our individual life plans. Sometimes, these emotions tear us apart.

For most, the “Sufi” state of knowing and using higher consciousness, in daily life, is not a static condition; it comes and goes depending upon the organic needs of a situation.

Sometimes, a “Sufi” is not content- in their suffering they fight with God; like in any marriage-lovers fight and disagree.

Yet, there is a bond that cannot be shaken. My teacher used to say- ‘if you are going to be happy, be happy with God. Similarly if you are going to be sad, be sad with God.”

Sufis are not God Men/Women; they are human and experience the full range of consciousness and emotions. Yet, for the most part, “Sufi’s” are content/happy; they are in balance, but like everyone else require the friction of every day life to make changes.

Sometimes, spiritual travelers have this glorified notion of what it means to be spiritual and the end product of this development; to live a full-life we experience many things- which are not just contentment; the traveler/Sufi, for the most part, minimizes their time in this negative zone: so the higher knowledge can operate.

Rarely will a “Sufi” complain; if they complain- it is to their Beloved.

So don’t get down on yourself, when dark clouds appear; they are part of your full experience and exist to be over come.

Talk to your Father/Light who created you and knows what you need. God’s love will alchemize sadness and, through the experience of this sadness, increase your spiritual sight and service to others.

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